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Flawed iTunes Stands Out Among Apple's Products

foo fighter Re:How Does the Same Company Make iPods and iTunes (390 comments)

Don't spread FUD.

Ping is completely opt-in. The iTunes Store is completely opt-in. Even "Genius" is opt-in (since it sends your library contents and play information to Apple servers where the mixes are calculated).

And I'd add Double-Twist to the list of iTunes alternatives, especially if you have an Android phone.

about 4 years ago

Google To Add Pay To Cover a Tax For Gays

foo fighter Re:Still unfair.. (1036 comments)

Our society has decided we want to encourage marriage between different-sex couples and that we want to encourage procreation. That encouragement takes the form of tax breaks.

You disagree, fine. But you need to change our society's collective mind. In our society that's accomplished through lobbying, cash donations, and (mis-)education of the public, and voting.

We're currently in the middle of such a debate about encouraging marriage between same-sex couples. This will probably happen at some point because there is no real reasons not too.

But I don't think you're going to have much success convincing people that we shouldn't encourage, or should actually discourage, stable households and the continuance of our species.

more than 4 years ago

The State of iPad Satisfaction

foo fighter Re:Becomming more satisfied... (443 comments)

Shit, forgot to say:

Click the "Discussion" link. Select Slashdot Classic Discussion System. Set Display Mode to Nested, Sort Order to Oldest First, and Threshold and Highlight Threshold to whatever you want (mine is 5: Score +5 and 3: Score +3 respectively). I also recommend selected Hard Thresholds, Reparent Highly Rated Comments, and increasing comment limit, comment byte limit, and index spill to something large like 100, 1024k, 500.

more than 4 years ago

The State of iPad Satisfaction

foo fighter Re:Becomming more satisfied... (443 comments)

(Oh, and it pisses the living sh!t out of me that Slashdot jumps down half a page when you expand a comment!)

Go to

Click the "Classic Index" link. Select Use Classic Index, Simple Design, Low Bandwidth, No Icons. Click Save.

Click the "Dynamic Index" link. Select Lowbandwidth [sic], Simple Design, Use Classic Index.

Voila, /. as $deity intended it.

more than 4 years ago

Taylor Momsen Did Not Write This Slashdot Headline

foo fighter Re:A-freaking-men! (192 comments)

Making up the wordplay in headlines is creative, but the result only enables the reader to feel superior to other people, without needing to think creatively or experience actual emotions. And it often obscures the actual content.

more than 4 years ago

The Desktop Security Battle May Be Lost

foo fighter Re:Sweeping Conclusion (389 comments)

How's the war against fake AV going for you?

more than 4 years ago

HP Reportedly Cancels Plans for Windows 7 Tablet

foo fighter Re:Not So Sure (181 comments)

I don't think it would be trivial at all if HP wants to sell a great device that can be favorably compared to the iPad.

There are two major sticking points, to my mind:

One: WebOS is heavily dependent on swiping. Swiping back, swiping up, pinching, etc. I can't imagine a tablet that hasn't been designed with this in mind being physically comfortable to use.

Two: WebOS is a much more "lean" OS compared to Windows 7. Using hardware designed for WebOS will likely cost much more than it should and battery usage won't have been tuned properly.

more than 4 years ago

Recourse For Draconian Encryption Requirements?

foo fighter This isn't hard. (555 comments)

Do not use your personal computer for work. Do not use your work computer for fun. You are asking for trouble.

If you are a contractor or such, you should already have your hard drive encrypted. Provide the facility with evidence that your hard drive is encrypted.

There is no good excuse, in 2010, to not have the hard drive of your computers encrypted. Operating systems should be encrypting hard drives by default during installation. The only exception is if they are servers sitting in a physically secured data center.

The health care facility needs to get its written policies in order. They should explicitly prohibit computers that are not the property of the facility from being attached to its network. They should explicitly prohibit access to its email servers from computers (including mobile devices) it does not own. It should implement measures to enforce this and not be wishy-washy about someday terminating access, maybe, we really mean it this time. They are asking for trouble.

more than 4 years ago

Adobe Stops Development For iPhone

foo fighter Daring Fireball (497 comments)

Anyone else think it's hilarious how John Gruber is pouting about Gizmodo and the iPhone 4 leak? It's like he's a six-year-old who was just told by a drunk uncle that Santa and the Tooth Fairy are actually just his parents. "I want my sense of childlike wonder back! **waaaaaaaah!**

more than 4 years ago

Data Centers Push Back On US Efficiency Rules

foo fighter Of course (134 comments)

Being green is good except for whenever **I** have to do it!

more than 4 years ago

Girl Claims Price Scanner Gave Her Tourette's Syndrome

foo fighter Knee Jerk (558 comments)

I'll wait to display outrage until after a jury has issued a verdict and the appeals process has run its course.

I'm still willfully naive enough to believe that a competent defense and a motivated defendant with a solid moral grounding can teach the judicial system enough science to win.

more than 4 years ago

Heavy US Demand Delays iPad's Worldwide Release

foo fighter Re:iPad Hype (314 comments)

Explain it then.

more than 4 years ago

Heavy US Demand Delays iPad's Worldwide Release

foo fighter Re:iPad Hype (314 comments)

"Can you not understand the concern?"

As a total geek & nerd: no.

"Most geeks like Mac OS X exactly because it's a solid Unix that grandparents can use."

I like OS X because it's a solid Unix **I** can use. I say that as a Unix geek & nerd.

What is your point?

I use something because it provides the best value. The nutjub "opensource community" has completely failed to live up to its promise since the mid 2000s or so.

When there is an open platform that can do a fraction of what my iPad can I will agree that you have a point.

more than 4 years ago

Heavy US Demand Delays iPad's Worldwide Release

foo fighter iPad Hype (314 comments)

I brought my iPad to D&D Encounters tonight because my daughter had to come with due to my wife's previous commitment.

My daughter loves the Adobe Ideas app (she just knows it's the blue pencil icon) because it's easier to draw with and choose colors with than the other two drawing/sketching apps I have on there. She kept going back to listen to the book apps she'd already listened to a couple times that evening (Toy Story and Dr. Seuss ABCs and Alice). Her favorite is Diner Dash even though she keeps losing at the last level I mastered.

The entire D&D session was almost derailed by uber nerds wanting to use and/or talk about my iPad instead of playing D&D.

After that encounter and after my wife picked up my daughter after my wife's salon appointment (I know! what a fucking cliche, right?) I ended up having a long conversation about Apple and why I pre-ordered an iPad.

My takeaway was the only people buying and using netbooks, and the people who most want an iPad, are people who are a most perfect fit for either an iPad or a MacBook.

As someone who uses OpenBSD from a command line for most of my professional life and who turns to Apple as soon as my time is my own, I have to say I think most of the Apple hate amongst the fellow nerds here is just jealousy.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Approves Opera Mini For iPhone

foo fighter Not a Surprise (284 comments)

If you understand how Opera Mini works and why Apple bans other browsers (hint: it is not because they retrieve and display web pages) you would not find this surprising at all.

more than 4 years ago

iPhone OS 4.0 Brings Multitasking, Ad Framework For Apps

foo fighter Re:Multitasking NOT coming to iPhone (983 comments)

My Sprint Pre has no problem getting me through the day, full of email, texting, tunes (I've been listening to Pandora in the background for almost the last year), web, and a little gaming. It's especially awesome using mytether to turn it into a wi-fi access point for my iPad.

Multitasking, real multitasking, on WebOS is the best available on a mobile platform. I don't think that's going to change with iPhone OS4. Android doesn't even come close.

more than 4 years ago

Can Ubuntu Save Online Banking?

foo fighter FFS (462 comments)

If you are going to go to the expense of creating and distributing physical media, just implement two-factor authentication.


In my opinion, pressing a little button on your bank-branded, credit card-sized PIN generator (such as the ones I have from Bank of America and PayPal/eBay) you keep in your wallet next to your credit cards and ID is waaaay easier than trying to remember what bullshit answer I gave to yet another off the wall "security" question. It's clearly much more secure.

more than 4 years ago

XML Co-Founder Joins Google, Blasts iPhone

foo fighter Re:He Can Vote With His Wallet (628 comments)

Take a long, hard look at the Pre before you settle for anything Android.

I'm super happy with mine, especially that 1) third-party apps can be installed easily, 2) the multitasking and notifications are very, very elegant, 3) carriers can't fuck up the experience by making their own modifications or refusing to upgrade the software (or allow it to be upgraded), and 4) Sprint in the US has been a breath of fresh air for me since switching from Verizon last year.

more than 4 years ago



foo fighter foo fighter writes  |  more than 7 years ago

foo fighter writes "The insular World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been slumbering the past several years: HTML was last updated in 1999, XHTML was last updated in 2002, and no one is taking their largely incompatible work on "next-generation" XHTML or "modularized" XHTML seriously. Both HTML and XHTML are in sorry need of removing deprecated items while being updated to reflect the current practices of web and browser developers yet remaining compatible with legacy Recommendations. The much more open and transparent WHATWG formed in 2004 to address this problem and has been hard at work on developing a draft spec for HTML5 to update and replace legacy versions of both HTML and XHTML. The quality of this work has reached the point that Apple, Opera, and Mozilla have requested the adoption of HTML5 as the new "W3C Recommendation" for web development."


foo fighter has no journal entries.

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