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Wil Wheaton Announces New TV Show

gTsiros Re:Oh, it's on SyFy? (167 comments)

it's in the intro, even, wtf dude

about two weeks ago

Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

gTsiros Re:Grabs popcorn (518 comments)

this camera thing won't help. i promise you this. It won't make bad drivers into good drivers. No amount of technology can accomplish that.

about two weeks ago

Why Steve Albini Still Prefers Analog Tape

gTsiros Re:how can you not play an audio file? (440 comments)

don't confuse the format, which is an abstract description, with the medium, which is a physical item, susceptible to physical damage.

but yeah, if the medium can't carry the abstraction through time, it's no good.

about 7 months ago

EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

gTsiros Re:Actually, you do not have the freedom to exceed (732 comments)

"3) You can't full brake the tires when trying to stop on snow, ice or gravel."

but... that is the optimal way to emergency brake on gravel?

about 8 months ago

Casting a Jaundiced Eye On AnTuTu Benchmark Claims Favoring Intel

gTsiros Anyone remember the days... (82 comments)

...where companies used to rig benchmarks?

Oh right, we're still not past them.


Always use real world applications, in actual, real usage. Never benchmarks.

about 9 months ago

BeagleBone Black Ships With New Linux 3.8 Kernel

gTsiros duh (64 comments)

"The process starts with a hacker sending a convincing email, a message advising me to change my Twitter password, with a link to a fake Twitter site."

so, in short, be careful with your password.

about a year ago

Bitcoin's Success With Investors Alienates Earliest Adopters

gTsiros Pyramid scheme (158 comments)

why do i have this suspicion that the whole bitcoin is some elaborate, very drawn out, convoluted, mutated version of a pyramid scheme?

about a year ago

Music and Movies Could Trigger Mobile Malware

gTsiros Re:Lame (88 comments)

You would do well to read the article just a bit more carefully

It can use the sensors to launch coordinated attacks. Not just deploy when it hears a certain sound.

about a year ago

Space Coffee, Just the Way You Like It

gTsiros Re:Customize? (147 comments)

on the other hand, i can't imagine astronauts being so picky with their coffee. Or if drinking is a good idea, being an astronaut.

maybe my mind is still 50 years back.

about a year ago

Direct-to-Vinyl Recording Makes a Comeback (Video)

gTsiros Re:Depth and Warmth (166 comments)

could you give some examples about what you say in the second paragraph?

1 year,23 days

Can You Really Hear the Difference Between Lossless, Lossy Audio?

gTsiros Re:Depends on the bitrate (749 comments)

the main idea is that in the chain source-amp-speakers-air-ear

the worst offenders are the speakers

one could raise a point saying that ears (and the air, perhaps, haven't done any measurements or even *seen* any) are even worse (psychoacoustics etcetcetc) but since we can't do anything about it we ignore them

1 year,23 days

Direct-to-Vinyl Recording Makes a Comeback (Video)

gTsiros Re:Depth and Warmth (166 comments)


how does graduation, or fornication, affect perception of sound?

ever since i constructed the 200 L, 12" full-range speakers, i can hear details i could never hear before. MP3? screw that, i can tell if a cd has been properly recorded. metal? pointless. pop? even more so. it sounds clear and perfect, but it is like artificial food flavoring. Acoustic jazz (no electric guitar, eg)? yes. full orchestra? sweet sweet fulfillment.

I had sex 10 years ago for the first time and graduated high school 15 years ago, fwiw.

in relation to this topic, i am thinking of getting a turntable, see if the filters on DACs' outputs have any effect on stereo imaging (and for the first time in my life, excepting binaural audio which in itself is a *revelation*, i understood what it means, because you have to place your head in centimeter-exact position).

1 year,23 days

Can You Really Hear the Difference Between Lossless, Lossy Audio?

gTsiros Re:Depends on the bitrate (749 comments)

ignore the DAC the amp the source and everything... ...except the speaker drivers themselves. even the best in the world are wildly non-linear.

and then there's the air between your ears and the speakers

another non-linearity

Best source? .0001% THD. best amp? .0001% THD. Speakers? 1% THD haha good luck.

1 year,26 days

Study Finds Universe Is 100 Million Years Older Than Previously Thought

gTsiros Re:The difference between science and religion (245 comments)

not easy to translate greek in other languages, especially by people who do not understand greek. They mostly transliterated, they did not translate. iirc the original word was ÏαÏμαÎÎÏÏ? In that case a rough translation is "the one who poisons".

1 year,27 days

Why Can't Intel Kill x86?

gTsiros Re:They just can't do it, cap'n! (605 comments)

I think the greatest mistake in the history of computing is microsoft releasing a stupid OS for a multitasking-multiuser capable cpu (286). It became ridiculously popular and the desktop computer managed to make the leap and go multitasking (amongst other things) more than a decade later, which, in computer terms, is longer than forever.

about a year ago

First Debian/Ubuntu Bootable ARM64 Images Released

gTsiros Re:Software/hardware (34 comments)

Yeah, but this time, the ISA is complete, the *actual hardware* though doesn't exist and it is not very likely it will change a lot (besides bugs and optimisations, i would guess).

so the design exists, the software is ready for it (as ready as it can be, considering that only the specification exists) but a hardware instance doesn't yet exist.

Sorry i can't describe it any more accurate, english is not my mother tongue.

about a year ago

First Debian/Ubuntu Bootable ARM64 Images Released

gTsiros Software/hardware (34 comments)

Must be one of the few times in history where the software was ready to run before the actual hardware existed.

about a year ago


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