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Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

geekyMD Re:Backups are not secure (173 comments)

I have actually considered the truecrypt container backup but I was unclear that Backblaze supported incremental backups. I was under the impression that each time a file is backed up the entire file is re-uploaded. Is a diff process used instead rather than re-uploading 1Gb every time a text file within the truecrypt container is changed? How do you handle the issue that many truecrypt volumes do not update their access and modified timestamps on files to be aware that changes have been made?

Thanks for all the responses to this post. While your drive observations are perhaps unique to your setup they still have information to offer the rest of us.

about a month and a half ago

$1.9 Million Award In Thomas Case Raises Constitutional Questions

geekyMD Re:Protecting Artists? Artists to Blame. (439 comments)

Exactly so! Green Day claims to be so socially progressive but here they are waiting to collect $80,000 for one song from a mother of four. What a bunch of hypocrites. Unless someone challenges them on this nothing is going to happen. Does anyone know of a way to directly impact these bands?

I suggest flooding their myspace pages with questions about why they are supporting this decision as well as the broader RIAA actions (who they have actively supported). (If they aren't vocally against it, they they are for it)

How about anything else? Something more public? Maybe trying to get a major media outlet to interview these bands about this decision? They are a bunch of cowards hiding behind the RIAA; the human faces behind the corporate mask. Our agressive response to this really should be in raising ire against these bands. Someone please tell me that I'm not hopelessly naive in thinking these bands can't possibly want actions like this to continue.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Launches Change.gov

geekyMD Re:"Propaganda" (1486 comments)

No, a tax credit reduces your total tax burden off the top, and if it is more than your total tax burden then you DO get that cash back. The catch is that you have to have spent at least the same amount on college that year, so what's happening is that college becomes free for the first $4,000 annually if you are willing to do some community service in exchange. I would have been doing it if I'd had the opportunity.

more than 6 years ago


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