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Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

gQuigs That's one aisle in Whole Foods (794 comments)

It's the entire existance of the Creation Museum. To be fair I would like to see them get rid of that one aisle.

Whole Foods is doing a lot of really good initiatives, see:

And they don't just say blindly yes God said so to questions like "Is Organic better for you?:

And probiotics after taking antibiotics makes logical sense.... I remember a study that showed that our natural bacteria wasn't at the same level 1 year after taking antibiotics (please don't use this as an excuse to not take antibiotics). If we have the right probiotics available to us is a different story. My wife just got antibiotics and the hospital recommened probiotics...

*Disclaimer: I own a small bit of Whole Foods stock. I'm sure this post will greatly increase it's value....

about 2 months ago

The Internet Archive Switches To HTTPS Connections By Default

gQuigs SSLv3... (40 comments)

I browse with SSLv3 disabled... and https://archive.org/ only supports SSLv3... why? Most webservers have supported TLS 1.1/1.2 for ages now.. right?

about 6 months ago

Firefox OS 1.1 Released, Mozilla Prepares For 2nd Round of Device Launches

gQuigs I really want to see... (76 comments)

how the update story is contracted to work and for how long. And is there a contingency for if the manufacturer stops wanting to update the phone?

about 6 months ago

A Timely Revision of Elop's "Burning Platform" Memo

gQuigs "Burning Platform" (144 comments)

Anyone else think it was going to be a revision for where they are today? On the burning platform that is Windows Phone...

Seriously, I think they are a recoverable company. They gave Elop three years to destroy them... Why not give me three years?

about 7 months ago

Google Dropping Netscape Plugin API Support In Chrome/Blink

gQuigs Re:The new IE is here (170 comments)

Are you sure that's your sig (Save IE6), or was that the end of your argument :)

about 7 months ago

Obama Directs FCC to Mandate All Cell Phones Be Unlocked

gQuigs My problem with fixthedmca.org (1 comments)

Is that they leave in the section making it illegal to get around circumvention technologies at all. It servers no justifiable purpose. If anything, the government should be protecting us from DRM. Not helping enforce it.

Why is writing circumvention technologies not free speech, while money is? I've wondered if we can get a friendly congressman to read in libdvdcss2 to the congressional record...

[1] Digital Millennium Copyright Act v. Public Use: Are Constitutional Safeguards Insufficient in an Era of Industry Lobbying http://techlawadvisor.com/dmca/research.html

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Drops Price on Nokia's 41-Megapixel Phone

gQuigs Re:Dislike competition? (197 comments)

> You want Windows Phone 8 to die so consumers have less choice?

I do want more choice in the phone space, but I don't trust or want it to be from Microsoft - or for that matter propriatary. Why do you want Microsoft to have more control of our digital lives? They have more than enough. Competition works best with a bunch of small players in a market.

So yes, I really just want an actually "open" system to actually be given a chance to shine*. (I'm currently holding on to my Palm Pre Plus which still rocks, but is slowly dieing). I'm currently thinking about getting a Firefox OS device [2], but the specs are SOOO bad compared to my Palm. If I could get it without a dataplan w/ AT&T, I would have already purchased it.

I think the new gen of open source phones that are coming have a better shot (in that the company will actually try*!). Firefox OS, Ubuntu Mobile, Jolla, Tizen.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palm_Pre
[2] http://www.ebay.com/itm/271258990669
* Nokia gave open systems 1 release after saying it was a dead platform and then switched to Windows phone. HP gave up on their TouchPads after 2 months of sales.

about 7 months ago

Chrome's Insane Password Security Strategy

gQuigs Re:This is also the case on Firefox (482 comments)

So set a Master Password: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/use-master-password-protect-stored-logins
More here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Master_password

Almost no users actually use this: http://monica-at-mozilla.blogspot.com/2013/02/cant-live-with-them-cant-live-without.html
"....can be solved somewhat with master password, but only 1 out of 12K users had master password enabled"

about 8 months ago

Firefox 23 Arrives With New Logo, Mixed Content Blocker, and Network Monitor

gQuigs Mixed Content blocker is awesome for security, but (365 comments)

..many sites still need to be updated to work with it. Likely some behind the firewall stuff as well. (And many of these sites break in IE10 and Chrome as well)

See here for full details: https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2013/05/16/mixed-content-blocking-in-firefox-aurora/

Basically it prevents loading active content (JS/CSS/etc) from a non-HTTPS source when the page is HTTPS.

Also, if you are a HTTPS Everywhere user and wondering why sites like XKCD and NYtimes are no longer HTTPS, this is why.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up Non-Obnoxious Outdoor Lighting?

gQuigs Anyone live where the streetlights go off at night (445 comments)

I proposed turning the streetlights off at midnight in my town but I don't have any US based examples of that working. The fear is that it will be less "secure".

about 9 months ago

Microsoft Slashes Prices On Surface

gQuigs HP TouchPads... (330 comments)

This is what happened right before HP gave up on tablets...

about 9 months ago

Sky Deutschland Considering Using Bone Conduction To Force Ads On Train Riders

gQuigs Re:Little different from newspapers (205 comments)

Nope, advertisers don't really put that much money into the system.

Excercpt from PATCO's budget (local transit authority):
Net Passenger Revenue: 23,900,000
Advertising: 600,000

Now, they are still operating at a loss, but that's mass transit, they have a huge positive externality.

about 9 months ago



White House petition for free software in schools

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  about a year ago

gQuigs (913879) writes "There are two days left for it to get 22,000 people. It's not the petition I would have written, but I think it's close enough.

"Each year our educational system wastes billions of dollars for the purchase and support of proprietary operating systems and application software in our schools. The software is rigid and inflexible, opaque in its design and mysterious to our children.

We advocate and propose the gradual replacement of privately owned software with restrictive licensing in favor of open source alternatives with GPL type licenses. In as much as possible we should have our students using software that complies with the definition of free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation.

The GNU/Linux operating system, underlying source code, tools and documentation are readily available to students already. Their use should be encouraged as the tools and code are available cost free.""

Link to Original Source

Can we do something about phishing websites?

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 2 years ago

gQuigs writes "A friend's email was recently "hacked" into and it sent a phishing message to me. I reported the email to Google, and then went on to try to report the sites to different places. It actually involves three different sites,
  * Redirect from About.com to
  * Malicious news site (pretending to be CNBC7) describing how the final site is totally legit. [Aside: I am working on firefox extension WebCott for boycotting news agencies among other things, hence I have a relatively complete list of legit news sites]
  * Actual site asking for personal information so you can work from home and make thousands a month

I reported all the sites to About.com, NBC, Google, and likely more, but AFAIK no action has been taken by anyone. The About.com redirect (the easiest to take down is still up) and no browser warnings in Chrome or Firefox. I reported this on May 25th.

Where do you report malicious sites? How effective have you found doing so?"

Duck Duck Go in Firefox 4?

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 3 years ago

gQuigs (913879) writes "I am a big supporter of including the Duck Duck Go search engine in Firefox 4. Duck Duck Go is a search engine that donttrack.us, gives back to FOSS, and runs a Tor Hidden Service for even more privacy. Currently many browser give out the search spots based on revenue deals and market-share. The thing is, that will only let the players already leading the search game, stay the only players in the game. Perhaps, it's time for some real competition in the search industry.

If you think like me go show your support "

Link to Original Source

Want the Creative Suite for Linux?

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 3 years ago

gQuigs (913879) writes "An Adobe Employee has responded to an idea about Producing the Creative Suite for Linux.
"I have forwarded this feedback on to the appropriate team who will consider it for future releases of Adobe software." We have an opportunity to show a lot of demand for this by clicking the Like button. Everyone remember Dell IdeaStorm and Ubuntu?"

Link to Original Source

Firefox 3.5 Most Popular Browser In The World

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 4 years ago

gQuigs (913879) writes "According to StatCounter Global Statistics the most used browser version on the web is Firefox 3.5. Congrats to Mozilla (and the open web)!

But we can use this as a rallying call to do more. Let's Finish Off IE6 (remove the links to IE8 and Safari if you want, and maybe add one for Opera). And how many of you end up upgrading your family's browsers over the holidays? Good job keeping them safe, but bring everything you need this time on a USB stick, and then get back to enjoying the holidays."

Link to Original Source

Name Node 3 of the ISS for Ubuntu not Colbert

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 5 years ago

gQuigs writes "Collectively we can name node 3 of the International Space Station after Ubuntu. Taking on Stephen Colbert might be just what Ubuntu needs to get the attention of a lot more users that may not have heard of it. Also Ubuntu really is a better name that captures the international collaboration that is the space station.

Go Vote For Ubuntu Here!

Read more at my blog, including an attempt at convincing Serenity supporters."

Link to Original Source

Ubuntu Landscape Client, Against Ubuntu Promise?

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 6 years ago

gQuigs (913879) writes "Canonical released the Ubuntu Landscape Client a while ago but it is still not publicly available. It has been available to Enterprise users of Ubuntu for some time, and is one of their selling points. Does this not violate the promise that enterprise versions will be free?
I filed a bug (linked in link). I ask Slashdot, An I overreacting?

Link to Original Source

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gQuigs writes "Coverity's Scan has helped developers find and fix 6,035 defects in open source code. Today they launched it anew for Scan's birthday.
100 New projects were added including dbus, cups, flac, gnupg, and many other libraries. Go check it out and see if the project you like is covered.
The New 100 are listed here: http://scan.coverity.com/rung0.html
Number of Defects not included (yet)."

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gQuigs (913879) writes "My contract with Cingular is up and now I get the ability to get a new phone for free (as in beer) with a new contract. I was hoping that someone has found a good phone running Linux with a built in Audio Player (MP3,Ogg, etc). Suggestions?

Of course I would also like to see:
A gstreamer like modular multimedia framework. I want to be able to add whatever multimedia capabilities I want. Does such a thing exist for phones?

Connectivity with PC with no special software (USB, standard drive)

I so far have found phones that run Linux, but not with Cingular, Free or with the Audio options. I have a Family talk plan so staying with Cingular is preferred."

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gQuigs writes ""With the 2008 elections right around the corner, the United States Pirate Party is looking for candidates to run for National, State, and Local offices." Volunteers are also needed to do other tasks. There's an IRC gathering that you should come to. Read all about it! http://pirate-party.us/node/334"

gQuigs gQuigs writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gQuigs writes "As a talkative GNU/Linux I get asked a lot of questions.
How hard is it for me to switch? What's different? Better? Worse? Be honest.
Wouldn't it be nice if their was a clear, simple website to show them? http://www.getgnulinux.org/ is the website you've been asking for."


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