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Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

fritz1968 Re:various card games (382 comments)

...don't forget Euchre and cribbage.

about 5 months ago

Of the following, I'd rather play ...

fritz1968 Euchre? (274 comments)

Hello, why is not Euchre on the list? Or a CowboyNeal option for that matter!?

about 5 months ago

Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

fritz1968 I rarely agree with Jesse Jackson (514 comments)

We are on the opposite ends of the ideological rainbow (no pun intended), but I agree with part of what he is doing. The USA has plenty of high tech workers to fill any voids in the IT world here in the USA. If the number of H-1B visas should change, it would be to lower it, in my opinion. Definitely, do not increase this number.

about 6 months ago

Flu Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting Older People This Year

fritz1968 Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (205 comments)

Got a better idea, bozo?

Yes, i do. use homeopathic remedies for prevention. I got the flu once in the past 10 years while using homeopathic remedies. This years harsh strain of the flu did in my whole family. We passed it around between each other for about 10-12 days.

And I did get a flu shot once. Once! Within five months of getting a flu shot, I got the flu.

When I went to the doctor (who diagnosed me with the flu), he asked me if I got a flu shot within the past 5 months. Then I told him I did, he replied that what usually happens when the flu shot wear off is that the patient gets the flu. Both my wife and I have run into other doctors (family practice doctors) who refuse to get a flu shot because of that reason.

The study that i want to see is a comparison of those who get a flu shot and and still get the flu to those who got the shot and did not get the flu.

about 2 years ago

For Businesses, the College Degree Is the New High School Diploma

fritz1968 Re:And people wonder why the US is going broke... (728 comments)

So let me get this straight... you don't have time to read through 200+ resumes for each of the 5 open positions that you have, but you have time to read and post comments on slash dot?

about 2 years ago

Gamers Pay To Play With Girls

fritz1968 Re:May I be the first to say... (408 comments)

...for each time you frag her...

Uhh, if you are fragging a girl, I doubt you would be using this "service".

more than 4 years ago

Jammie Thomas Moves To Strike RIAA $1.92M Verdict

fritz1968 Re:Some people should realize that... (392 comments)

...At a high level, though, judges get to change laws...

NO!!! Judges DO NOT CHANGE LAWS. That is the job of congress. At best Judges, in theory, can only rule that a law is constitutional or not, but only if the law, itself, is challenged. Even if a Judge were to rule a law unconstitutional, that is not changing the law. It is striking down the law.

They also preside over a court of law and insure that the legal rights of all involved are legal and fair. If anything, judges are to make their rulings (in a none jury trial) based off existing law.

more than 5 years ago

Who do you blame for the US Financial Situation

fritz1968 Congress? (1104 comments)

It is neither just the Republicans or just the Democrats. It's Congress as a whole to blame. They are too busy trying to get reelected then to look after the citizens of the USA. Greedy CxO's and unethical people don't help much either.

more than 6 years ago


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