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UK and Germany To Collaborate On 5G

gdr Re:5? (82 comments)

LTE-A is the 4G we were promised. LTE is "ITU-R folded to the network operators 4G" that we currently have.

about 6 months ago

Man Jailed For Refusing To Reveal USB Password

gdr Re:This is clearly against E.U. Human Rights (374 comments)

But you can be forced to reveal who was driving your car when caught by a speed camera which implies no right to silence. Quote from the full judgement:

"The applicants contended that the right to remain silent and the right not to incriminate oneself are absolute rights and that to apply any form of direct compulsion to require an accused person to make incriminatory statements against his will of itself destroys the very essence of that right. The Court is unable to accept this."

about 8 months ago

"Perfect" Electron Roundness Bruises Supersymmetry

gdr Poor reporting. (150 comments)

The Standard Model doesn't predict that the electron EDM is zero.

about 9 months ago

The Luddites Are Almost Always Wrong: Why Tech Doesn't Kill Jobs

gdr Re:Absolutely False (674 comments)

How many people in Detroit were out of work once robots started spot welding all the car frames and moving parts into position for assembly

Any how many people were put out of work because people couldn't affort to go to a restaurant, cinema, or bar because of the high price of cars? Do you think that if we banned robots everybody would be employed and prices wouldn't rise? At the end of the day if someone is employed somebody else has to pay their salary. Destroying productivity never creates jobs.

about a year ago

The Luddites Are Almost Always Wrong: Why Tech Doesn't Kill Jobs

gdr Re:This article is nonsense (674 comments)

...nearly all of the extra wealth created by this productivity increase is channeled into corporate dividends and not wages..Pattern is very clear - less workers doing more for about the same pay.

Except this is wrong. With competition the increases did not all go to shareholders. As companies competed prices fell. Food, cars, etc are all either cheaper or of much higher quality (often both). The poor of today live like the kings of the dark ages because they can afford many things that only the richest could afford before (or weren't even available then).

about a year ago

Unmanned 'Terminator' Robots Kill Jellyfish

gdr Who's next (149 comments)

First the robots came for the jellyfish, but I did not speak out because I was not a jellyfish ... (Not sure if joking).

about a year ago

Chrome's Insane Password Security Strategy

gdr Re:Master Password (Thuderbird+Firefox) (482 comments)

So because a master password does not provide perfect security we should make do with no security?

You might as well argue (warning, car analogy approaching) that because a determined thief could easily break into your car you might as well leave it unlocked with your laptop on the back seat.

I would be willing to place a large bet that in any scenario that would allow me to recover Chrome or Safari passwords, I would also be able to recover firefox passwords that are locked with a master password, within a reasonable amount of time.

Maybe, but without a master password anyone with a passing knowledge of firefox could get a copy of all your passwords in seconds.

about a year ago

Google Ordered Back To UK Parliament To "Explain Itself" Following Investigation

gdr Re:Why explain himself? (176 comments)

"The Google executive is being brought back because it's now been shown that most of the Google operations are based in London, not Dublin and he was therefore telling porkies."

Google claim that their UK operations are in marketing and advertising, sales are negotiated and finalised in Dublin. So far no conclusive evidence has been found that Google UK staff are negotiating and finalising sales.

The PAC are just trying to distract attention away from the fact that the tax laws that are being explioted were designed by incompetent politicians like themselves. You can't blame companies when they are following the law. If they are not following the law they should be in court, not before the PAC. As IamTheRealMike said in an earlier comment, this is a show trial.

about a year ago

Climate Treaty Negotiators Are Taking the Wrong Approach, Say Game Theorists

gdr Re:Poor Summary (227 comments)

" ... a minimum of €150 in the main pool had to be collected ..."

Actually 150 chips not 150 euros (otherwise why bother to contribute at all, the cost will be the same either way).

about 2 years ago

Baskerville Is the Greatest Font, Statistically, Says Filmmaker Errol Morris

gdr Re:Compensatory depletion (158 comments)

Every time I ever get an email or printout using Comic Sans it's from a woman. I got a name sign for my cubical in Comic Sans and I had to print myself a new one because I don't work in a f***ing kindergarten.

more than 2 years ago

The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

gdr Re:The answer... (559 comments)

Exactly, and you could introduce suitable categories in to the paralympics for those who are "cromosomally challenged". The guys at the paralympics are experts at defining who does and who doesn't have a disadvantage due to various levels of disability.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Wrongly Gives Britain the Day Off

gdr Re:This is what happens with kings/queens (253 comments)

Sorry that should be the first sentence of the Wikipedia article: "His Majesty's Declaration of Abdication Act 1936".

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Wrongly Gives Britain the Day Off

gdr Re:This is what happens with kings/queens (253 comments)

First sentence of the article linked to (emphasis mine):

"His Majesty's Declaration of Abdication Act 1936 (1 Edw. 8 & 1 Geo. 6 c. 3) was the Act of the British Parliament that allowed King Edward VIII to abdicate the throne ..."

The Act did not remove the monarch, it allowed him to abdicate.

more than 2 years ago

North Korea Threatens South Korea Over Christmas Lights

gdr Re:Pot, kettle, black (441 comments)

The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek presents an argument why collectivism inevitably leads to this kind of feudal system.

more than 2 years ago

Voicemail Hack Scandal Leads To Closure of UK Tabloid

gdr Re:Can we close Fox News yet? (268 comments)

You do know that the original DW was canceled in 1989?

more than 3 years ago

Voicemail Hack Scandal Leads To Closure of UK Tabloid

gdr Re:Can we close Fox News yet? (268 comments)

Yes because the BBC wouldn't cancel a popular show that had been running for over 20 years on the whim of the Director General. Oh wait, they did with Doctor Who. The BBC is less accountable to viewers because they don't have to listen to them.

more than 3 years ago

Gravity Lamp Grabs Green Prize

gdr Re:These numbers look about right (596 comments)

50/3600 = 0.0139 ft lb per second not 0.0139 HP, you need to divide by 550 giving you about 20 mW.

more than 6 years ago



gdr gdr writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gdr (107158) writes "The BBC are reporting that The UK shadow chancellor George Osborne estimates that the government could save £600 million a year by using more open source software. He also complains about the lack of open standards in current systems stifling competition and hampering innovation."


gdr has no journal entries.

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