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More States Challenging National Driver's Licenses

frob2600 Re:Founding documents (389 comments)

Actually, you raise a very annoying point. It is illegal for parents to teach their children responsible alcohol use. In the state of Florida, a parent can not give an alcoholic beverage to an underage person even if that person is a child. And what are the odds that someone is still living with their parents at 21 to be taught to drink responsibly and in a safe location? It's not just at restaurants but at home also. If a parent was to give their 19 year old son a half glass of wine with a meal then they are criminals. How can a child honestly experience alcohol and learn to respect it when just about the only places they get it are parties? As an example, the first real access I had to alcohol also involved a stripper and a house party where just about everyone (except the stripper's protection) were under the legal age. Drinking to get sick was the expected norm in that place. Certainly not a good place. In fact, it was two years and a group of people who set out to teach responsible drinking before I learned how to drink without making a fool of myself. It would have been a lot better if I could have learned it at home and been taught moderation from the start.

Interestingly, it's illegal for a parent to provide alcohol to their own child but a priest can give alcohol to a child (of any age) as part of the communion process. So we have priests (and we all know they can be trusted with children!) legally giving them alcohol while their parents can't.

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