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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Brings Boston to a Halt

frostyboy Video of them putting this stuff up (804 comments)

This used to be on youtube, but it's been pulled. It's now up at a safer place. Some local people I know have actually been able to deduce locations from the video and obtain a couple of these "devices." Boston area slashdotters up for some scavenger hunting? athf-lightsnipes-boston.flv

more than 7 years ago



frostyboy frostyboy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

frostyboy writes "As I look out my apartment window here in Boston, my view is polluted by three news helicopters hovering over the city. It turns out that there was a series of "bomb threats" caused by certain devices found at important places throughout the city (near hospitals, on interstates, underneath major bridges, etc.). Boston Globe Story

The real story though, is that this was a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong involving Turner Networks and Aqua-teen Hunger Force! Highways were closed, subway lines were shut down, lots of people were late for work, and hundreds of police officers and FBI and ATF agents had to get paid — all because of a dumb marketing campaign, and a dose of somewhat irrational paranoia. There is an .flv shockwave video (it was up on youtube, but has since been moved to a safer place) that shows them putting the devices up in several places in the city and its surrounding environs. I hear that some people may have been able to watch the video and obtain said devices before the police and bomb squad could arrive. Boston area slashdotters, go scavenger hunting!"


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