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Amazon's EC2 Having Problems With Spam and Malware

fuzzy12345 Sheesh, seems like a match made in heaven (103 comments)

Previously, senders of large volumes of paid-for (by the sender) yet unwanted (by the receiver) emails had to corral their own clouds of distributed, low-cost computing resources (a.k.a botnets). Amazon provides similar capabilities for pennies an hour. Both Amazon's and the emailers' business models work, and questionable penetration of third parties' computers is no longer required.

Somebody finally solved the ????? = Profit equation. What's everyone getting so worked up about?

more than 6 years ago

fuzzy12345 Re:My Post ( comments)

javascript is crappy scripting language for use with HTML. [...] Java is a full blown object oriented programming language
I think you meant to say "Javascript is a full blown power-users' language, basically Lisp but with syntax problems, whereas Java is a crappy low-level language; the COBOL of the millenium."

more than 6 years ago


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