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Buying New Commercial IT Hardware Isn't Always Worthwhile (Video)

gazbo Question for Roblimo (92 comments)

Do you actually feel embarrassed about having posted this, or did you do it willingly?

about 2 months ago

Carpenter Who Cut Off His Fingers Makes "Robohand" With 3-D Printer

gazbo 3D printing?! (91 comments)

You mean you can print in 3D now? Why have you guys kept that so quiet for so long?

about 5 months ago

Wayland 1.4 Released — Touch, Sub-Surface Protocol, Crop/Scale Support

gazbo Re:Wayland! (128 comments)

Ah now to be fair, pulseaudio wasn't all bad. In its early mainstream (Fedora 12?) days, when I had audio problems, I knew that I could always type `killall pulseaudio` and reliably solve them.

So...there's that.

about 8 months ago

Why People Are So Bad At Picking Passwords

gazbo Re:PI-N? (299 comments)

All of us. We just choose a different place to start.

about 10 months ago

Book Review: The Healthy Programmer

gazbo Re:Rreasonable response (461 comments)

Especially from a glowing review that explains how it's a book that is effective due to its non-quick-fix approach, and yet Amazon tells me was published less than 6 weeks ago?

about a year ago

SanDisk Focusing More On Desktop and Mobile SATA SSDs, Extreme II Series Tested

gazbo Re:you've got to be kidding me (71 comments)

Vim? Joining 10 tables is a ballache in terms of typing, but it's not actually /hard/ - any more than writing a function with 10 statements is hard. You just need to step away from the ORM long enough to realise that actually relational databases are perfectly logical and easy (well, as easy as any other programming) despite what various frameworks have screamed at you for years.

about a year ago

Surgeries On Friday Are More Frequently Fatal

gazbo Re:Correlation (152 comments)

The study only looked at elective surgery, not urgent surgery.

about a year ago

UK Apple Shop Forced To Change Its Name

gazbo Impressive! (174 comments)

I mean I guess the summary could have been written in a more cunty way, but I don't see how. So high fives all round!

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Wants Computer Science Taught In UK Primary Schools

gazbo Re:Industry wants more users to use products (168 comments)

True. These infernal "computer" things would be going nowhere if it weren't for the clever marketing.

about a year and a half ago

Book Review: Sams Teach Yourself Node.js In 24 Hours

gazbo Re:Yup (112 comments)

It's more sarcastic. Please try to keep up.

about 2 years ago

Book Review: Sams Teach Yourself Node.js In 24 Hours

gazbo Yup (112 comments)

Before node.js it was literally impossible to use JS on a server. Thanks Node!!!1

about 2 years ago

Finding a Crowdsourced Cure For Brain Cancer

gazbo Thank fuck! (217 comments)

Now we've got homeopaths and spiritualists involved, a cure for cancer must surely be just around the corner!!

about 2 years ago
top Earth's Biggest Wine Cellar?

gazbo Seriously? (118 comments)


about 2 years ago

Mike Storey and His Plate Reverb (Video)

gazbo Oh, now it makes sense (163 comments)

Why is Slashdot running a story about someone making a piece of simple (if awkward) equipment that has been used all over the world for decades?

" for a (highly negotiable) fee"

Oh, now I see. As you were.

about 2 years ago

PostgreSQL 9.2 Out with Greatly Improved Scalability

gazbo Re:That's great and all, but . . . (146 comments)

Well...arguably. This is the exact same argument as Apache vs Nginx, where Apache spawns a child process per client, whereas Nginx has a limited number of worker processes that handle a queue of requests as they become free. Nginx definitely has an advantage in terms of RAM when servicing thousands of (truly) simultaneous requests.

While Postgresql does use the Apache model, there is middleware available (google 'pgpool' for an example) that amongst other things will queue requests so they can be serviced by a limited number of children. Of course this only matters if there are an awful lot of simultaneous queries (without the corresponding amount of server RAM).

However; your claim about threads per CPU is oversimplified, and especially wrong with a DB server where processes will most likely be IO bound. With 1 core, for example, there is nothing wrong with having 5 processes parsing and planning a query for a few microseconds, while the 6th is monopolising IO actually retrieving query results. Or the reverse - having 1 CPU-bound process occasionally being interrupted to service 5 IO bound processes, which would negligibly impact the CPU-bound query, while hugely improving latency on the IO bound queries.

about 2 years ago

PostgreSQL 9.2 Out with Greatly Improved Scalability

gazbo Re:That's great and all, but . . . (146 comments)

Each client connected to the DB has its own child process - the shared memory is a buffer that is shared across postgresql child PIDs with the same parent. That's why the proposed patch would work using an anonymous shared memory segment - because the memory is only passed to children of the same process.

about 2 years ago

Judge Orders Release of Ex-Marine Detained Over Facebook Posts

gazbo History polymath? (333 comments)

A polymath in a specific subject?

about 2 years ago

$50 Sound Cards Impress Versus Integrated Audio

gazbo Re:You don't say... (245 comments)

"didgital"? WTF am I typing?

more than 2 years ago


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