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Belgian Raid Kills 2, Said To Avert "Major Terrorist Attacks"

freaker_TuC Tell me about it, I woke up at 5 am by a raid! (257 comments)

Wednesday at 5:00 AM, I woke up, in Antwerpen by the sound of a bomb. First they tried to get through the window of the neighbours, but they couldn't push their window-rollers up. They tried to ram my (armorized burglar-proof) door once as well. After, they rammed 2 ports and a few doors for more than 12 times in order to arrest someone who wasn't even officially living there. When going outside to check what was going on, as it sounded a war has started, I saw two armed masked men which were anything but friendly.

Never have seen this before like this and never woke up that fast, but with a barrel of a gun right in front of me when opening my front-door to see what was going on.

Tomorrow they will be having the military protecting Antwerpen. Happy happy, joy joy ..

about two weeks ago

Hacking Lightbulbs To Cause a Sustained Blackout

freaker_TuC 199$ for 3 lamps and a bridge ?! (115 comments)

Quite expensive, knowing a (remote) LED light controller costs only about 25$ and a LED (color)strip costs about 30$ ..

This can be hacked -way cheaper- through a microcontroller like Arduindo ..

about a year and a half ago

Moscow Subway To Use Special Devices To Read Data On Passengers' Phones

freaker_TuC Are you sure? (163 comments)

They didn't track down santa through his cellphone, while sending a drone nuking his elfy-base?

about a year and a half ago

Long Range RFID Hacking Tool To Be Released At Black Hat

freaker_TuC A good flashlight does wonders too (73 comments)

Just light the back of the card up and you'll see the rfid antenna and chip. Sunlight might do the job if the card is thin enough.

about a year and a half ago

HTTP 2.0 Will Be a Binary Protocol

freaker_TuC What's the difference? (566 comments)

Use a compression layer, but DO NOT go binary. There is not much to gain this way.

What makes that any different from the already existing (gzip) compressed html ?

about a year and a half ago

HTTP 2.0 Will Be a Binary Protocol

freaker_TuC Am I paranoia or ... (566 comments)

Does anyone see the "advantage" of such protocol towards a more controllable DRM? (like DVD vs Blueray)

about a year and a half ago

Bad Grammar Make Bestest Password, Research Say

freaker_TuC Text Message-language has a purpose ?! (193 comments)

So, are you telling me, that fascinating (unreadable) short-text/sms-language has a purpose after all?! :)

about 2 years ago

Your iPhone Will Soon Detect Bad Breath

freaker_TuC it's also cheaper to produce .. (114 comments)

Next to the fact, that developing for iOS is considerably cheaper in the end; which makes it a lot easier, to test a new "mobile" product.

about 2 years ago

Why JavaScript Is the New Perl

freaker_TuC Comparing apples with pears?! (453 comments)

One is client-side, the other is server-side.

It's not because they both involve coding; they can be compared to eachother.

about 2 years ago

The Most Unique Viruses of 2012

freaker_TuC Uhoh! (94 comments)

Really, the ideal UID is a bit over half a million.

...I'm so screwed :)

more than 2 years ago

Humans Have Been Eating Cheese For At Least 7,500 Years

freaker_TuC Re:In Soviet Russia... (214 comments)

...cheese has been eating humans since 1917!!!

In the rest of the world .. they call these Fungus ..

more than 2 years ago

Four Cups of Coffee A Day Cuts Risk of Oral Cancer

freaker_TuC Oh, is that so?! (151 comments)

... Time to drink tea :p

more than 2 years ago

John McAfee Collapses At Guatemala Detention Center

freaker_TuC Trialware ? (219 comments)

Maybe, he forgot to pay his trial?

more than 2 years ago

Foxconn Workers On Strike Over iPhone 5 Production

freaker_TuC Read the small label .... (184 comments)

.. It says: "Made in China", now you.

more than 2 years ago

Blizzard Says Battle.Net Has Been Hacked

freaker_TuC Great, Blizzard, to receive this thru 3rd party! (340 comments)

As a long-term Blizzard customer, I am outraged; to have this news delivered through third party.

No notification came from Blizzard thru e-mail. Cool way to support your customers..

more than 2 years ago



Music Industry, Wake up for alternative licensing!

freaker_TuC freaker_TuC writes  |  more than 4 years ago

freaker_TuC writes "Who says music can't be free while creating value? Read here and think twice, because NiN's CC-Licensed album, Ghosts I-IV, has been one of the best selling albums of 2008! This while this album could be freely downloaded as Creative Commons release. This is clearly the evidence Creative Commons can cooperate perfectly together with other licensing; while NiN fans could have turned to any file sharing network to download the entire CC-BY-SA album legally.

Still, over the world, the collection agencies with as primary purpose to protect the common artist, demanding full exclusivity deals towards their members making evolution towards a new digital era impossible for many artists around the world without making harsh choices. Artists contribute towards the color of the world, why deny them the basic fact to protect their works for commercial purposes while taking own distribution in hands?

Exclusive contracts deny artists to freely promote their music, join other (promotion) agencies, create free music or make your own cd's and not being collected upon, create a lifework which you can distribute freely, create own gigs without being taxed and many more disabilities crippling the artist with a standard exclusive contract which is to take or to leave without leaving much room for the artist, investing in his/her works. The USA has already a system in place which allows non-exclusive contracts; allowing other licensing deals without being punished! It's 2009 and we artists want our rights back! This article is a follow-up of the article Sabam really for the common?, the Belgian author-collection agency shooting with silver...."

Link to Original Source

Forced to remove posts by law?

freaker_TuC freaker_TuC writes  |  more than 7 years ago

freaker_TuC writes "Your own domain disappears from your sight, the nameserver is still serving it locally, the domain has been squatted. Reaction? With a big open mouth I looked to the domain registry info and saw the domain has been registered by someone else just right after the renewal at the registry failed and didn't even sent an update stating the domain was NOT renewed. What do you do? First, I contacted the offending party together with the registry to notify the domain has been squatted after up to 12 years of active duty stating I want it back. I could get it back for 1000$. I contacted the WIPO for domain arbitration, which costs up to 1500$ to get a panel ready, quite expensive to get your own domain back. I've posted the information at my website regarding the domain squat and warned about any identity theft because my main domain got lost which covered 95% of my private communication.

Because a few family members passed, I got in a waiting stage of which next step I should do to regain my domain back. I received an email of the squatter threatening to sue me for defamatory comments. This person is forcing me to take this information off-line and to notify slashdot or any forums which I have posted a comment about this to remove these posts.

What can one do to stay legal? Since I know slashdot does not sensor stories; Which is the best possible step to take to get rid of this culprit for once and always without needing to shake my entire wallet for this squat? Technically, it can't be called a "squat" according him, since he has "legally" obtained the domain name after expiration. This squatter is living in the USA while I am living in Belgium."



Paint Shop Pro lacks of features, bloats in numbers?

freaker_TuC freaker_TuC writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I have always been a very proud and loyal customer from Paint Shop Pro 3 till Paint Shop Pro 9.
I use this program because I find it less bloatier than Photoshop, a competitive product, from Adobe,
almost same features, five times the size, stopped at version 3. Still not so expensive against PSP but PSP is just "cooler".

I have bought many boxed versions and also upgrades via the Jasc website. I use it commercially and
privately for all the graphics design and until now the program has been great.

I've sent a e-mail asking for a upgrade for my European version (I have a 7 licenses lying here boxed editions
and a few upgrades) and had a nice discussion on the phone about my upgrade from Paint Shop Pro 8 to Paint Shop Pro 9.
Although the lady on the phone did not mention that a new version was going to come out less than 2 months later.

The upgrade used to be available for download through the website of Jasc, not anymore; I was even quite late ..
Should I been later ? there is no warning about the new (beta) releases anymore, not even over the phone.

I am missing all the great Paint Shop Pro features now. I don't need support, the program is self-explanitory.

As a customer and commercial graphics designer; I'd like to know what, when and where to deal with,
the changelog is a very important detail for us, not only people that would use the product to put photo's online
but also make their artistic work on the web with.

I am deeply worried this product is gaining pendatic lack of support and lots of major version releases,
I am deeply dissapointed and wonder if the product needs to be switched to a more commercial variant
which requires some relearning from my side and a lot of license shortages on your side.

I hope for a good answer from your side,

Your sincerely,


update: No response after sending e-mail twice to Corel, After buying version 10 in full price I have found out version 9 seems to be the most stable and only good working version around. There are more sites with users complaining. Corel, what are you doing?


China requires MMORPG players to take breaks

freaker_TuC freaker_TuC writes  |  more than 9 years ago

-- submitted @ slashdot --

Xinhua is reporting MMORPG players in China will be required to take two hour breaks inbetween their gaming sessions. Players who spend more than three hour online at one time will loose experience points and weapons; more than five hours online will reset the character back to level 1. This will affect gameplay and quests to break up because the timelimit of your fellow players could be exceeded requiring them to log out not to mention the longer quests like "Zul'Farrak" in World of Warcraft.


Protected CD's demolishing my CD-rom drive uck!

freaker_TuC freaker_TuC writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I wonder why I deserved my CD-ROM drive not to be working anymore because I have tried to copy my friends legal-bought CD to the Archos of him.

I can't read anything anymore through the CD-ROM drive, no data and no audio cd's, nothing works since I have inserted the new Beasty Boys CD.

I am really starting to get annoyed since this means a complete re-install of that PC which I do not have the time (or money) for. A lot of data is on backup but also a lot of data (my vinyl and protected CD's ripped to WAV format) will be lost after this re-install.

These copyprotections are taking more time than I have; to be even more specific, certain CD's like Solid Sounds I need to rip manually to be able to USE this CD in my older car cd player and pro Denon DJ CD player!!! Since I am DJ and using vinyl and CD's a lot I find this unacceptable.

Is this copyprotection a convenience only for the record company or should the audio CD be a convenience for the listener? Where's the time you put in the CD in your favorite cd player you like to listen to the music you like ? The time of putting your cd in your car cdplayer, cd-rom drive or professional CD player is over and it's only getting worse, looking to this example of the latest CD I tried to rip for my friend.

I used to buy 2 to 5 cd's a month, since I am not sure anymore which cd's work or not I started buying more vinyl again, but hell, I do not want to buy ANY releases of the same producers that cripple the audio CD's I have bought for 20 EURO or more!

The recording industry has lost at least 600 EURO last year only because I do not want to buy or use cd's anymore.. what's the use to buy a cd if I can't use it?

I have built up a nice record collection of +30000 vinyl records and +2000 cd's. Probably the collection of my cd's will not be updated anymore as protest to this kind of behavior towards the consumer. I currently have about 62 cd's of the last 2 years that I cannot use at all unless I rip it and copy it. This is about 1200 EURO/$ I have lost because I cannot use them as DJ.

This will conclude the recording industry will not get MY money of minimally 720 EURO/$ per year anymore, which I will spend on independent vinyl recording companies which are not related to the ones that cripple MY cd's I have bought with my well-deserved money.

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