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The Pirate Bay Is Back Online, Properly

future assassin Kick Ass (147 comments)

I started to use Kick Ass and much nice over Piratebay. Best part is you get to see the comments numbers on the main list.

One thing I did discover lately though is a lot of shows 2+ years old have no seeds. Wonder if usenet server could be used as a seed even if a single see to shows don't dissapear into oblivion.


FSF-Endorsed Libreboot X200 Laptop Comes With Intel's AMT Removed

future assassin Re:The year of Linux? (172 comments)

Untill they classify it as a tool for promoting terrorism.

3 days ago

Snowden Documents: CSE Tracks Millions of Downloads Daily

future assassin Re:Obviously didn't work so well... (103 comments)

He gave them plenty of chances to put him away. When the system failed to help his mental illness there was only one way to get the point across.

4 days ago

YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default

future assassin Now just bring back (224 comments)

channel customization to remove the bland look like it is now.

5 days ago

Researchers Tie Regin Malware To NSA, Five Eyes Intel Agencies

future assassin WE don't need new products (94 comments)

The peasants need to standup and say enough is enough.

5 days ago

Ubisoft Revokes Digital Keys For Games Purchased Via Unauthorised Retailers

future assassin Re:This is like (465 comments)

I read up all the cool RIV stuff up on Ebay motors about some the shit that's been going on for years.

5 days ago

Ubisoft Revokes Digital Keys For Games Purchased Via Unauthorised Retailers

future assassin This is like (465 comments)

me in BC buying a car from a guy who bought/brought it in from Alberta and sold it through his car dealership in BC. Then Ford comes in and repossesses my car because I didn't get it through a dealer in BC and because the prices are lower in Alberta so it was unfair to the dealer in BC since it wasn't sold through an authorized dealer.

5 days ago

UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?

future assassin We want content (332 comments)

not new disk player that will require the purchase of special 4K edition of Ernest Goes To Jail. Almost everybody wants easy access to all entertainment media yet these media douche bags refuse to do it.

Mr CEO I've got an awesome idea that will let every one around the world get access to all movies so cheap they won't care if they lose them and have to re buy them 10 times over. We'll be riiiiiich!!!

No no jr tech guy lets lock up the distribution, only make certain media available to certain regions of the world and lets charge them the same price as a Blu Ray disk and only have it playable on one device at a time so they have to buy 1 copy every time they want to watch on a different device We'll be riiiiiich!!!

about a week ago

Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

future assassin JJ's ST wesnt that bad (420 comments)

Yah the time line changes am not fan of and the first ones story was nothing special since its a reboot but over all it was ok and second one was fine. Transformers on the other hand were just bad movies.

about two weeks ago

New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

future assassin Re:Until... (130 comments)

I, for one, welcome our new mutated GMO e. coli overlords.

You gonna regret that shitty decision.

about two weeks ago

The Most Popular Passwords Are Still "123456" and "password"

future assassin Here's what I do (197 comments)

When I sign up for a website I have a pattern where I take certain letters from the web sites name and add certain amount of numbers to that. Its easy to remember for me and slim chance of someone finding my combo and its a different password for every site I sing up for.

about two weeks ago

Sid Meier's New Game Is About Starships

future assassin No linux eh? (227 comments)

I'm no Linux zealot but I guess I know where the money I could have spent on this game will be going, to a nice selection of European beer while I play the free Xonotic game.

about two weeks ago

Amazon Plans To Release 12 Movies a Year In Theaters and On Prime

future assassin I'll take one for max $10 (92 comments)

for "buy to own" download and if it sells for $2 a year later just in case I delete it or lose a hd. at $2-5 "to own" I'd probably buy 100's of movies per year, yah eventually I'd have them all but if they're so cheap I wouldn't care if I lost them.

about two weeks ago

NSA Hack of N. Korea Convinced Obama NK Was Behind Sony Hack

future assassin So the US (181 comments)

admits to hacking NK first which they say can be considered an act of war just to let the world know NK commited a possible act of war? WTF?

about two weeks ago

Simple Rogue WiFi Hotspot Captures High Profile Data

future assassin The set up was so nice (67 comments)

they dupped it twice.

about two weeks ago

Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

future assassin Re:Bolt or Volt? (426 comments)

Umm thats looks like a Dodge Dart with an Acura front end.

about three weeks ago



Maritime band battles to keep music on YouTube

future assassin future assassin writes  |  more than 2 years ago

future assassin (639396) writes "CBC.ca is reporting how a Prince Edward Island band In-Flight Safety is expressing frustration with one of the world's largest music companies, which has been connected to orders that the band's music videos be removed from YouTube.

In-Flight Safety is an independent band based on Prince Edward Island. It owns its own music and has no current connection to Universal Music Group. It had a 1,000 disc distribution deal, but that deal is done and the band never gave up copyright to its tunes.

But the music industry giant has been connected to orders for the takedown of five of the band's songs from YouTube. Most recently, it was the band's song Out of Sight, some versions of which remain blocked."

Link to Original Source

SOCAN Tariff 22 has passed

future assassin future assassin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

future assassin writes "SOCAN ( http://www.socan.ca/ ) is pleased with the Copyright Board's decision to set licence fees for the use of online music services for the years 1996-2006.

Under the new decision, online music service providers will pay SOCAN licence fees of:

        * Permanent downloads: 3.4% of the amounts paid by the consumer with a minimum fee of 1.7 per file in a bundle and 2.3 per file in all other cases;
        * Limited downloads: 6.3% of the amounts paid by subscribers with a minimum fee of 60.9 per month, per subscriber, if portable downloads are allowed and 39.9 if not;
        * On-demand stream: 7.6% of the amounts paid by subscribers with a minimum fee of 48.1 per month, per subscriber.

The Board also determined that the online service industry would benefit from a phase-in discount. A 10% discount will be applied to the rates for the duration of the Tariff (1996 — 2006).

"On behalf of our songwriter and music publisher members, we are extremely encouraged by the Board's decision," says Paul Spurgeon, SOCAN's VP Legal Services & General Counsel. "While the rates established by the Copyright Board are not exactly what we'd hoped for, they provide an excellent foundation for the management of performing rights royalties for online music use as the industry evolves in the future."

For the full SOCAN Tariff 22.A decision, go to:


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