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Opportunity Breaks NASA's 40-Year Roving Record

gblackwo Re:Soviet Strong (92 comments)

We are on the same team.

about a year ago

Ars Technica Goes Close Up With the Pebble Smartwatch

gblackwo Re:Do you rememeber when... (140 comments)

My Vostok can be adjusted for accuracy. Yours might have an adjuster also.

about a year and a half ago

Schneier: Security Awareness Training 'a Waste of Time'

gblackwo Re:Obligatory quote (284 comments)

-Douglas Adams (And I do not believe the original quote was past tense)

about a year and a half ago

The Data That Drove Yahoo's Telecommuting Ban

gblackwo Forgotten employees? (529 comments)

"A lot of people hid. There were all these employees [working remotely] and nobody knew they were still at Yahoo."

It's amazing that a company can have people on the payroll, and the managers forget about them..

about a year and a half ago

Tuition Should Be Lower For Science Majors, Says Florida Task Force

gblackwo Re:Florida economic degree? (457 comments)

My engineering tuition at Purdue was approximately $1000/yr more expensive than a liberal arts degree. They called it the "Engineering Differential Fee", and it went to pay for things like good computers in the engineering labs and equipment.

about 2 years ago

Will Microsoft Dis-Kinect Freeloading TV Viewers?

gblackwo Re:Well, crap... (478 comments)

I would think it would detect odd. It will detect the original person, and a set of reflections for every "level" deep into the mirror until the reflections appear small enough they don't register as people, which I think would happen way before it reached 185.

about 2 years ago

Dr. Richard Dawkins On Why Disagreeing With Religion Isn't Insulting

gblackwo Re:Great book. (1152 comments)

I wholeheartedly agree that religion should not interfere with science, but I do not think that religion should be abolished.

When it comes to religion, there is such a diverse spectrum of people and beliefs even in a single denomination, and I have to say that not all of them are incompatible with science. Unfortunately, the more rational people are not the ones that are seen in the news, or trying to infiltrate science classes. In short, there are Christians who do not disagree with the big bang theory, evolution, the age of the planet etc, but simply view the magnificence of it all as divine. For them, science and religion are compatible. You are also correct in that short of a second-coming you will never have data to support faith, it is the antithesis of science.

I am not entirely sure Santa Clause and the like are such a bad thing. My parents never raised me to believe in Santa Clause, but the older I get the more I realize that it seems to be a human trait to want to believe in something bigger than oneself. Humans repeatedly demonstrate that we are not wholly rational beings. I am simply not sure, good or bad, of what a perfectly rational human society would look like. Part of me is afraid that they would be less human in a way.

Summary: I don't have any answers, but I would be very careful about trying to remove all irrational traits of humanity.

about 2 years ago

HTC Profits Drop By 79%

gblackwo Re:It's because they removed the SD Card (209 comments)

I just got an HTC ONE V through Virgin Mobile and dropped a 64gb MicroSD card in it. This may not be a "new" phone, but it is Android 4.0, and 3G. It is new enough for me. Same size as the Incredible I just upgraded from but 2/3rds as thick.

about 2 years ago

Boeing Proposes Using Gas Clouds To Bring Down Orbital Debris

gblackwo Re:unintended consequences? (147 comments)

I'll trade space debris for a non-permanent layer of gas.

about 2 years ago

Man Pays For Cross-Country Trip Using Bacon As Currency

gblackwo Re:Slashdot's done. Put a fork in it (176 comments)

Since when is bartering illegal? Also, there are always thousands of posts on craigslist like "TRADE PS3 for LAPTOP" etc.

about 2 years ago

University Team Builds Lego and Raspberry Pi Cluster

gblackwo Re:Mixed feelings (147 comments)

It is this kind of thinking that makes people build something out of legos instead of trying to learn a new skill.

about 2 years ago

University Team Builds Lego and Raspberry Pi Cluster

gblackwo Mixed feelings (147 comments)

Whenever I see "professional" projects like this use legos- I have mixed feelings. Here is another example, a lab using legos for automation

I love to see legos doing advanced things, but for a chassis? I feel like people can be very smart, but sometimes afraid to learn how to build something with their hands. The lab example I posted above is at Cambridge University. Cambridge has a very competent engineering department, why not reach out to them?- It could have made for an excellent project for some engineering students.

I'm reminded of the very cited researcher who reinvented some calculus instead of simply reaching out to someone in another department for help

about 2 years ago

How Intuit Manages 10 Million Lines of Code

gblackwo Re:Bah. (304 comments)

Nice Michael Crichton reference!

more than 2 years ago



gblackwo gblackwo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gblackwo (1087063) writes "The notion of "frequent gamer rewards" has been tossed around by trend specialists and pundits (like MAKE Magazine's Philip Torrone) for some time now as online gaming becomes more and more profitable and increasingly entrenched in mainstream culture. Now, it's a reality with the World of Warcraft Visa credit card. — Today the gap between virtual currency and real currency just got smaller."


gblackwo has no journal entries.

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