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Shoot The Cats, I Don't Care

fuzdout Cat shooting is illegal (14 comments)

No worries. Nobody will "shoot" any cats and you won't have to adopt it to prevent it. Don't know what state your in, but most are shall we say "tough" on anything PETA or the Humane Society considers "cruelty to animals" (even to the point of being extremely overboard but that is besdies the point)and in fact said husband if reported can get jail time.. At least if this is brought up to your girl friend's co-worker she may shut her whining, and quit bitching about it. A Florida man was recently arrested and got throwen in jail for trying to shoot a litter of unwanted puppies he had. So having your girl friend bring this up may have two affects, the co-worker stops manipulating everyone into adopting (not wanting to mention the shooting thing) and the husband may indeed change his mind about what to do with the kittens.

more than 10 years ago


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fuzdout fuzdout writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Lately there has been born a new type of troll..This kind of troll, does his nasty work in the background..He posts stuff that gets modded "funny" or "insightful" but when he gets moderator access he abuses his power -that is, he'll mod someone down as a troll simply because he *disagrees* with a post regardless of wether it's an actual troll comment or not.
I first realized this today when I made several comments that disagreed with other posters..They were not rude, but the parent comment was modded Troll and then when someone replied to my comment and I replied back my next reply was *also* modded Troll and I didn't say anything mean at all! A Backyard Troll on a mission...


They just Want Me To Feel Loved!

fuzdout fuzdout writes  |  more than 12 years ago

/. doesn't like my comments, but loves my modding skills :)

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