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Will Smith In For Independence Day 2 & 3

frozenray Re:2 Sequels of a bad film? (464 comments)

Movie review

Meanwhile, Jeff Goldblum, flying in the crashed enemy saucer, which is piloted by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, gets inside the mother ship and uses his laptop computer to put a virus into the aliens' main computer system. He can do this because the aliens, like every other life form in the galaxy, have basically no choice but to use the "Windows 95" operating system; in fact the whole reason why they have attacked the Earth is to destroy Bill Gates.

more than 4 years ago

Why Everyone Has High Hopes For Apple Tablet

frozenray Re:Hype and Results (596 comments)

You're right, it's not - for the record, I believe that the Apple Tablet will very likely define the way these devices will be designed and used, much like the iPhone did for high-end smartphones - and I'm not an Apple fanboy. Apparently, Dan's brillant satire in the GP seems to be a little too close for comfort for some people here...

about 5 years ago

Why Everyone Has High Hopes For Apple Tablet

frozenray Re:Hype and Results (596 comments)

We are now in the "As Macworld or the Worldwide Developer’s Conference draws near, the chatter builds to a fever pitch. Rumor sites jockey for position, posting a new unverifiable, contradictory rumor every hour or so. eBay is flooded with six-month-old, slightly used gadgets as college students, underemployed web designers and independent musicians struggle to clear credit card space." phase.

Click here for the rest of the Apple life cycle

about 5 years ago

Boost a Weak 3G Modem Signal, With a Saucepan

frozenray Better alternative: c't Yagi antenna (146 comments)

German c't magazine recently published an interesting design for a directional WiFi antenna (about 9 dBi gain) which can be built from materials lying around in most households (not in mine, though - unless someone invents an antenna made out of discarded pizza cartons):

Example (he should have been more careful with the length and spacing of the wires)
The original article in c't (German)

Doesn't do much good for 11n, though, as that standard uses several antennas and the signal processing algorithms are optimized to use their specific characteristics.

about 5 years ago

Intel Allows Release of Full 4004 Chip-Set Details

frozenray Re:So in 2047... (124 comments)

> The only problem is they're both working on it and not working on it at the same time

I imagine this poses one hell of a problem for middle management when it comes to year-end reviews. I don't know, do they put their developers into boxes containing poison gas flasks linked to geiger counters in order to determine who's slacking off and who's actually working?

more than 5 years ago

Jedi Knights Course Offered By Queen's University Belfast

frozenray The Dork Side (180 comments)

Beware of the dork side. Once you step down the dork path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will!

You will live in your mother's basement. You will never kiss a girl. The only girls you will ever see will be pr0n on the internet. You will have no outlet but playing with your own light saber.

Don't cross over to the dork side.
(Full credit for this one goes to /. user macdaddy357)

more than 6 years ago


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