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Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is 54.2%

fondue Re:problems due to unreasonable design (607 comments)

Microsoft have never admitted to a design fault in the early revisions (at least the first 11m units shipped) of the Xbox 360, because this would open them up to a class action law suit. The warranty extension they were eventually forced to roll out is worded to make no mention of the cause of failure - simply that the RROD error code must be triggered. If Microsoft officially acknowledge that their design was faulty, and that virtually ALL the machines they shipped in the first year WILL break with prolonged use, they would be looking at compensation and a product recall. The fact that they earmarked $1.1bn for the warranty extension gives some indication of the greater cost that a recall (and being ordered to scrap the faulty stock) would have incurred.

more than 5 years ago

Confidential Microsoft Emails Posted Online

fondue Re:the death of Xbox 360 and what that means. (479 comments)

1) It's not? Funny how this seems to be said a lot by people at Microsoft, or developers with an X360 game recently released. Aside from the additional processing resources, the fact that you've got 5x more storage and guaranteed access to a HDD is a significant advantage.

2) The PS2 wasn't "way" less powerful than the GC/Xbox, had hardly any decent software in the time it had the market to itself, and was the most expensive home console on the market for most of it's commercial life. People bought into the PS2 in significant numbers because it played host to most of the games that they wanted to play.

3) I don't think the guy said that PS3 games ran through Linux. Just that the fact you can use Linux to run apps on the PS3 is perceived as a threat by MS.

4) www.gamesforwindows.com - Doesn't seem like the actions of a company that's trying to bury the PC as a games platform.

more than 7 years ago


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