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IOCCC 2014 Now In Progress

freeze128 Re:WTF is a pre-announcement? (14 comments)

A pre-announcement was made on twitter. Unfortunately, nobody could understand it.

2 days ago

Interviews: David Saltzberg Answers Your Questions About The Big Bang Theory

freeze128 Collaboration (102 comments)

I would ask that David please collaborate with the Writers of "The Amazing Spiderman 2", because it seems that they have no idea how real science works.

2 days ago

Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

freeze128 Re:Perspective (320 comments)

Are you sure it was APPLE that decided that? I would guess that it would be more of U2's fault. U2 was releasing a new album, and wanted a little publicity, so they partnered with Apple. Apple could have just made the album available for purchase for $0, but that might not be enough to get people to listen to it. If you already don't like U2, then you probably wouldn't download their album even if it WAS free. However, if they cram it into your library, then there would be a higher likelihood of you hearing it (even if by accident). It's a brilliant marketing move, but Apple doesn't benefit from it, so I don't think they thought of it.

3 days ago

The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

freeze128 Re:Got Burned by Titanfall (291 comments)

Dear Game Developers,

If you start to see diminishing returns on your sales of Multiplayer-Only games, then that is the problem. It's not that the market is collapsing. It's not that you didn't sign all those famous voice actors. It's that you insisted on a multiplayer-only experience. Not everyone has a low-latency high-speed internet connection, and with ISPs throttling netflix, in the future they may start throttling your games as well. In other words: Don't be stupid.

4 days ago

Amazon Is Killing Off Its Free P2P Money-Transfer Service WebPay On October 13

freeze128 Money transfer services (34 comments)

A few years ago, my primary bank (Wells Fargo) had a feature where you could log into your ebanking website and transfer money from your account to another account holder at the same bank. There was no fee for this service and it worked well. Recently, I checked again, and they have replaced that service with a "Transfer money to anyone with an email address" service. First you must "sign up". I don't know why I need to involve another party to transfer money to someone else at the same bank.....

about a week ago

The MOOC Revolution That Wasn't

freeze128 Re:Learning starts with engagement (182 comments)

Maybe the videos just weren't very good. For instance: Maybe the instructor did something that was not covered in the material, and failed to explain it... Or maybe the instructor failed to indicate WHY something was done.

This takes me back to the old Computer certification courses where the makers said "engaging the student helps them learn better", so they would pepper the lesson with multiple choice questions on a certain topic BEFORE it was covered (just to gauge your knowledge). This was most infuriating, because you would often choose the wrong answer and be presented with a message like "NO, you're WRONG!!!!*!" even before you were taught anything about it. What a way to keep students.... No wonder many of them didn't finish.

about a week ago

Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

freeze128 Re:What is wrong with people? (210 comments)

Yeah, but SIX MONTHS in the future?!?!?! That should tell you right there that their help desk is worthless.

about a week ago

Moto 360 Reviews Arrive

freeze128 Circular LCDs (87 comments)

Having a round LCD screen is stupid. There is just no reason for it. The image is displayed anyway as rows and columns, which is inherently rectangular. It's just a holdover from mechanical watches that rotate on a central axis. The circular LCD will never hold as much information as a same resolution rectangular LCD, plus the engineering to get it to work is a lot more complicated. I see round LCDs as a waste of perfectly good screen real estate, and technology. That engineering could be put to much better use than (almost literally) to cram a square peg into a round hole.

about two weeks ago

The Frustrations of Supporting Users In Remote Offices

freeze128 Re:BT, DT... (129 comments)


How about FDISK /MBR and SYS C:?

about two weeks ago

The Frustrations of Supporting Users In Remote Offices

freeze128 "Best" users (129 comments)

I disagree.

For your company, remote users are the most expensive to support. It often takes several minutes to try to make the user understand what you want them to do, and to do it PROPERLY, where locally, you could just go to a user's desk and fix the problem in seconds.

When dealing with local users, you get to use *ALL* of your senses to diagnose a problem. Does the computer feel abnormally hot? Does it smell like something burning? Can you see that the little tab on the ethernet cable is broken off?

Likewise, users on the other end of the phone are trying to describe a problem to you using only their voice, and they don't know the jargon: "There is this THING on my browser and it won't go away."
What is this THING that they are talking about? A window? An icon? A toolbar?

All of these factors use up a lot of time, and time costs money.

Also, isolating yourself from the users limits the quality of your work. If you work with them, and see how they use their computers, it will give you a better overall view which helps you support them even better in the future.

about two weeks ago

Interview: Ask Christopher "moot" Poole About 4chan and Social Media

freeze128 Waitaminute... (220 comments)

If he's such an advocate of online anonymity, then how do we know that it's really him?

about two weeks ago

New Computer Model Predicts Impact of Yellowstone Volcano Eruption

freeze128 Ash 3D (121 comments)

Ash 3D?

"See this? This... is my BOOM STICK!"

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

freeze128 Re:fax machines (635 comments)

The lawyers say no. They use FAX machines every day.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

freeze128 Re:Remember these? (635 comments)

I hate the fact that so many members of the older generation call USB "thumb" drives, "ZIP drives". They don't seem to understand that a ZIP drive is a completely different thing, and is pretty much obsolete because of its relatively low capacity. I think they just like the "zip" buzzword. It's makes them feel cool.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

freeze128 Re:Simple (635 comments)

...except for users who don't have a ctrl key. Damn you Blackberry!

about three weeks ago

Microsoft Releases Replacement Patch With Two Known Bugs

freeze128 Windows 9 update frequency (140 comments)

How often will Windows 9 receive updates? I heard on the TWIT podcast that it would be once a month.


Windows is ALREADY updated once a month, so I don't see how that is any more frequent.

about three weeks ago


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