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H.R. Giger, Alien Artist and Designer, Dead at Age 74

genocitizen Poem for H. R. Giger (92 comments)

Into darkness sink all images;
God paints on the cavas of life once more.
Standing armored to fight with crest and shield,
Meanwhile the enemy blackens the field.
And the heards are dying of thirst below the blazing suns,
The ice cliff walls now flow into a little brook hissing
Into the earth, and you are fishing
Where there are no fish.
Then into the fiery abyss you dive
Where, trembling, you find that the dead are alive.
In a hell where they horribly change and swirl
As around Gorgo's head they unfurl.
Tortured, the broken eye
Stares down into hell's bubbling lye.
Your body, plowed through with the furrow of the worm,
Torn is the shell of your tower, once firm,
Struck down by a bolt of fire
As you drown in the hellish mire.
You to the surf, God calls
To the surf that breaks on His kingdom's massive walls
Where blocks that shine as the sun so fair
Shelter his original human pair.
Redeeming from His blood a new form and shape
An image that only God can create.
Into darkness sink all images,
God paints on the canvas of life.

Ernst Fuchs, Venice 1984

about 9 months ago

Is Earth Weighed Down By Dark Matter?

genocitizen Remember ether? (247 comments)

Dark matter..remembers me of ether.

1 year,24 days

Computer Scientists Invents Game-Developing Computer AI

genocitizen Re:What's that smell? (103 comments)

Sensationalistic headline. If you do this /seriously/, then show off a big sample of AI-generated games and let game developers and game players review them

1 year,25 days

Cairo 2D Graphics May Become Part of ISO C++

genocitizen Popcorn please (430 comments)

I kinda' missed these flame wars..

1 year,26 days



RetroArch emulator running on JavaScript

genocitizen genocitizen writes  |  about a year and a half ago

genocitizen (2763555) writes "RetroArch is a portable multi-system console emulator with an eye for performance, one of the main developers (ToadKing) has made a preliminary JavaScript port that can show the basic menu browsing features. Console emulation purists are already drooling to see the triforce logo composing in their modern browsers."


genocitizen has no journal entries.

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