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Scientists Figure Out How Bees Fly

gengee Wait. Was something explained? (1237 comments)

First let me admit I haven't read through this whole thread -- it's just too long. So forgive me if this has been addressed.

But where did the researchers explain the flight of bees? From reading the article -- and not their original work -- I'm struck by their utter lack of understanding of the problem. The observables of bee flight -- how fast their wings beat, their angles of attack, the amount of lift generated, has been understood for at least a decade, and I would presume even longer. What is not understood is the /aerodynamics/ of bee flight, and the /physical ability of the bee and it's nervous system to perform the feat/.

I imagine most folks have seen highspeed video of bee flight before. So what exactly is new here? Fine, the wing moves in a 90 degree arc. It's surely interesting to watch, but what are the /mechanics at work?/

more than 8 years ago


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