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Film Studios Seeking Complete Block of Newzbin2 in the UK

gagravarr Because the current block is working so well (231 comments)

As highlighted by RevK from AAISP in a recent blog post on the stupidity of the blocking

I can reveal the secret high-tech method for accessing newzbin2 and by-passing the recent block on the site on BT residential lines.
Its top secret and highly technical, so don't tell anyone...
Instead of typing http://newzbin.com/ you type https://newzbin.com/
Yes, that is typing an extra s in the right place.

more than 3 years ago

Qtrax — Ad-Supported Music With iPod Compatibility?

gagravarr Why not just use We7? (131 comments)

This sounds a lot like We7, only with faff about DRM.

We7 do advertising supported downloads of MP3s, so you can put them on whatever device you want, including your iPod. A month after you downloaded the ad version, you can go back and re-download without adverts. They've got quite a lot of major labels on board, so there's a fairly decent choice. With the option of We7, why would you bother with something similar that still has DRM crap on it?

more than 6 years ago


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