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Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

geekmux Re:Mercedes shouldn't talk. (210 comments)

You're an idiot. Continue being a broke asshole. As a guy with a $135,000 Maserati, 5k/year in service would be nice. Guess what, enjoyable cars are expensive. Not everyone is some geek technophile who wants a soulless EV.

Because I don't blow my money on stupidly expensive vehicles, I am far from broke.

And somehow in my simple life, I find I still smile. A lot. Particularly at morons like you who end up going broke attempting to present and preserve their image in the form of superficial toys that are almost as expensive to maintain as the brainless plastic barbie girl who values them over a personality.

And you, want to attempt to call me soulless. Right.

2 hours ago

Oracle Deflects Blame For Troubled Oregon Health Care Site

geekmux Oracle has skills and knowledge? (67 comments)

"...'Cover Oregon lacked the skills, knowledge or ability to be successful as the systems integrator on an undertaking of this scope and complexity,'

Gee, that's funny. And here I thought I was in the majority in thinking that it is in fact Oracle who lacks the skills, knowledge, or ability to fix that piece-of-shit Frankenstein they want to label a working product.

I suppose if you thought you were buying a perpetual bug and patch service, sure. They're fucking awesome at that. I might even be so bold as to say #1 in the industry.

2 hours ago

Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

geekmux Re:Boycott General Mills' products (165 comments)

'nuf said.

That's the only way to get companies to stop doing shit like this. Hit them where it hurts...the bottom line.

$18 billion in annual sales.

Good fucking luck putting a dent in that bottom line. Or more to the point, finding enough consumers who actually give a shit.

'nuff said.

5 hours ago

Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

geekmux Re:Small claims court (165 comments)

I think small claims court is an under utilized weapon that we have. Everyone wants to sue big. We need a lot of people to start nickle and dime these companies in small claims court. In my state it costs $35 and claims could be up to $3000. The company can send only one person and it cannot be a lawyer. We can file in our local towns and they would have to travel there. Odds are, they will settle.

The company makes $18 billion in sales and you want to "nickel and dime" them with $3000 claims.

Yeah, they would settle. The CEO himself would show up just to visit small towns and pull that fine out of his wallet.

Even if people somehow made a successful habit out of this, it would only end up written off as a "business expense", with some poor schlep flying all over the country as the company "litigation specialist" who merely hands out settlement checks all day long. Utterly pointless in the end, and zero real impact to the company once the analysis proves that he profits outweigh the fines. And they will. Every time.

5 hours ago

Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

geekmux Re:Send a message (165 comments)

Don't buy their products. Boycott.

Corporations only listen to their bottom line, and we can make a lot of noise by simply not buying and encouraging everyone we know to do the same.

Sadly, I was not a fan of General Mills' products to begin with. Fortunately, it'll make a boycott for me rather painless.

But sending a message that this sort of behavior is unacceptable would be a good thing.

This might work for some companies. Perhaps even most companies.

But when you are as obtrusive as General Mills in the industry, somehow I feel the tactic of boycotting will have about as much impact as Donald Trump losing his wallet.

5 hours ago

Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

geekmux Re:This isn't news... (165 comments)

Until we hear about this actually holding up in court, which I highly doubt it will. Large companies are preemptively covering their asses in any way they can by flinging shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. I imagine that they've done this in several other ways that also wouldn't be likely to stand up in court, but if any one method does, then the payoff is huge so it makes sense to do it.

The problem with the shit-slinging tactic is there is not enough logic employed on either side of the bench to ensure that the shit slides off the wall, and not into a case of precedent, which is all it takes to ensure shit replaces logic perpetually and turns the entire process into a steaming pile of corruption.

You know, kind of what we have today...

5 hours ago

Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

geekmux Re:Mercedes shouldn't talk. (210 comments)

What Mercedes did you but for $35K? In the US there are only a couple of models that start that low. I spend about $5K a year on service and tires. Anything other than routine service is under warranty. It's actually pretty reasonable for an $85K car.

Wow, so over the next 10 years your $85,000 Mercedes will only cost you another $50,000 in maintenance costs while depreciating to a value far less than most new cars. Gee, and think of the savings on top of that for premium fuel, as I'm certain a car that luxurious wouldn't dream of drinking that layman-grade 87-octane shit.

Yes, I understand clearly now. Apparently the more you pay for a car the less your ability to understand what "reasonable" is.

And I never purchased a $35,000 Mercedes, or any Mercedes for that matter, for I am one who still feels the need to be sensible with money, regardless of income. I only used that as an example because that is what they are claiming they can price a Mercedes at these days. In the meantime, you offer hardcore proof of exactly how much of a "bargain" Mercedes ownership really is.

6 hours ago

MIT Designs Tsunami Proof Floating Nuclear Reactor

geekmux Re:Step 2. (109 comments)

Convince the career politicians. Step 3. Convince the tax payers. There is no step 4.

Convincing the taxpayers gets rather easy when it is career politicians ensuring alternative (or traditional) fuel costs continue to rise by placating lobbyists. They sure as hell aren't getting cheaper over time as resources continue to be depleted and we refuse (for whatever illogical or corrupt reason) to accept nuclear power in its place.

6 hours ago

Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

geekmux Mercedes shouldn't talk. (210 comments)

"...Tesla's stores and go-to servicing can't handle high demands. Naturally he said Mercedes has the "whole network" to put customers minds' at ease."

Yes, I feel so much more at ease knowing there is an entire network of highly trained and certified rip-off artists across the country ready to turn my $35,000 Mercedes into a $60,000 pain-in-the-ass when it breaks down and needs to visit a "certified" repair shop.

"There is a reason that Jim Rogers drove around the world in a Mercedes."

Uh, yeah, a one-of-a-kind purpose-built Mercedes counts about as much as an army tank in this discussion. If you want to make claims about traversing the globe, impress me with an actual product demonstration, not a bullshit one. I would hope one would be able to traverse the globe in a custom-built vehicle that likely exceeded $500K in total costs, regardless of who built it.

8 hours ago

Kepler-186f: Most 'Earth-Like' Alien World Discovered

geekmux Point and look (176 comments)

"Now we can point to a star and say, 'There lies an Earth-like planet."

No, now we can point to yet another object in the sky and say "there lies another planet we haven't even remotely figured out how to get to yet."

I just love how we wax poetic about earth-like planets as if we can get there. Or even have a hint as to how to get there beyond theories Einstein wrote 100 years ago.

Seriously. We can't even figure out how to travel ONE light year, and we're getting all excited about one that's "only" 500 light years away.

10 hours ago

Bidding At FCC TV Spectrum Auction May Be Restricted For Large Carriers

geekmux Re:Government picking favorites (82 comments)

Well, to begin with, if the big players want that bandwidth they'll just buy whoever buys it. Problem solved. If some of the bidders are shell companies created for just such a contingency, so much the better.

Ah good! So glad the problem is "solved" here. I wouldn't want to think we even remotely acknowledge that thing we used to call a monopoly. Apparently it's lost all meaning beyond a fucking board game these days.


Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

geekmux The real lesson (237 comments)

"The tablet was scrubbed because market research showed there wasn't demand for the device. The team got devices for themselves and the rest were destroyed. The team was then fired. The lesson: Don't try to be pioneer if you're relying on market research studies."

Don't be a pioneer?

Yeah, I'm sure that was the lesson learned for every person who did not start up a company called "Apple" out of their garage.

Or pioneer the use of this little thing we call "Windows" on computers.

The real lesson? Market research can be dead wrong. Ask anyone on this team who would love to have a piece of that billion-dollar market today.


Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

geekmux Re:Kids are Retarded, News at 11 (350 comments)

Children today are retarded - physically, mentally, and emotionally, and they come from retarded parents.

Well now, that's quite possibly one of the most retarded mentalities to take with this. You wouldn't happen to be a parent, would you?

Realize the reason a lot of "retarded" parents are still having kids these days. Because the state pays them to do so.

And you want to sit back and call the individual the retard in this case...as if the system hasn't been mentally robbed of all logic for decades now.


Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

geekmux Re:most lego's are a rip off (350 comments)

$40 for a set you build one time that takes an hour or so

And now you know the reason patience is considered a virtue, along with imagination and creativity.

The problem is this generation says fuck you to virtue if it takes more than 17 seconds to do.

3-hour movie sagas went to 2-hour action-filled testosterone shootouts that went to 5-minute YouTube rants that went to 6-second Vine shitcoms.

Multi-page handwritten letters in cursive went to typed emails that went to typed Twitter remarks that went to voice-activated chat responses.

If you look at our most popular products, Patience was banished from society long ago.


The Case For a Safer Smartphone

geekmux Re:If you can learn to put a beer down while drivi (184 comments)

My newest car has a bluetooth. If I get a call on the road, I can press one button, on the steering wheel, to answer the phone, and another to hang up, easier than fiddling with the radio. I can keep the phone in my pocket the whole time.

Yeah, I can press a single button and go through the usual banter of "What?!?" and "Say that again?!?" and "You're breaking up, mute your mic" before pulling my phone out of my pocket and pressing many more buttons to have an actual phone call.

Yes, I know the intent of bluetooth systems tied to speakers in cars. I also know the practicality of them.

3 days ago

The Best Way To Watch the "Blood Moon" Tonight

geekmux Re:What time zone is the 10:20 PM? (146 comments)

I have enough education to know that there hundreds of "west coasts" in the world. I also live in West Michigan, so I could easily interpret "west cost" to mean the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

However, I also have the skill of inference. Given that this is being posted on a U.S.-centric forum and the reference is being made in the context of a time of day, I was able to reason out that in this case, "west cost" does in fact refer to the Pacific timezone.

As did I. As did plenty of other US-centric people who browse these forums between the hours of 0800 EST and 1700 PST.

The problem with that mentality is it is a rather ignorant one to hold onto as the world continues to be proven very flat. Websites have never claimed to know physical boundaries, and we're using time to refer to a celestial event. Last time I checked, the west coast of the United States does not own exclusive viewing rights to the solar system.

3 days ago

The Best Way To Watch the "Blood Moon" Tonight

geekmux Re:What time zone is the 10:20 PM? (146 comments)

So American people now refer Tampa, FL as west coast??? The context for other than Americans may be ambiguous, but for most Americans, it should be understandable unless ...

It is ambiguous due to a lack of education. If there is confusion here, it is likely due to the fact that you happened to run into one of the 5% of Americans who paid attention in both English and Geography to understand what both "West" and "Coast" means. Within the context of a state like Florida populated with many large coastal cities, Tampa is in fact on the west coast.

If it is ambiguous in any other way, then it is due to the ignorant American who somehow passed Geography but refuses to acknowledge that any other coast in the world actually exists or they need to give a shit about it, because you know, California is just that fucking important.

3 days ago

The Case For a Safer Smartphone

geekmux Re:If you can learn to put a beer down while drivi (184 comments)

Or we could cut off their hands! That would work, right? ...mandatory sentences, my ass. Haven't we had enough of "zero tolerance" rules already? They're much worse than the problems they purport to solve.

Many of our zero tolerance rules have scenarios that crop up that bring their validity into question. For example, the student who chooses to support the USA by wearing an American flag t-shirt, but is asked to remove it because it is somehow falls under a zero tolerance dress code policy. On the surface, there are arguments to both sides that would make sense which shine a horrible light on the intent of zero tolerance.

However, a zero tolerance policy applied towards distracted driving can and does make sense. You can easily make mandatory sentences work here because there simply is no sensible argument or stance you can take to defend texting while driving. None. If you can, then perhaps the laws are not the problem here.

3 days ago

Mathematicians Use Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun To Calculate Pi

geekmux Why mathemeticians won't survive. (307 comments)

Apocalypse, eh?

I would probably be using the mathematician standing in the corner wasting shotgun shells calculating Pi as bait during the next zombie attack.

Just sayin.

3 days ago

The Case For a Safer Smartphone

geekmux If you can learn to put a beer down while driving, (184 comments)

...you can learn to put a fucking cell phone down.

We don't need smarter apps to tell us to ignore a phone while driving.

We don't need smarter six-packs. Or smarter makeup. Or smarter food containers. All of these things should not be mixed while steering a ton of steel down the freeway.

We we need are smarter drivers on the road who fucking know better.

And I agree. We don't need more laws. What we need is more real consequences like jail time for offenders so that they may wise up. Clearly current methods are not working, and Darwin award winners in this case take innocent lives with them.

5 days ago


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