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Inside North Korea's Naenara Browser

frist Slashdot classic? (159 comments)

How do we get the slashdot classic view again? First time viewing on a PC in a long time, I know it used to be available when you logged in.

about three weeks ago

Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers

frist Re:Or foregoing kids altogether (342 comments)

If course it's selfish, but selfish folks seldom see that they are being selfish - it's in their nature. Everyone else must bear the cost and spend the time to raise children so that they can care for your selfish old asses when you are in the nursing home and pay for the debt that you are incurring with your liberal tax and spend ideology today.

The big secret though is that we love our children and children are actually a blessing and a joy when raised properly (i.e. not by TV, not by the NEA, not by rap music, not by their peers, not by the government). So you are in fact actually missing out on something wonderful if you were able to do it right, but chances are you would do it wrong anyway so good on ya for being selfish. But don't deny that you're being selfish.

about 9 months ago

NSA Hacked Huawei, Stole Source Code

frist Re:Retaliation is fair game (287 comments)

There is no comparison my friend. You need to read about the glorious peoples' revolution in china. You need to read about 30 million people dying to famine because of Mao. When people compare the USA with China or the Soviet Union, it just shows how ignorant they are of history.

about 10 months ago

The Poor Neglected Gifted Child

frist Re:Higher SAT scores, etc (529 comments)

That is because while other countries are interested in fostering excellence we are way more concerned with eliminating "inequality". Guess what, while we are all equal before the LAW, we are definitely not all equal. Not in talent, ability, drive, work ethic, you name it. We have a communist pothead as president. He's taking us where those of us who left communist dictatorships that are effectively 3rd and 2nd world countries have come from. It's so sad that people don't learn from the mistakes other countries have made in the past, those that have rushed into forced equality, the worker's revolution, communism. THAT is the spiral to the bottom, and it is very very hard to get out of that trap.

about 10 months ago

Portal 2 Incompatible With SELinux

frist SELinux is the 1st thing we turn off (212 comments)

Nothing works with it. First step on all our boxes is to turn it off, it couldn't be more intrusive. If it were easier to use it would be more useful.

about a year ago

GNUstep Kickstarter Campaign Launched

frist Shooting for 10.x? (131 comments)

Why? Mavericks is almost out. Mac users upgrade their os since it is dirt cheap ($30 covers all your macs) and the lion & mountain lion versions were. Very worthwhile. This makes no sense as a project.

about a year and a half ago

The Truth About Hiring "Rock Star" Developers

frist The op is projecting (487 comments)

He is projecting his own incompetence and poor work ethic onto all senior developers.

more than 2 years ago

GNOME Developers Lay Out Plans for GNOME OS

frist Re:As long as they... (208 comments)

Modded -1 as troll because Linux fanboys can't handle the truth.

more than 2 years ago

Why the Tablet Market is Really the iPad Market

frist Re:People want cheaper tablets (657 comments)

What insane number of functions in the home button? I find it much easier to use than my android phone. My kids including 2 yr old can use it. I don't miss the other 3 buttons at all. The software on the iPad is just so much more intuitive and just works. I havent learned a multitude of gestures as some other poster wrote and I have no problem working the device.

more than 2 years ago

Why the Tablet Market is Really the iPad Market

frist Windows/Linux/QNX Fanboi Loves his iPad (657 comments)

Background: Not an apple fanboi. Owned no apple products other than a $1500 used Mac Lisa that VPI forced the CS class to buy back in the day because they had a version of Uniplus Sys V for it...

I've owned C64, Amigas, now a bunch of PCs that have various versions of Windows and Linux starting with Windows 3.1 and Linux 1.0 (4 floppies for a distro, I miss that).

I went to the store to look at the Transformer and some other android tablets after checking out a friend's. All the Android tablets were so-so. I'd have to sideload Netflix on most of them. The displays were ok. They had an apple section so I said "what the heck, let me check out this iPad thing".

Looked at an iPad (3rd gen, retina display). Wow. It just worked so well, the display was unbelievable. Everything was super smooth. Reading docs on it was amazing. It made the Android tabs look terrible. There was just no comparison. I went back over to the Android tabs and gave them another shot. There was just no going back anymore.

I bought a 3rd gen iPad, came back for a 2nd for the kids the next day. I tried an iPad 2 for the kids, no good, 1024x768, could not use it after using the retina display (2048x1535), so exchanged that one for a 2nd new 3rd gen iPad. Definitely worth the extra $150.

I keep an eye on the Android tablets, They're starting to come out with 1920x1080 res devices now, still no comparison.

I borrowed a mac mini to try out Xcode (you have to develop iOS aps on a mac). I had tried the android SDK, not too impressed, and the nightmare of managing all the different platforms is no fun (I have to do that at work). I actually liked OS X. Nothing like the crappy OS 9 and prior. A BSD-based desktop OS - imagine that. A Linux-like desktop that is actually good.

I've been eyeing the Macbook Pro w/retina display... 2880x1800 in a 15" package. To run Windows and Linux because I have to.

If I could extricate myself from the Windows / Linux ecosystem that I write software for I would, but I can't, too many PCs, too many ties. I have to write windows and linux software. Windows 8 holds nothing for me, current distros of linux are going in the wrong direction with their insane UIs (activities? really?). But OS X is nice. Too bad the mac desktop/laptop hardware is so expensive and limited, and I can't use a phone w/out a slider keyboard.

But for the tablet experience, I wouldn't trade the retina display iPads for any android tablets. There's just no comparison.

more than 2 years ago

Best Buy Scans Drivers License For Returns — No More Allowed For 90 Days

frist Article Summary Deceptive (503 comments)

From reading the article summary I thought that I could now only return something once every 90 days at Best Buy. Reading the actual article reveals that this is only true for habitual returners who meet whatever patterns are used by the software used by Best Buy and others now. Some unlucky few fall between the cracks, but for the majority of shoppers, this is a non-issue.

We should be able to mod submitters down as incompetent or deceptive.

more than 2 years ago

Hunters Shoot Down Drone of Animal Rights Group

frist Re:Youtube video. (1127 comments)

If they were hunting birds, they were using shotguns with birdshot. No threat posed to the highway. Max effective range 30 yards. Good for the hunters.

more than 2 years ago

Hungary's Needy Given Money to Burn

frist Re:Well, Hungary, you asked for capitalism... (95 comments)

Oh please. As a 1st gen immigrant from Romania, an eastern european soviet block country crushed by first the Nazis and then the Soviets, capitalism as done in the US is a godsend compared to the bullshit of Marxism. What you have in Russia and Romania is the result of years of devastating communism, where there is no incentive to work, everyone steals from their employer (the state). The same people are in power now as before, they're just "capitalists" by name. I have family that went back after the revolution and tried to help the country, start businesses, teach etc. They got stolen blind because of the same attitudes that had been forged into the soul of the people by communism.

Never mind that I had relatives in prison tortured because my family wouldn't join the communist party. My mother told me about when she was being appointed to her first job, how she wanted to request to be in a different location so she went to the hearing and a married couple went first. They were stationed (the govt picks where you work in that system of govt by the way) over a hundred kilometers apart. They had no car. They had a child. They requested to be posted closer together. The govt presiding officer told the woman - eh you can find another man in your new village. After a few similar cases my mom just left without a hearing.

Go back to your dear Russia and take your communism bullshit with you. Never again you fucks and take your fucking KGB putin and his fucks with you. Thank God for the US. The main regret of the Romanian people and the cause of so much horror there was that the US didn't take over and instead gave Romania to you Russian bastards.

more than 2 years ago

The Condescending UI

frist Re:Anyone seen the new Google Calendar / Gmail? (980 comments)

This is exactly right. Office 2010 does this crap where they got rid of panes/lines. Those lines are there for a reason. Now I lose my title bar in another window behind it because the app behind it (e.g. Lotus Notes) has the same grey content as the stupid title bar with no lines in 2010. WTF is wrong with these people. I wish these so-called GUI designers would go work for a car company and try to redesign car controls...

After a while, we get things right, and then changing them is just change for change's sake and is not making things better. I've been with this GUI thing since X-Windows first came out. Lots of great stuff has happened over the years. Lately it's all going to shit.

more than 3 years ago

The Condescending UI

frist Re:Menu-izing the Ribbon for screen real estate (980 comments)

Yeah except the menus would be there while the ribbon is hidden and you can't do jack. So of course you have to click again to get it back...

Ribbon is about the most retarded thing I've ever seen. Different targets, different size, some pictures, some words, some pictures and words, some big pictures, some little pictures, crap spread accross different ribbon tabs.

OMG so bad. Old menu system + toolbar was so good. Ribbon is so bad. So bad and inconsistant. Review ribbon tab makes no sense in Visio but it's there. Not to mention that now some apps have ribbons some have menus....

Office 2003 was the last good version. When I was forced to upgrade to 2010 from 2003, I desperately started looking for an alternative. I even downloaded openoffice and seriously considered using it...

more than 3 years ago

Anonymous Threatens Robin Hood Attacks Against Banks

frist I guess it's safer than tackling the Zetas eh? (529 comments)

I guess stealing from regular people is easier than taking on the Zetas, eh Anonymoustards? Someone just needs to go to one of those conventions and just start mowing down any retard with a Fawkes mask on.

more than 3 years ago

Andrew Tanenbaum On Minix, Linux, BSD, and Licensing

frist Re:Linus is right on about microkernels (480 comments)

You totally missed the point. You should not have any reason to add a system call. In a microkernel (QNX is my favorite) you leave the microkernel to do its job, and you write userland code. That's way easier than your example of adding a system call. Yes I have for fun added system calls and written linux driver. Would you rather write in C in the kernel and debug with kprintfs and not know who's messing with your address space, or write your "driver" in whatever language you want and debug it in eclipse?

more than 3 years ago

How Can I Justify Using Red Hat When CentOS Exists?

frist Re:Support them from your own money (666 comments)

So what you're saying is that even though he needs an OS that shows up on the common criteria list, he should instead use one that doesn't because it's cheaper...

more than 3 years ago

Samsung Lawyer Fails To Differentiate iPad and Galaxy Tab In Court

frist Re:Big whoop (495 comments)

Horribly inaccurate. The tablets in the "before" section are rugged / industrial. The ones in the "after" are consumer. The toughbook tablet shown looks just like it did before,


This Armor tablet is typical.


Rated to 20k ft altitude, IP67 for water and particulate matter, MIL-SPEC 810 etc.

All the rugged tabs have resistive touchscreens and come w/a stylus because you can't really use capacitive with gloves etc. They are all bulky and all / most run windows and some run linux.

Typical pro apple FUD.

more than 3 years ago


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