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Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

g4b Re:How to tell the difference (267 comments)

partly agreed.

i know geeks who use macs, nerds who use macs, and nerds who dont use macs, nerds who are not into computers at all.

i still prefer thinkpads, and i think i definitely am a geek.

about a year ago

Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

g4b Re:How to tell the difference (267 comments)

I don't feel the creator of this chart was geek nor nerd enough to understand the diminishing difference, and was clearly driven by dork desires

about a year ago

Can Innovation Be Automated?

g4b Re:Following Betteridge's law of headlines (92 comments)

i had the same answer, without the link planned.

not only this, but there is already a good way of increase innovation... by doing other stuff not related to the problem, but indirectly related to problem solving. may it be cooking, playing, reading, taking a walk or making sports.

so increasing innovation cannot be automated. any human with a critical amount of life experience understands this.

about a year and a half ago

DARPA Tackles Machine Learning

g4b Re:This headline pops up every few years (95 comments)


the research field of AI already considered the idea of "artificial intelligence" to be more "solutions based on imitating intelligence", and it has long been postulated, that while the dream is still the real thing, it probably will not be possible with electronics (which do great in calculus, but still have problems with parallelism).

the results in the last decades were OOP, neuronal networks, or the good known Spamchecking algorithms.

But the approach to learning in all these cases is still very different each time. I am e.g. not sure, if spam filters really use neuronal algorithms - it mostly concentrates on the relations of words in a text, or the alterations of a word in a text, and how to use the statistical data about these relations to flag content which is probably spam.

Since humans (or any intelligent mammals) learn to learn by playing, both establishing recognition of rules, and the usage of data, I wonder if it will be ever possible to have an abstract learning machine, which not just "learns", but also learn "what to learn", and "why to learn" on its own. But each respective problem is getting addressed.

Oh yes, and the latest implications, like gamification in industry, and the revelations of the true meaning of "playing", researched more in social and psychological sciences is maybe also an indirectly linked to the field of AI. Which still has a long way to go in a society, where "playing" is associated with "kids", and a waste of time.

about a year and a half ago

Fedora 18 Installer: Counterintuitive and Confusing?

g4b Re:What happened to you Linux... (458 comments)

being historically accurate, gnome is actually the anti-kde

born out of doubts about the qt license, gnome since then was hijacked by the ideas of a little corporationist weasel, first trying to reimplement more "windowsness" and since the ongoing success of apple, trying to imitate that.

in this sentiment, i always hated gnome, especially in the years, where it was the default desktop on all the major distros. Too many options is what life is about, as long as the important ones are still there, there is no problem of complex user interface settings.

While I still silently hope for gnomes complete demise, I wont say KDE is perfect either, but for the intellectual and creative mind, who tries to mold the desktop system to his will, it has "almost enough" options. How to categorize settings and hide those which seem "over the top" in "Extras" is another topic.

about a year and a half ago

Fedora 18 Installer: Counterintuitive and Confusing?

g4b Re:I must agree (458 comments)

True, there is also a community behind it, many people who contribute on their own, still, Ivan's job is to review and test and be critical, for his audience, so an ongoing discussion about who made Fedora is useless at this point.

Even if tastes sour, Critical Reviews are a help for an open minded development team.

about a year and a half ago

Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

g4b Re:The problem never seems to be the guns.... (1388 comments)

Availability creates possibility.

He isn't an idiot. You are.

Making guns available to anybody is a stupid idea, except if fighting a corrupt regime.

Most of the world has not such big problems with gunshot kills, because guns are not available.

Of course, the mental ones still kill. But it's not just mental ones, who kill, sometimes it's people who call others idiots and getting angry with a gun, they are not supposed to have.

about a year and a half ago

IQ 'a Myth,' Study Says

g4b Re:True (530 comments)

how would we measure height anyway in one number through all frames of reference?

height in itself is a relative/local definition anyway. because we are spacedust.

about a year and a half ago

The Web We Lost

g4b's still there, you know (255 comments)

i see this much simpler. trillian had a pro version, costed money, and even if it looked hackier, miranda was faster in keeping up. windows geeks chose miranda, and they were the only ones interested in multi-ims anyway.

not to mention the zeitgeist of computing in that era. putting stuff on your desktop which can change its color or appearance was the toy nowadays given to you more commonly in software designs. so while trillian looked cool, miranda could look cool too and worked and had all those badly programmed sad plugins you could try through.

it is kinda similar to the fight between winamp and sonique.

about 2 years ago

Another Player In the World of Free, Open Online CS Courseware

g4b Re:Crikey Cheryl thats a Crock! (64 comments)

really liked it actually, thank you for flaming a good episode.

hash tables are pretty important, and he almost covered everything quite entertainingly. He definitely makes his students listen, very good teacher.

I agree, MIT and CMU do brilliant stuff too, but I am not sure, if watching the best will help you understand them, especially after reading your comment

about 2 years ago

GIF Becomes Word of the Year 2012

g4b GIZ (315 comments)

I say GIZ would be a nice format for zlibbed gif. it would also ease the use as a verb.

about a year ago

Google Security Engineer Issues Sophos Warning

g4b 42 days later... (89 comments)

This fall, never before seen in cinema, a new type of hero, the geeky Sophos Patcher, finds himself fighting a virus in corporate HQ: The question of the universe and everything and zombies... Get ready to be patched...

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Blocking Pirate Bay Links In Messenger

g4b Re:algorithms, third-party sources, or complaints. (198 comments)

yes, clicking bay links infected my pc too. because they made me download stuff with my bittorrent application and then manually starting something i really really wanted by browsing the directory and finding the exe with a twist.

more than 2 years ago

Does Outsourcing Programming Really Save Money?

g4b outsource software (653 comments)

software is alive and needs constant maintenance.

if you want to win the "company has more income" game, its good for you. if you want to use your energy to create things worthwhile, and you know, you will still earn enough if you do it full heartet, then outsourcing is a danger to your software, since you cannot maintain it, rewrite it or make it better. if somebody is taking part in a softwareproject, he has not to be a programmer, he can even be a manager, and still will know a lot about the software he is participating in.

so it depends, if you already have seen through the momentary "wisdom of the hour" the human race plucks from the tree: business for money is just a global game nobody really wants to play, but work and creativity are necessities of every human being. so if you outsource, you can give other people chances, but if your project is important to you in more ways than money, you should try to be as local as possible.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All?

g4b Re:The most PRO TIP of all: NO FRAMEWORKS! (287 comments)

I disagree partly.

i would not call every framework nowadays just clutter, since frameworks with bad APIs already lost a lot of influence in the last 10 years.

libraries are not written only by single individuals, they have communities behind them.

however, what the typical cluttered "framework" of yesterday was, becomes more and more the "CMS" of any sort. Thats an example, why you should not use php "frameworks" - because they are not frameworks.

django however is well made, you can use it as libraries and set it up as thin framework in nearly every python app, taking your ORM with you anywhere you go. Since I DID do database stuff by myself, I would say: dont think in frameworks, if the project ist PERSONAL. Since in personal projects, your aim is to be creative and learn. frameworks should not be learned, they should be fastly usable.

And thats where I draw the last conclusion: frameworks have improved, because many of them offer a fast "first glimpse" into their apis and coding styles, and do not try to invent a new code style alltogether. e.g. many say prototype is better in its core API than jquery. but jquery is hell of easier to learn, since it does not modify javascript too much.

Use frameworks and libraries as much as you can in your daily work - dont let pride stay in your way, but do not use it for your creative work - dont waste your time learning how to modify something big, if you just want to create something new.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All?

g4b Re:Django or Rails (287 comments)

pardon, didnt mean language, i meant framework.

ruby vs. python is another flamewar.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: One Framework To Rule Them All?

g4b Django or Rails (287 comments)

I have this discussion frequently with customers.

If you have people dedicated - use your people to let them use what they think it's best. If they like the adventure, you can also invite them to explore something else. You have to know, do they like the tech because they are geeky about it, or do they fancy the tech, because they are fanbois with big egos? First group I would let convince me of Ruby for the project and give it at least a try, for the second, I would wait until those programmers mature, and consider a choice more on sheer technical reasons - without any personal ones.

Otherwise, if I have to take a toolkit, I will blindly prefer django over RoR for amountless masses of reasons; but I know a lot of projects who stalled because programmers thought django is easy to master - and projects where django was too light weight to get it running in the direction they wanted to go.

I am a freak for django nowadays, but I learned about it quite early, and needed the db stuff personally for some small project you do if you should actually do other stuff, I would have never thought anybody else than some individuals will ever use it. With rails it was always more about being in a peer group, than liking the language objectively, so I say, do not ignore taste, for it shows insight, but also dont rely on blind fanatism in this decision, it's still a technical one (meaning: depending on your project setup).

more than 2 years ago

How Does a Self-Taught Computer Geek Get Hired?

g4b similarity (523 comments)

your resumée sounds like mine. you just chose drupal over django, a choice i never would have made. php is over, really. it was only popular as long ASP and JSP were feared to become mainstream, now we have serious tools in the web, php is just the cheap aftertaste of the 90s.
also, with php you are basicly locked into the web business.

it does not matter how you are educated and which papers you have, getting a job is
  1. look who needs you and what is to do
  2. know what you want to do
  3. pick.

unfortunately, it depends on your country how you answer these question, it does not garantuee good salary to do what you love to, and lastly: sometimes it takes time. long time. life is up and down. so in the meantime, look that you can survive, and use your free time to conceive your own projects.

ah, last advice: people always advice. while you should take out compliments and critics of advices to consider, you should never think, anybody else than you can know whats best for your life. i think this is the best advice i ever got, just takes a bit to get it.

more than 2 years ago

'Amateur' Astronomer Snaps Pic of Planet-Forming Disk

g4b Re:Why the quotes around amateur? (59 comments)

the word amateur indicates not being professional. however, it does not reveal knowledge, intelligence, dedication, insight, or anything else around whatever you do being an amateur, it only says, you dont do it for material exchange or have not seeked out renown terran academies where other people write you papers about what you can and cant do. Therefore the word "amateur" is a very peculiar word and should be as it was arrested in apostrophes.

The walk along the achievements of any terran who did not follow procedure in becoming professional, still is the only day, this word may leave its cell, parading with the victory, as a glimpse of hope to the non-achievers, a sign of shame or slight ridicule to others who own no papes, and at least maybe a slap in the face for any terran who sleeps on those papers he got.

Fascinating how a word divides us, shows us desires to work and achieve and be recognized in the system with titles and money, and still expresses our hate against it, as we start to look behind its condemning walls while we get older, harboring the hope the hipocrisy might end some day.

Or it simply reminds us of mass population pornography.

more than 2 years ago


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