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Obama Eyeing Internet ID For Americans

g0hare Re:Hey- You voted for Him (487 comments)

That McCain was, and still is with the benefit of hindsight, a better choice.

about 4 years ago

Obama Eyeing Internet ID For Americans

g0hare Re:Why is the government involved in this? (487 comments)

Oh, probably standardization and compatibility with government systems, if the government is going to accept the ID.

about 4 years ago

McAfee Kills SVCHost.exe, Sets Off Reboot Loops For Win XP, Win 2000

g0hare Just upgrade to Windows 7. (472 comments)

XP is no longer secure. It's a 10-year-old os and it sucks. And oh yeah McAfee (and Norton) suck rotten eggs.

more than 4 years ago

How Will Recent Financial Downturns Affect IT Jobs?

g0hare Go to welding school (372 comments)

There are very few jobs out there. Right now pizza delivery/welding/dope dealing looks pretty good

about 6 years ago

Geologists Claim Earth May Be Softer Around The Middle Than Previously Thought

g0hare This makes me glad... (98 comments)

that I got out of Geology as a career. I mean talk about boring.......

about 7 years ago


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