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Sand in the Brain: A Fundamental Theory To Model the Mind

fygment Re:How come smart people usually die young ? (105 comments)

Shannon died after a long bout with alzheimers. That brilliant mind had died long before its body.

about two weeks ago

Linux Developers Consider On-Screen QR Codes For Kernel Panics

fygment Abnormal Linux end-users do fine. (175 comments)

It says, `` ... most of which isn't easily archivable by normal Linux end-users. Abnormal Linux end-users easily archive the text. If you have to use QR codes ... maybe you aren't the right kind of Linux end-user. Just saying.

about two weeks ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

fygment If you _care_, the Internet makes a difference. (1035 comments)

If you are questioning your religion, the Internet, and any other media presenting information on the topic, make a difference.

But it's not like whenever you open a random page there's a pop-up telling you to lose your religion.

Maybe there is another reason for losing religion ie. the breathtaking progress of technology that just happens to be coincident with the growth of the Internet. Why should a person have to believe in a quasi-magical deity when time and again, technology shows us how to make 'magic' happen?

How could you not doubt religion in a world where technology makes us gods?

about two weeks ago

Was Eich a Threat To Mozilla's $1B Google "Trust Fund"?

fygment Revenge is sweet isn't it? Bullies win again. (562 comments)

Intolerance is intolerance. And it will always exist. Mr Eich did not beat up gays, he simply exercised his right to an opinion. He exercised that right within the bounds of the law, as a proper citizen should. He was subsequently bullied out of a job.

Here is how it should be:


about two weeks ago

P vs. NP Problem Linked To the Quantum Nature of the Universe

fygment Actually, macroscopic superpositions do exist ... (199 comments)

... they are simply misidentified and called ghosts, magic, etc. depending on the manifestation. They are also called pseudoscience.

So the challenge is: identify clearly what macroscopic superpositions would/should look like and how can we experimentally create/detect them.

about two weeks ago

ZunZuneo: USAID Funded 'Cuban Twitter' To Undermine Communist Regime

fygment What is it with the US and CUBA? (173 comments)

Way back when, while a corrupt Cuban government was allowing US companies to rape the island and it's people, there was a "Cuban Spring". The people were spurred to overthrow a malignant regime and seek freedom. Didn't work out so great because at the time Communism was deemed a viable political model for a free people, but that's life.

So now it's many years later, win hearts instead of continuing the antagonism. Right now the little subversions and embargoes mean innocent people get hurt say: participating in the subversions and getting caught, dying in the ocean in a bid for freedom, or suffering from a lack of goods. Instead, establish diplomatic bridges that will in time yield exactly what you want, another Cuban Spring, only this time without bloodshed because you will have swayed the Cuban leaders not just the masses.

about two weeks ago

Cheaper Fuel From Self-Destructing Trees

fygment Re:... why not bamboo ? (112 comments)


Exactly the right question: why frikkin' trees? It's not like there's an overabundance of poplar (or any other tree). If you have to use a challenging material, why not bamboo ?

about two weeks ago

Cheaper Fuel From Self-Destructing Trees

fygment Re:Why corn? ... and not dandelions (112 comments)

Lord knows there are tons of those buggers in this god-forsaken neighbourhood !! If only they were useful for something more than wine.

about two weeks ago

The 3D Economy — What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

fygment Water bottles made from 3D printer polymers ... (400 comments)

... would mean that we could achieve that state of independence where everyone could 3D print. There would be an abundance of the necessary resource for printing, and the act of printing would be good for the environment. There would be fewer shoe manufaturers but people who were drawn to that field, would become designers or consultants. Not everyone of course. Some would become involved in the new industries that grew up around 3D printing e.g. cobblers might disappear but 3D printer repair people would rise in prominence.

Extrapolate to any other industry 'threatened' by 3D printing.

about two weeks ago

Gunshot Victims To Be Part of "Suspended Animation" Trials

fygment SAW XII: They Can Torture You Forever (357 comments)

In which the victim's are cut and hacked until almost dead ... then suspended ... repaired ... and the fun begins again.

Combine this with the seriously chilling 'time dilation' drug and the future just seems a little darker.

about three weeks ago

The Highest-Flying Wind Turbine

fygment Retarded ... or is it 1 April already ?! (143 comments)

The technology of blimps is fraught with challenges not least of which are helium's availability, ground interaction (including launch, landing, and tethering/shelter on ground) and a sensitivity to weather. I've worked with a stream-lined tethered blimp 20' long with a camera and radar payload. In 20 knots of wind, the bugger had to be brought down ... not trivial. The whole operation worked best, and safest, in NO WIND. So, the idea of using a tethered high air resistance blimp to supply very little power (~ a dozen homes?!) is ... intellectually challenged. Awesome engineering challenge ... but just dumb.

Plus, what is the BS about 'clean air'. A common wind turbine, on the ground, is just as efficient ... more so, if you account for the demanding infrastructure to support a blimp.

Afterthought: This has to be a military project and the whole Alaska thing is just to give it palatable civilian visibility. You could maybe make a use case for disaster relief or remote military ops ... no you can't even do that 'cause if you could get this dumbass set up in to a location then you could get a generator and fuel in as well, that any idiot could operate and run with minimal supervision. Oh and any enemy wanting to take out your power or know where you are would just find and shoot down the flippin' blimp and then you ... crap! ... who the hell came up with such a seriously flawed concept???? Not MIT, it must be TIM as in a couple of yahoos at TIM Horton's doughnut shop. Is this an early April 1st post?

about three weeks ago

IPCC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages

fygment Here is the Definitive Prounouncement: Bunk (703 comments)

IPCC: doom gloom and the seas will rise by 'x' by 2100

Counter argument: given the complexity of the system and the shallow understanding of many processes, is it not likely that some small perturbation will greatly alter the predicted outcomes of your model ... especially over the time frames you are talking about?

IPCC: then we shall assume that if nothing changes, our outcomes will be proven valid

Counter argument: when in all history has 'nothing changed'? Ergo your models are so brittle as to be utterly unrealistic.

Also when the IPCC starts adding qualifiers that highlight the _accuracy_ of their models, then maybe they will have some credibility. But right now, where are the caveats and cautions clearly stating the assumptions of the models and the sensitivity of the model outcomes to those assumptions? That's right, there are none ever shown to the public.


about three weeks ago

Scientists Publish Letter Saying, "We Need More Scientific Mavericks"

fygment Can't be a maverick while earning $0 (126 comments)

Maverick's don't get hired.
When they do, it's because their ideas maybe aren't so maverick-ish.
Maverick's work at MacDo's to make ends meet, which means they must do research on their own time and dime.

Stupid suggestion by the scientists. Basically egging others to 'take one for the team' ... before they're allowed on the team.

about a month ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

fygment Torture for eternity ... no mistakes (914 comments)

Say someone was wrongly convicted, are the effects reversible?
All discussion of crime and punishment seems to assume a certain infallibility in the system of conviction. That is an incorrect assumption as has been proven time and again and again and again.

The most chilling part however is that the technology is likely here and now. It's use in the justice system is unlikely in the near-term. HOWEVER, that doesn't prevent it's use in more covert systems of punishment and persuasion.

Now a suspect can undergo torture for what seems like ... eternity.

about a month ago

Sons of Anarchy Creator On Google Copyright Anarchy

fygment Compromise with _Reason_? (381 comments)

How about if copyright protected the rights of the creator ... not his estate or corporate sell out 70+ years later. So when the creator dies (including a corporation being dissolved), then the art becomes open source. But right now the copyrights seem to extend in to perpetuity and even in the shorter term, userous prices on the art simply mean a person may never have a hope of ownership and so encourages theft where the risk of punishment is low.

about a month ago

Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?

fygment How you define 'evil' ... (194 comments)

... determines how you define 'not doing evil'. Google is just a big powerful corporation like Microsoft, Apple, etc. They do not care about anything but the 'bottom line'.

In the corporate 'hierarchy of needs', 'profit' is the base need that _must_ be satisfied above all else.

about a month ago

New Blood Test Offers Early Warning for Alzheimer's Onset

fygment Tax payer funded research behind a pay wall? (86 comments)

From the author's research page: "His research has received support from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the U.S. Department of Defense, among other sources." Irritating, no?

about a month ago

Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

fygment A study of 1,759 people ... (482 comments)

... is virtually meaningless. You can cite all the statistical blah-blah you want but take a look at margins of error. Yes, it is interesting that in this sample they observed what they observed. Extrapolating from there however is a bit misguided or disengenuous.

about a month and a half ago

Kepler's Alien World Count Skyrockets

fygment Re:hostile enough to ... produce interesting life? (77 comments)

Dear Biologists and Similar Ilk,

Time and again, life is found in places where no biologist (or equivalent ilk) expected it. This has happened so frequently that you would think that you would stop using phrases similar to, " high enough to be hostile to known life". What you know about life has clearly been shown to be lacking. Given that, how about a phrase that acknowledges your knowledge gap in a positive and proactive way. A preferred phrase, in this case, should be, " high enough to produce interesting life forms." It shows you aren't complacent in your ignorance and are open to new experience.


about a month and a half ago


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