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London Stock Exchange Rejects .NET For Open Source

forsetti Re:GNU\Linux Marketing Department (498 comments)

I was typing from DOS Edit -- the one Microsoft word processor that has never crashed on me -- and we DOS'rs use '\' !

more than 5 years ago

London Stock Exchange Rejects .NET For Open Source

forsetti GNU\Linux Marketing Department (498 comments)

I can't wait for the GNU\Linux Marketing Department to make a campaign out of this!!! Oh wait ..., well, Slashdot it is then!

more than 5 years ago

Virtualbox 3.0 Announces OpenGL/Direct3D Support

forsetti Re:To hell with OpenGL and Direct3D (161 comments)

"Odd protocols, like GRE?"
Hmmm .. not a network guy, are you? Should I use a standardized, widely implemented protocol like GRE, or a single-implementation solution like OpenVPN. Don't get me wrong, I love OpenVPN and thing those guys have a fantastic cross-platform solution ... but GRE isn't exactly an "odd protocol".

more than 5 years ago

Google Open Sources Its Data Interchange Format

forsetti Re:Have they ever heard of BER/DER? (332 comments)

Heh -- I'm not talking about the *implementers* ... just the *protocol designers*. That's why I left out *OpenLDAP* and *OpenSSL*. ;-)

Seriously though - ASN.1 is pretty good for specification, and some of the serializations aren't bad. Fairly compact, flexible ... But don't code it by hand - se a ASN.1 compiler.

more than 6 years ago


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