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Will Microsoft IIS Overtake Apache?

furbyhater From TFA (303 comments)

Since I've unexpectedly RTFA, just a heads up, the headline is even more biased than usual. On the total number of active websites, there are still about 10x as many apache websites than IIS. Same picture for the top million busiest sites. There's almost no yearly change, and the server gaining the most marketshare is NGINX.

I'm starting to believe the hearsay: Slashdot has really been totally overrun by astroturfers (in this case paid by Microsoft). Maybe dice sells a number of "promotional posts" on a biased article to various companies, one of them being Microsoft?

about 2 months ago

Should Facebook 'Likes' Count As Commercial Endorsements?

furbyhater Still not deep enough? (189 comments)

Stop using facebook. Now.

about 3 months ago

NSA Trying To Build Quantum Computer

furbyhater Re:Actually... (221 comments)

No joke! Of course, what do you think, who wields more influence: a president who comes every 4-8 years or a NSA official who stay at the center of power for decades? PS: easy answer

about 3 months ago

Cheerios To Go GMO-Free

furbyhater Re:Cretinocracy (419 comments)

Sorry, was too drnk, misunderstood the RTFA, please ignore.

about 3 months ago

Cheerios To Go GMO-Free

furbyhater Cretinocracy (419 comments)

So they were obligated to switch from oats to corn starch and sugar in order to free themselves of GMOs?
No non-GMO oats possible!! 1!11 WTF?
This WTF piece of news really lacks respect to its readers!



about 3 months ago

Privacy Advocate Jacob Appelbaum Reports Break-In Of Berlin Apartment

furbyhater Re:seems a little bit sloppy (194 comments)

The Guardian journalists have access to all the documents he's released to them. He doesn't regurarly send them keys for decryption. The only thing only he holds a key for is his mysterious "insurance" file.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Can Commercial Hardware Routers Be Trusted?

furbyhater Re:No. (213 comments)

We aren't forced to use a 14nm process just because the industry giants are doing it.

about 4 months ago

China Rejects 545,000 Tons of US Genetically Modified Corn

furbyhater Re:Good luck keeping the genie in the bottle (215 comments)

Are you a biologist with a specialization in system ecology? And even then, it's impossible to predict the total short-, mid- and longterm effect of a genetic modification/combination. Non-GMO organsims have been tested for safety for 1000 of years in the biggest lab know to man: the planet earth itself. GMO organisms must carry a huge benefit to make me even consider them as a wise choice.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Run a Copy-Cat Installation At Home?

furbyhater Re:Next job? (308 comments)

Unbelievable, all these shortsighted and dare I say dumb replies really make the GP's point for him. Of course it is better to operate as a group because it gives you an advantage, and you can bet that the exploiters around got the memo and are operating as a group. Even if you think you're "among the best" you lose a whole lot of bargaining power by going solo just out of some sick kind of narcissism. That you've been brainwashed to this point by propaganda instilled into you since your youth is a truly scary thought.

about 4 months ago

Swedish Man Fined $650,000 For Sharing 1 Movie, Charged Extra For Low Quality

furbyhater Re:heh (366 comments)

Not sure if joking or really confusing Switzerland with Sweden like the stereotype.

about 4 months ago

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

furbyhater Re:proving parent right... (356 comments)

So now we have to all play policeman against our fellow men? Or risk being incarcerated for decades? And you're defending such practices in public? The possible contortions of the human mind never fail to astound me.

about 7 months ago

Indiana Man Gets 8 Months For Teaching How To Beat Polygraph Tests

furbyhater Re:I disagree (356 comments)

You're the idiot. Laws reflect the social norm of racial discrimination? Maybe selective enforcement upon minorities reflect this "social norm", but laws, to the contrary, make racial discrimination illegal (in theory).

about 7 months ago

Don't Fly During Ramadan

furbyhater Re:Proud To Be An American (1233 comments)

Well I hope you enjoy getting fucked in the ass by your "protectors" everyday you step inside an airport.

about 8 months ago

Firefox 23 Makes JavaScript Obligatory

furbyhater Re:why? (778 comments)

How is it easily done without JS or other browser plugins, by a remote webserver?

about 9 months ago

You Will Get DirectX 11.2 Only With Windows 8.1

furbyhater Re:So it's going to be irrelevant (403 comments)

Well, be using OpenGL they get all this plus easy portability to OSX, Linux, Android, iOS and any consoles providing somethig close to an OpenGL implementation (most of them). But Microsoft offers some tasty cookies (features) to lead people to DirectX and many gamedevs can't be bothered to implement the same features themselves in OpenGL.

If gamdevs formed an alliance, implemented features useful to gamdev on top of OpenGL and released them as a free library everybody (except Microsoft, bye-bye lock-in) would benefit.

about 10 months ago

Teenage League of Legends Player Jailed For Months For Facebook Joke

furbyhater Re:So much for... (743 comments)

So what's more dangerous: owning a gun or shooting of one's mouth on the internet? The USA is fucked up...big time...

about 10 months ago

Android On the Desktop

furbyhater Re:I would use Gnome 3 instead (247 comments)

If you prefer a 7" tablet without hardware keyboard to a full-fledged desktop running KDE you should just go ahead and do harakiri.

about 10 months ago


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