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Netflix Will Delay Renting New WB Releases

freshmayka Re:The smell of smug is overwhelming (418 comments)

The people who get free content have to deal with.... wait for it...


about 5 years ago

Netflix Will Delay Renting New WB Releases

freshmayka The smell of smug is overwhelming (418 comments)

You all reek of smug.

Sorry that your perfect world of free content isn't so perfect.

Sorry that you have to deal with companies trying to make money from their products.

Sorry that you have to wait three or four more weeks to fill your head with escapism.

Perhaps the problem isn't the companies, perhaps it's the over-whelming stench of smug that reeks from you pathetic people too entitled to pay for ANYTHING.

Fuck all of you for being tech-savy entitled pricks who think the whole world of escapist media should be delivered into their retinas free of charge and instantaneously.

You deserve the future dystopia you are helping to build.

(I am not a trolling, I pay for all my media, and I don't complain about companies controlling what they want to do with THEIR PRODUCTS THEY FUCKING MADE)

about 5 years ago

What to Fight Over After Megapixels?

freshmayka Bladerunner Megapixels (596 comments)

Remember the scene in Bladerunner where Deckard scans a photo and then zooms in to find the ladies tatoo in a reflection from the bathroom mirror? Is detailed zooming like that a product of higher Megapixels? Would monumental increases in megapixel resolution allow for one to find small details in the background of photos that would be impossible to find today. Imagine taking a shot from the twenty-fifth floor of a building on Broadway, and being able to read the label on someones clothing sixty blocks away???

Or, pardon my ignorance, is this simply a factor of the lenses used? My thinking here is that with almost unlimited resolution you could just take distance shots and use the computer to zoom.

more than 5 years ago

Nielsen To Offer Web Copyright Protection System

freshmayka Re:fair use (108 comments)

History shows us that they WILL INDEED send out blanket "take our stuff off your website NOW or we'll SUE" notices as often and as abundantly as they can.

I'm sure this will have a painful affect on fair use - but the pain will only fuel the coming copyright revolution.

more than 7 years ago



freshmayka freshmayka writes  |  more than 7 years ago

freshmayka (1043432) writes "SomaFM, which has been extremely active in the fight against the Copyright Royalty Boards outrageous rate increase on net radio broadcasters, has posted news that a bill called "The Internet Radio Equality Act" has been written and now needs more senators co-sponsoring it. Here's the full scoop from SomaFM.

Essentially this bill would bring the royalty payments in line with satellite radio and be about 7.5% of total revenue for each station. If you want to make an impact on this issue SomaFM has made a "cheat sheet" for making it quick and easy to tell your congress creature your feelings on saving net radio."

freshmayka freshmayka writes  |  more than 7 years ago

freshmayka (1043432) writes "From the article: "British scientists are planning to see whether a Star Trek-style deflector shield could be built to protect astronauts from radiation. They argue that magnetic shields could be deployed around spacecraft and on the surfaces of planets to deflect harmful energised particles.""

freshmayka freshmayka writes  |  more than 7 years ago

freshmayka (1043432) writes "For the last week rumors have been spreading around the net that GSC Gameworld stole textures from Valve and Id Software. Most sane people knew the truth would be something more like: "...the water textures used by both Valve and GSC GameWorld, the makers of STALKER, come from a texture pack sold by Marlin Studios. The chaps at Marlin make all kinds of exciting textures..." Story from The Inquirer"


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