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How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

geminidomino Re:P2P (183 comments)

I'm not trying to defend DRM, but this is not factually correct. There are a number of modern DRMs (including some of the most widely used) that support caching of content and even off-line use.

None of which are used by the Netflix and Hulu cell phone apps, which is the context being talked about here. If you'd bothered to even read it, you'd see that he even explicitly mentions that Google Play allows exactly this.

10 hours ago

Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

geminidomino Re:How many? (291 comments)

the basic concept behind copyright law is in the Constitution - creators shall have exclusive right to their works... for a limited time, in exchange for releasing it into the public domain at the end of that period, for the enrichment of American culture


Funny how so many people forget the more important second half.


How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

geminidomino Re:P2P (183 comments)

In the context of the wall of text that is the post/summary, yes it will. The argument wasn't that the bandwidth overhead of DRM is huge, it's that you can't pre-download and cache what you want to watch while on the home network and watch it on the go without chewing up your mobile data plan.

P2P lets you do just that.


You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free

geminidomino Re:Apple...Free (187 comments)

But all that went away when they ported to x86. Nowdays you can run it under virtualization, or if you're willing to limit your hardware choices a bit, you can build a "Hackintosh."

Last time I tried, it still limited your hardware, as it apparently only worked on intel chips (or was it boards?). Admittedly, It hasn't come back around to it on the "bored weekend" ringbuffer yet.


Groove Basin: Quest For the Ultimate Music Player

geminidomino Re:Really? (87 comments)

People like me who like to play music in the background while doing other work/play, and so don't want some wonky code in VLC making it chew up a whole core to play an MP3?

(I still swear by it for videos, though)


Not Just a Cleanup Any More: LibreSSL Project Announced

geminidomino Re:Please don't (344 comments)

What? Forking is a huge part of the OSS concept. "If you don't like the way the devs are going, STFU and change it yourself."

In *practice* it may not work that way very often (the biggest offenders in recent memory are massive projects that it's infeasible for a single or handful of developers to maintain. i.e. browsers, DEs, etc..), but you've got a pretty warped idea of OSS if you think it's "alien" to the concept.

2 days ago

Not Just a Cleanup Any More: LibreSSL Project Announced

geminidomino Re:Graphic design geniuses too (344 comments)

Fait accompli, apparently. :D

Well played, Theo et al.

2 days ago

Not Just a Cleanup Any More: LibreSSL Project Announced

geminidomino Re:Please change the name! (344 comments)

Clearly you haven't been paying much attention to the US lately. Clearly, we don't.

2 days ago

Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

geminidomino Re:FIFY (194 comments)

. A very simple change to their service: Allowing users to cache movies locally to be watched later (i.e. I want to watch my movie tonight so I set it up before I go to work...) would have eliminated this problem years ago and the ISPs would have dropped it

[citation needed]

Everything I've read says the opposite: Netflix has ISP-level caches available, which would be even better for the ISPs' bandwidth numbers for every video where #views > 1 (local caching at the user end means it still gets downloaded per-user, just at offpeak times) and were shown the door when they offered it.

I posit that the actual problem is that there doesn't seem to be any legal concept of "conflict of interest" in the US anymore.

2 days ago

Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

geminidomino Re:Repeat July 2011 (194 comments)

You think? I'm not, but that's a $24/yr increase. Look at the shit Amazon took over a $20/yr hike on Prime.

2 days ago

Our Education System Is Failing IT

geminidomino Re:Heck yes... (289 comments)

In my day (I'm a year or two from 50) people made their way in IT based on ability. That was the catalyst for the entire industry. It is what built silicon valley and the economic ripples it created.

Things weren't a whole lot better then. Sturgeon's law still applies, it's just that IT as an industry has vastly expanded so that 90% is a much larger raw number now.

Remember about the old joke about the Evil Empire, before Microsoft took the epithet?

How do you spot an IBM field tech with a flat tire?
He's the one on the side of the road, changing all four tires to see which one's flat.

How do you spot an IBM field tech that ran out of gas?
He's the one on the side of the road, changing all four tires to see which one's flat.

2 days ago

Administration Ordered To Divulge Legal Basis For Killing Americans With Drones

geminidomino Re:Booo, America sucks (307 comments)

Really, that's your ad campaign? "USA: It's not as bad as China or North Korea?"

You're just the spiritual successor to Steve Rogers there, aintcha?

2 days ago

Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

geminidomino Re:Don't tell them that... (330 comments)

Is that a common process? Granted, I've got only a very elementary (no pun intended) understanding of chemistry, but I remember Mr. Wizard often telling us in no uncertain terms that mixing bleach (chlorine) and ammonia was a Bad Thing (tm).

2 days ago

General Mills Retracts "No Right to Sue" EULA Clause

geminidomino Re:Joke about lawyers (88 comments)

No kidding. These guys make breakfast cereal for chrissakes. If they want to openly express contempt for their customers like that, without any backlash, they need to get into game development.

2 days ago

Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

geminidomino Re:Is Oligarchy the proper term? (816 comments)

When a small group (say, .001%) controls the vast majority of wealth, the two are not mutually exclusive.

about a week ago

Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

geminidomino Re:Not arrested (816 comments)

Bollocks. He quit to get himself out of the public eye before he was arrested, and our scumbags do the same thing all the time. My own district "representative" just quit after being busted for coke.

I don't care what country you're in: if they were capable of feeling "shame," they wouldn't be in politics.

about a week ago

Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

geminidomino Re:Are you kidding (816 comments)

"Who takes cloth for green leader is green leader..."

Hey, at least it'll be less bent than the current system.

about a week ago

Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

geminidomino Re:Are you kidding (816 comments)

You have it backwards. The republic is what we (supposedly) had before being all but completely subverted. The problem with direct democracy, which doesn't have any of this "unrepresentative representative" nonsense, is that it scales very, very badly.

about a week ago

Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

geminidomino Re:Modded down? (287 comments)

Not all "support specialists" are "Bob" in the callcenter talking to lusers about downloading the internet. Even medium-sized companies often have an internal support department. From some I've seen firsthand, $28 is doing pretty well, but not so well as to be in "pipe dream" territory.

about two weeks ago



New Zealand Schools find less structure improve childrens' behavior

geminidomino geminidomino writes  |  about 3 months ago

geminidomino (614729) writes "A research project involving eight schools in Dunedin and Auckland report that loosening rules on the playground may lead to fewer incidents of bullying, vandalism, and injury. One principal opines ""The kids were motivated, busy and engaged. In my experience, the time children get into trouble is when they are not busy, motivated and engaged. It's during that time they bully other kids, graffiti or wreck things around the school."

As one might expect, the article states that there was a lot of resistance to the project, and I'm kind of surprised they got as many administrators to sign on as they did. The story may be premature, as the article states that "the results of the study will be collated this year," but it may be interesting to see how the numbers shake out."

Google Blocks Privacy Scraper "Scroogle"

geminidomino geminidomino writes  |  more than 3 years ago

geminidomino (614729) writes "According to a message from Daniel Brandt that appears when attempting to use the scraper at http://scroogle.org/ "Scroogle has been blocked" by google. According to the message, the simplified interface that the scraper has used for several years has been replaced with a redirect to an ad for IE8 and a link to the google toolbar (seen here). Mr. Brandt goes on to say that he has contacted Google to find out if this is a policy decision or if there is another interface that may be use, and is awaiting their response, although I must admit that his tone does not sound optimistic."
Link to Original Source



Apple Geeks? Help me out!

geminidomino geminidomino writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Given the flakiness that is dvdauthor, I'm playing with the idea of getting a Mac Mini for dvdauthoring.

This is strictly a hobby, so I'm really not looking to spend $500 on software on top of the cost of the compute r (though this would be a good excuse to finally get myself a Mac!)

So what I mainly want to know is: how advanced is the DVD Authoring software bundled with the Mac Mini?

Can it:
Create Detailed menus, with clips, etc? (dvdauthor can do this)
Apply subtitles to the stream during authoring, from .srt format? (dvdauthor can't do this)
Work directly with file formats other than raw mpeg2 video and ac3 audio (built in demuxer)? (dvdauthor can't)

I want more than the simple "click and drag" style level of control.

Is it doable, or am I hoping for too much?
Thanks for any help.


Something I wrote up.

geminidomino geminidomino writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Don't really give a rats ass whether anyone likes it...

Immortal Banner

When you were born, you stood for all that was good.
Courage, Freedom, Respect, and Honor.
Always were you regarded above all others,
for this was your birthright, your place.

Legions of warriors fell in your name
And met their gods with great pride
In life your likeness graced their chests
And embraced their bodies when they died.

In the mists of two centuries gone past
The glory that is yours has faded
Yet, striving against oblivion, you march on
As the minds of your children forget you.

Your face now serves the cause of evil,
Etched in the surface of tyrannical stone
Though you still fight, you are disgraced
Through no misdeeds of your own.

Do not weep for the past
Nor lament the sins of your children
For some remember who you are
dreaming and striving for your return.

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