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CIA Manual Thought Lost In 1973 Available On Amazon

fosterNutrition Re:wow (190 comments)

You do know The Prince was meant as satire, right?

That's very much a minority view, and certainly not as obvious as your sarcastic tone implies. Most people do not subscribe to that view at all, and reading the book shows exactly why: it doesn't come across as a satire at all. The satirical interpretation is based largely on extrapolating from biographical details and making a lot of tenuous assumptions.

more than 4 years ago

Cooking May Have Made Us Human

fosterNutrition Re:vegetarians (253 comments)

No, not possibly at all. That would be a case of traits produced through behaviour being inherited genetically, which is not how inheritance of traits works. Evolution can only happen through *selection* of traits (e.g. those who already have certain traits having more children), not by training/creating traits. See my reply to the OP for more details.

Also, evolution is undirected: there is no such thing as "reverse" evolution, only adaptation to whatever the environment is.

more than 5 years ago

Cooking May Have Made Us Human

fosterNutrition Re:vegetarians (253 comments)

No. Evolution works only on traits produced by genetic mutation, NOT traits acquired through behaviour. This was one of the flaws in early theories of evolution: it was believed that actions of the parent could influence the genetics of the child, which is not the case. The standard example is giraffes: under the incorrect theory, one could say "they developed longer necks because they stretched them to reach high leaves", but the correct interpretation is instead "the ones with longer-than-average necks could feed better, and hence had more children".

The reason for this is that the genetic material passed on through reproduction comes entirely from the cells in your reproductive organs, so no matter how much you train your neck (or stomach, in your case), none of those changes can in any way get passed to your children, because those cells just aren't involved in the process.

more than 5 years ago

Vicariously Tour the National Ignition Facility

fosterNutrition Re:192 lasers? (97 comments)

We are extremely excited.

Not as excited as the lasers, I'll bet.

more than 5 years ago

Student Satirist Gets 3 Months; the Judge, Likely More

fosterNutrition Re:Satire? (689 comments)

... should have been disbarred for that ruling ...

Dismembered. The word you are looking for is dismembered.

more than 5 years ago

Digitizing Rare Vinyl

fosterNutrition Re:Firsssssssst Posssssssst (397 comments)

Amen! I hunted around for ages before finding a device with the features I wanted, and that little bugger has them all. Compared to similar offerings (in terms of storage anyway, because the feature set sure as hell is unmatched) it is damn cheap too. I really hope they consider sales of it to be a success so that they keep pushing OGG.

more than 6 years ago



fosterNutrition fosterNutrition writes  |  more than 8 years ago

fosterNutrition (953798) writes "As of today, Microsoft will be releasing APIs for accessing the upcoming 64-bit Windows Vista kernel to security product vendors. Allowing access to the kernel, which was originally off limits via PatchGuard, enables independent security vendors to develop stronger security tools, as well as allowing the built-in security features to be turned off, preventing possible conflicts between the two competing products.
From the article: "There is little doubt that the backflip from Microsoft has come as a result of pressure from the European Commission, the antitrust regulator which has long expressed concern that Microsoft has used its Windows monopoly to damage competition in other software areas.""


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