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Yahoo To Try To Charge For POP3 Services

gambletron 3000 Webmail too much of a hassle (432 comments)

I've got half a dozen Yahoo ID's I check via POP. To try to check them all via the WWW interface would take too long. I like to keep the IDs separate so I can keep track of what the email is about.

I see three options:
1. Find another free POP/forwarding provider (any hints?)
2. Find a way to do this with my ISP account without giving away my ISP username (any hints that don't involve changing ISPs?)
3. Pony up the dough to Yahoo.

more than 12 years ago


gambletron 3000 hasn't submitted any stories.



gambletron 3000 gambletron 3000 writes  |  more than 11 years ago I've been trying to figure out how to set up an email system within Emacs such as Gnus or VM. The twist is that a) it's on OS X and b) I want to continue using OS X's for its spam filtering abilities. So what I'd like is an Emacs mail package that can read's mbox files instead of fetching the emails itself. It looks like Gnus can do that, but I can't quit figure out how. Plus I did see a reference to the fact that since the mbox format stores all emails in one file and when Emacs reads a file it loads the whole thing, you can run into size issues with the mbox files.

I'd like to combine this email setup with Hep to allow me to post to my blogs from Emacs via Hep. I've also been thinking about trying a similar approach using THE and Hep.


gambletron 3000 gambletron 3000 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

The other day I accidentally saw a list of recent journal entries from all across Slashdot, but now I can't find it. I found it right after I made a posting to my journal so maybe I'll find it again.


gambletron 3000 gambletron 3000 writes  |  more than 11 years ago This is an entry. I didn't even realize Slashdot had a blogging/journal function. If I had known that I probably wouldn't have bothered with setting up my other blog.

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