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Laptop/Server Data Synchronization?

frenetic3 Re:rsync (305 comments)

Apologies if it's in bad taste to reply to my own post, especially because it's about the product I'm working on, but here are some of Dropbox's differences/improvements over what people typically hack together themselves:

- syncs continuously/watches the FS for file changes (no cron jobs needed -- things usually sync as quickly as they can be sent)
- does binary diffing and only sends deltas (compressed & over SSL)
- transparently archives past versions of all files (i.e. undelete/infinite undo)
- syncs across any number of machines
- lets you get to your files from the web
- some more info @ -list/

We made it after hacking together our own rsync-based abominations and getting really annoyed that no one had solved this genre of problems in a way that normal people could use.

Okay, I can stop shilling now. I was just excited that other people run into these problems.

more than 7 years ago



Dropbox Launches Linux Client

frenetic3 frenetic3 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

frenetic3 writes "Dropbox came out of private beta today and finally made its Linux client available for download. It's kind of like rsync and svn but totally seamless and integrated into nautilus, and also lets you sync/share folders with other people (including on Windows or Mac.) Perfect if you're sick of hacking cron scripts to push files around or carrying USB drives."
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