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Largest US Power Storing Solar Array Goes Live

genericmk Re:14c/kWh (377 comments)

Don't forget malten salt for heat storage. This is very corrosive stuff; I'd expect a lot of maintenance will come from dealing the the malten salt.

about 9 months ago

Big Box? Nissan Note the First-Ever Car You Can 'Buy' On Amazon

genericmk why not a Tesla? (182 comments)

Interesting that it isn't a Tesla that is the first car on Amazon. Nissan is clearly going to piss off their dealers.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Development Leadership Overvalued?

genericmk Re:Leadership value (252 comments)

The leader in this picture has an inability to delegate. Leading by example is not always the most effective strategy. Assessing the team and applying their talent to different aspects of the project is often a better strategy than leading the charge.

about a year ago

Why Yahoo and Marissa Mayer's Over Reliance On Alibaba Could Spell Trouble

genericmk Re:Income source (91 comments)

Yahoo sells you. My wife works in advertising and marketing and Yahoo sells them user profiles for targeting ads and focusing their efforts.

1 year,11 days

Electrical Engineering Labor Pool Shrinking

genericmk Pretty close to what my experience shows (401 comments)

I graduated in the recession of 2002. I struggled finding that first job. As mentioned above, absolute catch 22. Very few want to hire a recent graduate, everyone wants an EE with 2-4 years of experience. I got my lucky break and started with a decent salary; nothing mind blowing, but decent. It's now 11 years later, I carry a Senior EE title and make a little more than double my initial pay and am pretty topped out salary wise as far as I can see. Management is unfortunately the only way up. I've worked at large companies who simply do not even consider hiring an EE (or software developer for that matter) over 50. We were building a team for a new product within an organization and weren't able to consider older candidates. 50 is the end of the rope for anyone with a tech title and without management anything. Jobs can probably be found but pay is not going to be high. I'm forcing myself to highlight my management experience (be it project, personnel, etc.) as I look for my next position as this is the best way I see to stay relevant and continue the career progressing upward. Good luck to all EEs out there!

1 year,16 days

Wikileaks Aiding Snowden - Chinese Social Media Divided - Relations Strained

genericmk Re: Done us all a favor (629 comments)

Canada for starters. All of the above plus: Healthcare coverage for all citizens!

about a year ago

Possible Graphene Alternative Made From Hemp Waste

genericmk Leave the hops alone! (212 comments)

They're in short enough supply as it is and beer is far more important than nanosheets!

about a year ago

Unanimous: Provo Utah Council Approves Google Fiber

genericmk sigh of relief (130 comments)

The city council must have breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Magazines Do You Still Read?

genericmk pay for rather than read (363 comments)

I think a more relevant question is which do you pay for? I still read Esquire and some cycling magazines and whatever I come across in waiting rooms. I still like reading Time and the Economist. BUT which do I pay for? None. Internet has killed the business model, first and foremost.

about a year ago

AMD Says There Will Be No DirectX 12 — Ever

genericmk deal with it (305 comments)

Just deal with it.

about a year ago

Not Even Investors Know What Google Glass Is For

genericmk Law enforcement/military (496 comments)

Google glass looks tailor made for law enforcement and military personnel. It is reminiscent of Terminator type display. A cop can browse your full record and bio when they approach you and likewise, out in combat, a soldier will have access to the same; granted, more limited amount of info.

about a year ago

Internet's Energy Needs Growing Faster Than Efficiency Gains

genericmk Stop collecting all that data, then! (158 comments)

If governments and corporations would just stop collecting all that data on everyone...

about a year ago

White House Urges Reversal of Ban On Cell-Phone Unlocking

genericmk you don't own your phone until your contract ends (256 comments)

I think what's going to come out of it is that the contracts with carriers will be re-written. When you "buy" your smartphone at a discounted price from a carrier by all means they should own the carrier lock as it protects their "investment" into subsidizing the handset in hopes of making it back with profit (albeit disproportionately large profit) on your contract. Until your contract period is in place, I don't see why it should be allowed for you switch carriers? I suppose the gray area is oversea travel where the carrier lock forces you into paying an exuberant amount for calls. But then, they technically till own your handset so you may as well just get a prepaid phone locally and keep your smartphone as a computer with wifi access only.

about a year ago

Security Firm Mandiant Says China's Army Runs Hacking Group APT1

genericmk if your power is in production capacity... (137 comments)

If you're playing catchup in terms of technology and your power is in ability to manufacture on a vast scale, corporate espionage makes perfect sense. It's unfortunate that here we only have technology to steal and not much in terms of production capacity. That's a substantial disadvantage.

about a year and a half ago

Why Microsoft Office For iOS Will Likely Never See the Light of Day

genericmk is MS being shrewd? (270 comments)

Or is Microsoft being shrewd? there is no solid Office package for the iOS. The Office is one of the few appealing things on the Surface tablet.

about a year and a half ago

RIM Unveils BlackBerry 10, Its Big Turnaround Hope

genericmk Re:Definitely a game changer (267 comments)

If the stock price says it all then by tanking today it says the opposite of what you have in mind. By changing the name to Blackberry from RIM they've effectively showcased how limited an offering they have. And hiring Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director is nothing more than publicity stunt! After playing with the Blackberry tablet I dislike their attempt at uniqueness by ditching the home button and replacing it with the swipe!

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Job Search Or More Education?

genericmk school! (182 comments)

You'll find that not getting a degree will hold you back down the road even if you manage to find a low level job now. If you can afford it, go to school, transfer as many credits as you can toward a 4 year degree, with summer school, etc., you should be out in 2 years. You have no job experience, which works to your advantage when you graduate a 4 year program. Try to get an internship while in school. That may be better time spent than summer school. You would be in worse shape if you were laid off, then went back to school. I see these types of people struggling to get hired.

about a year and a half ago

Peugeot Citroen To Introduce Compressed Air Hybrid By 2016

genericmk Chrystler and UPS are ahead of the French (204 comments)

Has Slashdot forgotten it has reported on Chrystler two years and a day ago? The Chrysler minivan compressed air hybrid is supposed to be arriving this year in the US: And UPS has been running this for a while now (they started testing the vehicles 5 years ago!); it makes a lot of sense for heavy trucks.

about a year and a half ago

The One Sided Cyber War

genericmk Cyber warfer is global and not single sided (215 comments)

While Iran is an example of single sided cyber war; you only have to look at China to see that it isn't all single sided. In many ways, through outsourced, etc. we've shipped off our technology around the world and one of these techs is computer science. The Chinese are damn good at this and presumably Indians are not far behind. Chinese cyber espionage is growing rapidly and the US seems ill prepared to counter it. Also, take a look at the Israelis; their cyber security is quite a bit more robust than the American one.

about a year and a half ago



Predicted state of atomic collapse shown experimentally using graphene

genericmk genericmk writes  |  about a year ago

genericmk writes "MIT News is reporting a publication where atomic collapse, a phenomenon first predicted in the 1930s based on quantum mechanics and relativistic physics but never before observed, has now been seen for the first time in an “artificial nucleus” simulated on a sheet of graphene. The observation not only provides confirmation of long-held theoretical predictions, but could also pave the way for new kinds of graphene-based electronic devices, and for further research on basic physics."
Link to Original Source

Sugar is toxic

genericmk genericmk writes  |  about a year ago

genericmk writes "Using econometric models of repeated cross-sectional data on diabetes and nutritional components of food from 175 countries, this study found that every 150 kcal/person/day increase in sugar availability (about one can of soda/day) was associated with increased diabetes prevalence by 1.1% after testing for potential selection biases and controlling for other food types (including fibers, meats, fruits, oils, cereals), total calories, overweight and obesity, period-effects, and several socioeconomic variables such as aging, urbanization and income. As Mark Brittman points out in his NY Times blog This is as good (or bad) as it gets, the closest thing to causation and a smoking gun that we will see. The study demonstrates this with the same level of confidence that linked cigarettes and lung cancer in the 1960s."
Link to Original Source

Large corporations displacing aging IT workers with H1B visa workers

genericmk genericmk writes  |  about a year and a half ago

genericmk writes "NPR is running an interesting story about the unfortunate state of the aging programmers in the IT industry. The headline reads of aging IT workers opposing the H1B visa overhaul; the underlining reality is that large corporations claim shortage of IT talent and are bringing in large volumes of foreign staff. The staff is easier to control and demands less wage; indentured servitude is replacing higher cost labor."
Link to Original Source

Electoral College and Hurricane Sandy

genericmk genericmk writes  |  about a year and a half ago

genericmk writes "While driving in to work and listening to NPR I was hearing about the struggle of getting voting stations up and running it has occurred to me that Hurricane Sandy makes for a strong case toward retention of the Electoral College. New England is a strongly Democratic base; the hurricane has debilitated the region and the voter turnout may suffer. As a result the voice of the overall vote would be swayed by the effective disenfranchisement of the New England Democratic vote. Electoral College allows for the Sandy disaster to remain regional and not effect the nation as a whole as the drop in Democratic turnout would likely be the same as the drop in Republican turnout in the region affected by the storm."


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