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Welcome To the 'Sharing Economy'

gedw99 Re:lasting awesomeness? (153 comments)

bit coin is the same too. Te government has yet to shut it down. The banks are starting to try by disallowing exchanges of bit coin to real money n the exchanges. But in france a large bank has issues a visa cad that is linked to your bit coin account. So its hard to say which way it will all go.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Node.js vs. JEE/C/C++/.NET In the Enterprise?

gedw99 dart (304 comments)

i used have used nodejs and c# and java extensively.

Now i have moved across to DART.

I get the IDE, tye aheadand OOP of c#, with the ability to deploy to Browsers as JavaScript.
For deployment scnenarios where the environment is controlled we can deploy as Dart.
The next version allows "edit and continue" in the IDE also.

Dart can interoperate with plain JavaScript and with c++ if required also.

about a year and a half ago

Google Floats Balloons For Free Wi-Fi

gedw99 design (115 comments)

1. For energy they tak the water vapour and electrolysis it to hydrogen. Sthen store the hydrogen.
Being above the cloud line = tons of solar energy.
So the battery and hydrogen storgae does not need to be very big.

2. For altitude control just release hydrogen

3. for electricity to run the on board system just use a fuel cell ? Well its a bit cold. So i image they will use batteries.

4. For Moving left or right they COULD use some thruster. The amount of energy they are going to get from the PV energy collection system is immense so i see now reason why vector control thrusters cant be make to work. Mayeb even compressed air based.

5. The radio network with a mesh network is already solved. I imagine they could also use the "white spaces" technique.
In africa Google have been pushing to use the white spaces for this exact reason i suspect.
The downlink will then have enough bandwidth.

about a year and a half ago

British Skylon Engine Passes Its Tests

gedw99 250 million just to design it. No prototype (172 comments)

250 million just to design it according to the article. then a bucket load more. About 10 billion to build it.
And whats the chance it works. Elon Musk poo poo ed in his last interview 1 day ago on video.

more than 2 years ago

Mozilla Makes Prototype of Firefox OS Available

gedw99 what is their plan to handle fragmentation ? (101 comments)

this is great news.

I hope the operators DONT fragment it too much and that Mozilla have a plan for handling this aspect within their architecture.
Fragmentation is the one thing that could kill this effort

i hope they get the web intents stuff right. That will be vital.

more than 2 years ago

Now That It's Here, Is There a Place For Windows RT?

gedw99 No block IN thanks to html5 (287 comments)

YES. But now that the programming model is html5 based they loose their strangehold.

And also because its all just html5 with local storage API, then an app can be on any device.

So you can run it on a 100 dollar device too.

People will buy a win RT surface and love them. MS is trying to innovate on the hardware front and copy Apple. Google.
BUT; the programming model is no a block you in model. IOS and Android is a block you in model.
MS have been surprisingly nice to allow the html5 api. Sure its a little bit customised but then JavaScript adapter software will be open soruces and you wont be tied to winrt.

So this is all up bad news for MS and great news for consumers.

i look forward to FireFox OS and Boot to gecko taking off. All those apps written for windows will be able to run on boot to gecko.

more than 2 years ago

Decentralized Social Networking — Why It Could Work

gedw99 Re:sell it with the hardware (128 comments)

The Social API is very active over at Github

This could be installed on your phone with Fire OS and sync with your home box

If Mozilla included this as standard in Fire OS it would take off.
Especially if Fire OS can also be installed on your no name box at home too.


more than 2 years ago

Decentralized Social Networking — Why It Could Work

gedw99 sell it with the hardware (128 comments)

if the organisation or some other hardware company sold a super cheap board with open source federated social networking software on it and supported it they would do very well perhaps.

they are basically value adding.
its easy for people.
they buy the hardware, its delivered and they plug it in and then fill in a few details and thats it.

i really think this is the way to get it of the ground.

Raspberry Pi foundation of some other foundation can do this.


Other hardware makers will see it take off and can do the same.

Will there be forks by other hardware companies ? Sure there will.
But in order to be attractive to end users, people will buy a fork that is HTTP API compatible with the other forks.
I think one of the web standards is the Social API or something ??

If they dont, then there offering will be much less attractive.

Eventually things will just work,


more than 2 years ago

Mozilla OS Looking Grown Up On Its Own Developer Phone

gedw99 nice (114 comments)

i have been running this on my laptop for curiousity value.

it works very well, and writing new applications for it is very very easy because its just all web development with html, jsand css.
makes it very quick and easy.

also webgl works. Unlike Iphone and android.

i actually think that this will be big, but take time for people to appreciate it.
for companies and startups its hell getting android and iphone apps out, but with this is easy peasy.
the main thing will be that cordova (phone gap) support it, so that people can write in web technologies and still deploy to android, iphone and firefox os easily

more than 2 years ago

Art School's Expensive Art History Textbook Contains No Actual Art

gedw99 pirate it ? (371 comments)

i imagine someone will scan the physical book and combine it with the pictures online and put it on pirate bay, and then email all the students.

more than 2 years ago

Researchers Create Silicon-Based Quantum Bit

gedw99 payback (46 comments)

i imagine someone will scan the physical book and combine it with the pictures online and put it on pirate bay, and then email all the students.

more than 2 years ago

Committee Offers Scenarios for Japan's Energy Future

gedw99 LENR (131 comments)

Cold Fusion / Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

There are many companies moving towards commercialisation.
Both large system and small decentralised systems for homes.

Japan could lead the world and make a fast and rapid rollout of this technology, and bypass all the others and have close to free energy costs.

more than 2 years ago

ARM, Intel Battle Heats Up

gedw99 Re:Where are the products ARM? (260 comments)

those are very old ARM cpus inthose.
You want to look out the newer ones coming up.

more than 2 years ago

MS Will Remove OEM 'Crapware' For $99

gedw99 ccleaner (474 comments)

use ccleaner.

its free and works very well at removing anything.

more than 2 years ago

From MIT Inventor To Tea Party Leader

gedw99 I like this guy (815 comments)

I like this guy . An Engineer applying the principle he learnt in his trade to his life.

more than 2 years ago

Australian Gov't Bans Huawei From National Network Bids

gedw99 its and about spying and national security (168 comments)

The reason that india, Oz and the US blocked using chinese core networking equipment is because that don't have access to the firmware or can check that what they are told is the firware really is what is burned into the hardware.

Also they can have other dedicated stuff in the hardware that n one would know about.

so they worry that their core networks can be hacked by the chinese government.

this is why they are banned.

this is NOT a solution though. We have to leanr to co-operate.
The ONLY way that these types of crazy situation can be fixed is by social and democratic change world wide


more than 2 years ago


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