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MacWorld Keynote Announces x86 iMac & Laptop

freeduke Re:keynote URL (1607 comments)

I did the same...deduction.

predicting wwdc 2006 keynote will be there!

Often, deduction is more reliable than news sites...

about 9 years ago


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/. relatives

freeduke freeduke writes  |  more than 10 years ago If you found it offensive that I added you to my list of friends, or wants a feedback about why I did that, or any other question, let me know there.

I would be pleased to answer to your comment (maybe you can have a journal entry alowing comments as this one).

I hope that my journal entries will become cool places to exchange views, that do less depend on a slashdot topic, allowing to be more user centric.


About my comments

freeduke freeduke writes  |  more than 10 years ago If you find anything that you do not like in my comments, or something you do agree with on some of my comment, please let me know there.

Instead of replying to a comment of mine, you reply directly to me.

This may allow you to better understand me and my views, by reading some of my other stuff.

Another point: I am from a non English speaking country, so if you are willing to help me in improving my written skills, your corrections are welcome.

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