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Steve Jobs Dead At 56

geefau R.I.P (1613 comments)

Steve Jobs, a very sad day. It will be interesting to see if Apple's great success and innovation continues now that he's really gone. Written on my MBP

more than 3 years ago

Google Enlarges Warchest With 1023 IBM Patents

geefau Patents (245 comments)

is there an easy way to get a basic understanding of what the 1023 IBM patents are for, are they mostly algorithm patents or?

more than 3 years ago

Windows XP Market Share Finally Falls Below 50%

geefau Re:Why upgrade? (425 comments)

Recently I was involved with a medium sized desktop roll out for an insurance company in Australia, they decided to stick with Windows XP & Office 2003 because this combination does everything required, is stable, secure and the users & admins are comfortable with it. They expect to be with this combination for at least 3 years.

Obviously cost savings were a factor, an OS upgrade 7 would lead to an update of office, which would require a new set of standard templates/documents, costly staff training and not to mention the server side of things. Office 2010 conveniently doesn't support Exchange 2003. When considering 5,000+ workstations these things matter.

Microsoft is failing to demonstrate the real benefits of an upgrade to Windows 7? Looking at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features, the main appealing item is 64-bit support, but it's possible to run XP 64-bit. Two features that interest me are the Windows Deployment Tools and the new Windows Search services.

more than 3 years ago

Confirmed: Microsoft Says It Will Open Source VB 6

geefau VB6 source code (205 comments)

I'd be interested to see the source code for sure

more than 3 years ago

Aussie Government Competition To Predict Commute Times

geefau Sydney traffic (79 comments)

I got so sick of sitting in traffic for hours that I moved to the city so I can walk to and from work, I've been doing that about 4 years, it's great - however I miss some things from living in the 'burbs - community, large garage, dog....

more than 4 years ago

Australia's Privacy Boss Slams Gov't Data-Retention Scheme

geefau Re:Where are the wowsers? (82 comments)

After the NBN roll out continues across Australia, will it will be technically easier for the government to implement a filter (because NBN Co. controls the network hardware)?

more than 4 years ago

Google Losing Up To $1.65M a Day On YouTube

geefau Re:REALLY now? (290 comments)

Wouldn't Google have unified the infrastructure mentioned above for youtube and other services?

if so, obviously the cost centers and operating cost of youtube are substantially less.

more than 5 years ago



Codemasters.com Compromised

geefau geefau writes  |  more than 3 years ago

geefau (986367) writes "I received the following email from Codemasters;

Important information regarding your account

Dear valued Codemasters customer,

On Friday 3rd June, unauthorised entry was gained to our Codemasters.com website. As soon as the intrusion was detected, we immediately took codemasters.com and associated web services offline in order to prevent any further intrusion.

During the days since the attack we have conducted a thorough investigation in order to ascertain the extent and scope of the breach and have regrettably discovered that the intruder was able to gain access to the following:

Codemasters.com website

Access to the Codemasters corporate website and sub-domains.

DiRT 3 VIP code redemption page

Access to the DiRT 3 VIP code redemption page.

The Codemasters EStore

We believe the following have been compromised: Customer names and addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, encrypted passwords and order history. Please note that no personal payment information was stored with Codemasters as we use external payment providers, meaning your payment details were not at risk from this intrusion.

Codemasters CodeM database

Members' names, usernames, screen names, email addresses, date of birth, encrypted passwords, newsletter preferences, any biographies entered by users, details of last site activity, IP addresses and Xbox Live Gamertags are all believed to have been compromised.

Whilst we do not have confirmation that any of this data was actually downloaded onto an external device, we have to assume that, as access was gained, all of these details were compromised and/or stolen.

The Codemasters.com website will remain offline for the foreseeable future with all Codemasters.com traffic re-directed to the Codemasters Facebook page instead. A new website will launch later in the year.


For your security, in the first instance we advise you to change any passwords you have associated with other Codemasters accounts. If you use the same login information for other sites, you should change that information too. Furthermore, be extra cautious of potential scams, via email, phone, or post that ask you for personal or sensitive information. Please note that Codemasters will never ask you for any payment data such as credit card numbers or bank account details, nor will Codemasters ask you for passwords or other personal identifying data. Be aware too of fraudulent emails that may outwardly appear to be from Codemasters with links inviting you to visit websites. The safest way to visit your favourite websites is always by typing in the address manually into the address bar of your browser.

Unfortunately, Codemasters is the latest victim in on-going targeted attacks against numerous game companies. We assure you that we are doing everything within our legal means to track down the perpetrators and take action to the full extent of the law.

We apologise for this incident and regret any inconvenience caused.

We are contacting all customers who may have been affected directly.

Should you have any concerns or wish to speak to a member of our Customer Services team, please email them at custservice@codemasters.com.

You have been sent this email as part of your Codemasters Code M membership. If you have any questions or queries about this email or your CodeM account, please email CodeM@codemasters.com. The Codemasters Software Company Limited, registered in England (Company No. 2044132) whose registered office is at Codemasters Campus, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2DL, England. For more Privacy information, please read the Codemasters Privacy Policy"

Link to Original Source

Castle Wolfenstein source code released

geefau geefau writes  |  more than 4 years ago

geefau (986367) writes "ID Software has released the source code to the game and the add-on, ie along with Wolfenstein — Enemy Territory, Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player and Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer under the GPL license."
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