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Anyone Can Now Launch Their Own Version of the Pirate Bay

future assassin It would last (79 comments)

until it got popular then the media companies would sue oh behalf of the starving artists as your free music is making them poor now.

2 days ago

Researchers Accidentally Discover How To Turn Off Skin Aging Gene

future assassin I for one welcome (175 comments)

our pale smoooooth skined mice overlord.

5 days ago

The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

future assassin I already paid for it (302 comments)

in the 800+ dvd's I own. I just cue up some shows in the am and they're ready when I get back from work. if I dont want them anymore I just delete the file. Newer shows I just wait till they are in a pawn shop for $5.

about a week ago

Govt Docs Reveal Canadian Telcos Promise Surveillance Ready Networks

future assassin Exactly (74 comments)

We have civil forfiture lawsthat were set up to fight "organize crime" now they are being used by butt hurt Crown Counsels as secondary punishment when the cases dont go their way. Even the judges have stepped in the made statements about it in BC.

about a week ago

Sony Reportedly Is Using Cyber-Attacks To Keep Leaked Files From Spreading

future assassin I didn't care before (190 comments)

but where can I find this juicy info? What the the websites being attacked by Sony?

about two weeks ago

Dad Makes His Kid Play Through All Video Game History In Chronological Order

future assassin Atari Jaguar? (222 comments)

anyone, anyone, Bueller?

about two weeks ago

Utilities Face Billions In Losses From Distributed Renewables

future assassin Look at the loses this way (280 comments)

All those billions saved by the consumer will be funneled back to the local economy and smaller companies. Those companies will develop new technologies faster than some company only concerned with profits over market innovation. As an added bonus the gov will get a bigger chunk of tax since the little guya will pay way more corporate tax than some big ass corporation.

about two weeks ago

Seeking Coders, Tech Titans Turn To K-12 Schools

future assassin FSF should do into schools (105 comments)

and teach the kids good copyright, software and business ethics.

about two weeks ago

Sony Employees Receive Email Threat From Hackers: 'Your Family Will Be In Danger'

future assassin Re:Agenda? (184 comments)

Are those emails legit or fake? Well what better way to reverse this from a super embarrassment for Sony and corporate world to "them hackers are gonna kill us" and make the hackers look even worse and dangerous. Next we'll see the words Anti Corporate Terrorists used.

>GOP reportedly sent Sony employees an email, which just so happened to be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, that read in part, "your family will be in danger."

Yah, those bad grammar homicidal hackers.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

future assassin Re:I do (488 comments)

Fuck steam as for dev activity there's is new activity with the change of the guard and .8 will be relase before or just after new years. Yes there is lots of servers and yes there are 5 players but only certain times of the day just like there are 30+ other times of the day and just like there are 0 players at times.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

future assassin I do (488 comments)

Sometimes I can only financially help with $20 here and there. Atm Im helping out an OS FPS game (Xonotic) by running several servers which costs me around $110CDN per month for two servers (North American and European based with a NA based VPS for hosting maps which will become a public map repo shortly)

Also atm I'm fund raising 550EU to have custom monster models built for the game which will be used for single player mode and will be open source so others can use them. I'm at 440 EU but that mostly between 7 users.

I also just restarted my internet radio station which I ran pretty succesfully from 2001-2004. ATM I'm using Icecast2 and MPD for the software and promote them when I can.

about three weeks ago

First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released

future assassin Love those (390 comments)

black space where stars don't shine scenes. And I can't wait for it to be listed on The Piratebay....

about three weeks ago

Security Experts Believe the Internet of Things Will Be Used To Kill Someone

future assassin Imagine if you will (165 comments)

these newfangled horse less carriages stampeding down roads running people over. Now imagine a group of no good terrorist using those the run people over. So I say lest get back to horses and slow down a bit, step back, and look at the bigger picture.

about three weeks ago

Judge Unseals 500+ Stingray Records

future assassin Re:Police legal authority (165 comments)

No no thats not how it works. When it comes to you asccesing you info its breach of privacy. SIlly citizen tricks are for kids...

about a month ago

Google Launches Service To Replace Web Ads With Subscriptions

future assassin Interesting taking cues from other industries (319 comments)

the first one is free, the next ones you pay for... So Google creates a shit load of addicts that will want to pay them to remove the ads that they posted in the first place. Whats that remind me off, drug dealers and protection rackets.

about 1 month ago

The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia

future assassin Canada Tranquille BC (231 comments)

There's an old abbandoned sanitarium town near Kamloops BC https://www.google.ca/search?q...

It was on the tv show called After People

Its pretty awesome when you drive by it and quite a creepy feeling.

about a month ago



Maritime band battles to keep music on YouTube

future assassin future assassin writes  |  more than 2 years ago

future assassin (639396) writes "CBC.ca is reporting how a Prince Edward Island band In-Flight Safety is expressing frustration with one of the world's largest music companies, which has been connected to orders that the band's music videos be removed from YouTube.

In-Flight Safety is an independent band based on Prince Edward Island. It owns its own music and has no current connection to Universal Music Group. It had a 1,000 disc distribution deal, but that deal is done and the band never gave up copyright to its tunes.

But the music industry giant has been connected to orders for the takedown of five of the band's songs from YouTube. Most recently, it was the band's song Out of Sight, some versions of which remain blocked."

Link to Original Source

SOCAN Tariff 22 has passed

future assassin future assassin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

future assassin writes "SOCAN ( http://www.socan.ca/ ) is pleased with the Copyright Board's decision to set licence fees for the use of online music services for the years 1996-2006.

Under the new decision, online music service providers will pay SOCAN licence fees of:

        * Permanent downloads: 3.4% of the amounts paid by the consumer with a minimum fee of 1.7 per file in a bundle and 2.3 per file in all other cases;
        * Limited downloads: 6.3% of the amounts paid by subscribers with a minimum fee of 60.9 per month, per subscriber, if portable downloads are allowed and 39.9 if not;
        * On-demand stream: 7.6% of the amounts paid by subscribers with a minimum fee of 48.1 per month, per subscriber.

The Board also determined that the online service industry would benefit from a phase-in discount. A 10% discount will be applied to the rates for the duration of the Tariff (1996 — 2006).

"On behalf of our songwriter and music publisher members, we are extremely encouraged by the Board's decision," says Paul Spurgeon, SOCAN's VP Legal Services & General Counsel. "While the rates established by the Copyright Board are not exactly what we'd hoped for, they provide an excellent foundation for the management of performing rights royalties for online music use as the industry evolves in the future."

For the full SOCAN Tariff 22.A decision, go to:


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