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NBC News Confuses the World About Cyber-Security

game kid Re:It's almost too easy (144 comments)

I'll admit Slashdot has serious balls to link to a news site that just got its own redesign, with the exact response that this site's beta got (and deserved just as much).

about a year ago

Slashdot after beta - Paywall?

game kid Re:Nope (2 comments)

Don't be so sure. Before digg committed its final internet seppuku by becoming a pinterest clone, its formerly-user-contributed feed became a feed for a few specific big media groups. It can happen, might happen, and in some respects has happened here (notice how a few contributors seem to consistently get through, however banal their posts or spammy their names?).

Dice, it seems, would happily shut the Firehose and give the front page feed to, say, CNN and Wired and Bennett Haselton and those types once they pay up. (Added bonus for them: no more "fuck beta" posts to roundfile.)

about a year ago

Update on the March of Progress: How Slashdot's New Look Is Shaping Up

game kid Yup. (237 comments)

No one (not even me) likes this.

No one (not even me) wants this.

No one (not even me) needs this.

No aspect of this beta addresses any actual problems (like unicode support, or giant spam comments that get modded up a point for being Long Comments) with the current site.

Every aspect of this beta would add actual problems to the current site.

This is not feedback, this is a warning: Don't let the beta happen.

about a year ago

Judge Says You Can Warn Others About Speed Traps

game kid Re:Slashdot Beta: just say no (457 comments)

The funny part is that (after apparent months of bait-and-switch tests) they finally give that beta notice the day after nbcnews.com switches (without notice) to their mobile-frien^Wdesktop-hostile layout, with predictable and proper user response. I personally had to delete any trace of nbcnews from my RSSes to keep my sanity.

Desktop-hostile layouts* are bad, and not listening to users who simply do not want them, like me, is really bad.

about a year ago

John Carmack Left id Software Because He Couldn't Do VR Work There

game kid Re:Boo fucking hoo (146 comments)

Not sure about cry...but let it be a(nother) warning to those who'd flip their startup for profit.

Once you sell the business to a bigger business, it's theirs and theirs alone, no matter their assurances otherwise, and they won't go your way on anything else from then on, except (co)incidentally. (See also jawed.) So finish all your goals there first.

about a year ago

Linus Torvalds Gives 'Thumbs Up' To Nvidia For Nouveau Contributions

game kid Re:Why do Free/Open Source gurus use Google+? (169 comments)

Torvalds has said in the past something about that he doesn't want to associate with "free software" (or at least FSF) types because they're so "extreme" or such (can't find a link sorry). (Also that if a GNU kernel or 386BSD had existed that he probably wouldn't've wrote Linux.)

That doesn't excuse G+ use (the first link actually caught me off guard...me and my stupid blind-clicking), but he doesn't see himself as so much of a strict FOSS advocate, so you probably see why he wouldn't give as much of a crap about whether the publishing channel is FOSS as, say, you or rms.

about a year ago

First New Generic Top Level Domains Opening

game kid Re:Just saying... (198 comments)

The general internet user gets to be tracked, advertised-to, and generally fucked over as usual. But the address bar will look swag with that .bike in it, yo.

about a year ago

Former Dev Gives Gloomy Outlook On Linux Support For the Opera Browser

game kid Yup, an epic management coup. (181 comments)

Yup, this was a glorious coup by company higher-ups.

Grats, Opera management. You managed to kick out a good founder, kick out a good engine, and kick out any certainty that you won't be sold out to Facebook (Facebook, ffs!). You even made me wonder, between Tolfsen's account and the second engine change (from WebKit to Blink), if Google has simply stuffed your ranks with their management just to Elop the place.


about a year ago

3D Printing of Human Tissue To Spark Ethics Debate

game kid IP freely (234 comments)

Apart from printing tissue, 3D printing may also threaten intellectual property rights. 'IP will be ignored and it will be impossible or impractical to enforce. Everything will change when you can make anything.' said John Hornick, an IP attorney.

No. Stop. Quit turning natural ideas into assets to be bought, sold, lobbied-for, and speculated.

about a year ago

Slashdot PT Cruiser Spotted In the Wild

game kid Re:Not what Slashdot drives, but what drives Slash (94 comments)

But...that's...that's GPL!!! You want them to release code instead of making their new Beta version a handy proprietary Slashdot-only box!? Why, that's insane! That's heresy!

about a year ago

Rovio Denies Knowledge of NSA Access, Angry Birds Website Defaced Anyway

game kid first stage...of many :( (71 comments)

6. Candy Crush

about a year ago

Largest-Yet EVE Online Battle Destroys $200,000 Worth of Starships

game kid Re: These guys should try playing the stock market (463 comments)

"Coming up: Unilever's share-price nosedives after a terrorist cell's orbital laser blasts 1TUSD of exoplanet megafarm, but first, a look at the company that's building Amazon's delivery-ships: how the VeloTech's hyperdrives and mass drivers will turn FedEx's C-895 into smoldering U-235. Don't go anywhere, you're watching Fox Business Rigel."

1 year,9 hours

ChipSiP Smart Glass Specs Better Than Google Glass?

game kid CmdrTaco on Google Glass (129 comments)

No stereo. Less speed than a ChipSiP. Lame.

1 year,3 days

Fixing Broken Links With the Internet Archive

game kid Re:No. 404 is important! (79 comments)

Absolutely agree. Give a nice little popup balloon, visibly separate from the web page (i.e. not like one of those in-client-area IE information bars; make it pop out as window size allows), that says "This page could not be accessed (error err_code). Below is an earlier version from archival_group. [ [ ] Do not show archived versions ever again, you dummy ]". (Maybe with more user-friendly language.) Problem solved.

1 year,4 days

Snapchat Account Registration CAPTCHA Defeated

game kid Re:3 Billion (52 comments)

A site with barely-broadcastable body pictures that end up disappearing from it and yet still end up preserved on other parts of the web?

I say it's already like MySpace.

1 year,5 days

US Supreme Court: Patent Holders Must Prove Infringment

game kid Re:Next step after that... (143 comments)

Better yet, just burninate the software patent countryside, salt the earth, and maybe save a prior picture of that quaint and evil practice for students to shake their heads at in disgust when they read their textbooks. Patenting math and algorithms is bad, chills software development (proprietary and especially otherwise), and only dignifies "IP" cartels like MPEG-LA.

1 year,5 days

Open Data Tells NYC Residents Where the Rats Are

game kid Re:Mystery Solved (93 comments)

They check the map, yes, but they also look up advice on how best to treat, play with, and groom their pet humans. It's not like they only chase after food, now.

1 year,6 days



How long is a while to you?

game kid game kid writes  |  about 2 years ago

game kid (805301) writes "
  1. Less than one hour.
  2. One hour to less than one day.
  3. One day to less than one month.
  4. One month to less than one year.
  5. One year or longer.
  6. Depends mostly on the task or situation.
  7. Depends mostly on the processor or other hardware.
  8. Seven characters, when accounting for whitespace.


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