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Is Climate Change the New Evolution?

gasmonso Evolution is far more proven than global warming. (1055 comments)

Climate change need not be taught until it is as well established as Evolution. Period! Speaking of evolution... You gotta love The Simpsons take on it. But seriously, the real issue is whether or not global warming is more of a natural vs a man-made process.


about 3 years ago

Apple Intends To 'Digitally Destroy' Textbook Publishing

gasmonso $.99 Textbooks? Doubtful but... (396 comments)

Let's hope this will loosen the grip of the major publishing companies. Paying $150 for a textbook (at least in the US) because you HAVE to get the newest revision to correct a few spelling mistakes is bullshit!

gasmonso ReligiousFreaks.com

about 3 years ago

Intel Demos Phone and Tablet In New Mobile Chip Push

gasmonso Re:Intel brand fading? (99 comments)

Disagree! From their 3rd quarter financials...

"Intel managed to exceed analyst predictions, posting record revenue of $14.3 billion -- up $3.2 billion, or 29 percent year-over-year. The company also set new records for microprocessor units shipped, and expects further growth over the next quarter, with notebook computer sales driving $14.7 billion in predicted Q4 revenue."

gasmonso ReligiousFreaks.com

more than 3 years ago


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