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Judge Unseals 500+ Stingray Records

future assassin Re:Police legal authority (147 comments)

No no thats not how it works. When it comes to you asccesing you info its breach of privacy. SIlly citizen tricks are for kids...

2 days ago

Google Launches Service To Replace Web Ads With Subscriptions

future assassin Interesting taking cues from other industries (291 comments)

the first one is free, the next ones you pay for... So Google creates a shit load of addicts that will want to pay them to remove the ads that they posted in the first place. Whats that remind me off, drug dealers and protection rackets.

3 days ago

The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia

future assassin Canada Tranquille BC (228 comments)

There's an old abbandoned sanitarium town near Kamloops BC

It was on the tv show called After People

Its pretty awesome when you drive by it and quite a creepy feeling.

about a week ago

Cameron Says People Radicalized By Free Speech; UK ISPs Agree To Censor Button

future assassin Only a politician that supports terrorists (316 comments)

would introduce laws that stifle free speech and privacy. The goal of the terrorists is to disrupt our way of life so any that politicians that enact laws where free speech and privacy is removed in the name of fighting terrorism is in fact helping the terrorists spread terror and dictatorship.

about two weeks ago

European Parliament Considers Sharing Passenger Information By Default

future assassin Who needs Soviet Russia (58 comments)

when you got terrorists laughing their asses of at their post 911 win. I don't think any of them could have wished for a better win.

about two weeks ago

Linux Foundation Comments On Microsoft's Increasing Love of Linux

future assassin Poison pill (162 comments)

get in there till the patents poison comes out.

about two weeks ago

Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet

future assassin Cross province check points (231 comments)

You enter a website that is hosted in Alberta and you get a popup asking

Papers Please, Comrade Eh!

about two weeks ago

The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat

future assassin Re:Ok... just turned two score, but... (438 comments)

Not that they are stupid but they're attenrtion span is so short they have no clue what was happening yesterday. Information overload with at your finger tips consumption.

about two weeks ago

Major Performance Improvement Discovered For Intel's GPU Linux Driver

future assassin Whatever (96 comments)

with this new bit switch my BeOS can now perform multimedia tasks with the power of a uber computer.

about two weeks ago

YouTube Considering an Ad-Free, Subscription-Based Version

future assassin Channel design customization (225 comments)

Maybe if the paid version allowed channel design customization like before vs all channels looking the same shade of bland.

about a month ago

In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail

future assassin Someone will cash in (489 comments)

Just like drugs, murder and etc... Where there's a high enough risk of long jail time somone will make money off of it. Professional troll services to the rescue.

about a month ago

Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

future assassin Which other CEO (294 comments)

in history managed to fuck with the system in suck a positive way? It's so frereshing.

about a month ago

Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon

future assassin Smart but no common sense (366 comments)

I know some scary smart people but they seem to lack day to day common sense and sometimes act like twits. Now imagine a beowulf cluster of these running the country. Were doomed....

about a month ago

Pentagon Reportedly Hushed Up Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq

future assassin Re:So confused (376 comments)

What were we doing for 10 years following going into Iraq for the stated purpose of destroying these WMDs?

Making LOTS of money of the war and rebuilding of Iraq

about a month ago

Confidence Shaken In Open Source Security Idealism

future assassin Lots of shaking to go (265 comments)

before its anywhere near close Windows security failures over the years.

about a month ago

NVIDIA Presents Plans To Support Mir and Wayland On Linux

future assassin Not quite (80 comments)

Except for Broadcom wireless drivers on my Dell laptops and home Kodak/HP cheap ass printers (went with brother laser for easy insall) I haven't had any issues with drivers on linux since I've gone full time in 2006. Yes there have been some performance issues with AMD drivers but nothing that would affect normal day to day usage. Currently I'm using A8/A10- chips in my computers and the latest AMD drivers work really good with games.

about a month and a half ago

CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today

future assassin Android (180 comments)

Well I thought since this was 2014 the browser css rendering inconsistencies were pretty much gone and for the most part they seem to be yet after testing a few websites I just build using some basic designs the default Android browser is rendering horizontal list/text spacing all wrong vs PC/iThings.

So off I go to read up on it and all of a sudden there this @media query thing. After seeing some examples I'm liek WTF? People are using 100's of lines of extra markup or extra style sheets to make things cross platform. Talk about a flash back from the late 90's/early 2000's of nasty css.

about a month and a half ago

Killer Whales Caught On Tape Speaking Dolphin

future assassin So we can't eat them? (152 comments)

anymore... Put away his Orca on a stick corn dog....

about a month and a half ago

Twitter Sues US Government Over National Security Data Requests

future assassin So did they (57 comments)

tweet it?

about a month and a half ago



Maritime band battles to keep music on YouTube

future assassin future assassin writes  |  more than 2 years ago

future assassin (639396) writes " is reporting how a Prince Edward Island band In-Flight Safety is expressing frustration with one of the world's largest music companies, which has been connected to orders that the band's music videos be removed from YouTube.

In-Flight Safety is an independent band based on Prince Edward Island. It owns its own music and has no current connection to Universal Music Group. It had a 1,000 disc distribution deal, but that deal is done and the band never gave up copyright to its tunes.

But the music industry giant has been connected to orders for the takedown of five of the band's songs from YouTube. Most recently, it was the band's song Out of Sight, some versions of which remain blocked."

Link to Original Source

SOCAN Tariff 22 has passed

future assassin future assassin writes  |  about 7 years ago

future assassin writes "SOCAN ( ) is pleased with the Copyright Board's decision to set licence fees for the use of online music services for the years 1996-2006.

Under the new decision, online music service providers will pay SOCAN licence fees of:

        * Permanent downloads: 3.4% of the amounts paid by the consumer with a minimum fee of 1.7 per file in a bundle and 2.3 per file in all other cases;
        * Limited downloads: 6.3% of the amounts paid by subscribers with a minimum fee of 60.9 per month, per subscriber, if portable downloads are allowed and 39.9 if not;
        * On-demand stream: 7.6% of the amounts paid by subscribers with a minimum fee of 48.1 per month, per subscriber.

The Board also determined that the online service industry would benefit from a phase-in discount. A 10% discount will be applied to the rates for the duration of the Tariff (1996 — 2006).

"On behalf of our songwriter and music publisher members, we are extremely encouraged by the Board's decision," says Paul Spurgeon, SOCAN's VP Legal Services & General Counsel. "While the rates established by the Copyright Board are not exactly what we'd hoped for, they provide an excellent foundation for the management of performing rights royalties for online music use as the industry evolves in the future."

For the full SOCAN Tariff 22.A decision, go to:"


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