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Profanity-Laced Academic Paper Exposes Scam Journal

gerddie Re:A plus (126 comments)

Not that it would be enough to have an appreciable affect, but it would increase the impact factor of the journal. That would be contrary to the point of such papers.

Actually no. It would only show (one more time) that the IF is no useful measure. While this may not be the original intent of the paper, it would be a nice addition.

3 hours ago

Longtime Debian Developer Tollef Fog Heen Resigns From Systemd Maintainer Team

gerddie Re:Not resigning from Debian (547 comments)

No. It should at least come up far enough to diagnose and fix. Did you miss the part about not coming up far enough to edit fstab?

Sure, but if that really was the case then it was a bug, most likely a distro bug, or perhaps the OP was impatient and didn't wait 3-5 minutes for daemon timeout.

Well, I had the exact problem: Debian testing, systemd installed without me noting that something big had changed, because, well, when you do a dist-upgrade in testing it is completely normal that many packages are updated (Once upon a time there seems to have been a big warning message about the change of the init system, but not any more). Reboot and there I was looking at an error message that made barely sense, something like "device missing, retrying ...". No information what device, no information how long it will try do retry, and no option to interact beyond "crl-alt-del". Of course I didn't wait three minutes, the machine was running okay three minutes ago.

What I did was reboot into an alternative Linux installation, chroot into de Debian install, switch to openrc because I know it better, and search what the problem might have been. Of course it was a stale entry in /etc/fstab and removing it fixed the problem. Now I'm on systemd, because it was next to impossible to install some high level packages (nothing gnome related, btw) without pulling systemd in.

Normally I wouldn't care about the init system, but with this fstab problem, and later cups failing because I had ipv6 disabled, I'm kind of annoyed. An option that would make systemd issue warnings instead of failing hard, or that gives the option to select from ignore, retry, emergency shell instead of only the latter one (and on top only after a very long timeout) would IMHO be the better solution - at least for the transition when one is upgrading. (For the record: it's not that I'm just complaining here on /., I put the latter opinion also in a related Debian bug report).

5 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Minimizing Oil and Gas Dependency In a Central European City?

gerddie Re:citation, please? (250 comments)

...Merkel probably doesn't want to do anything that might disrupt the German economy.

Somehow it seems you didn't follow the news. And Merkel ...

about two weeks ago

Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Mandarin At Tsinghua University In Beijing

gerddie Re:7 Year Old, Not Seventh Grader (217 comments)

YMMV, but in my experience, you only need 2 verb tenses and maybe 300 words of vocabulary to be "yourself" in another language...most human uses simple words to make complex thoughts so you don't need that much to have an identifiable "personality"

I have to disagree. I'm German and live in Spain since seven years now, and there are still many moments when I can not be myself because the languages are too different. Languages also expresses a mindset of a people, and when you touch a point where the mindset between your culture and that of the other language is different, then you will have difficulties to be yourself in that other language.

about a month ago

Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

gerddie Re:Some Sense Restored? (522 comments)

This vote is not about whether systemd will be the default init system for jessie, it is about whether to ensure that other software packages are kept independent from the init system that is installed, because currently it seems that more an more software packages pull systemd in, even though they are not directly related to the init system.

about a month ago

Object Oriented Linux Kernel With C++ Driver Support

gerddie Re:Why do people still care about C++ for kernel d (365 comments)

To work around it, you can simply fall back to a C-like API at module boundaries

And thus losing the entire reason for using C++ in the first place. The whole point of this project seems to be that they want drivers as C++ classes. If you do that then you end up with a giant mess of wrapper functions to translate calls from simple C to C++ object calls.

Actually no. All you need is one C function to pass the driver class instance to whatever wants to use the driver. From there on you can use the instance to make the calls directly in a C++ manner.

about a month and a half ago

Invasion of Ukraine Continues As Russia Begins Nuclear Weapons Sabre Rattling

gerddie Seriously? (789 comments)

From TFA:

Kiev has received threats of nuclear retaliation from Russia through unofficial channels if it continues to fight pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Valeriy Heletey, announced on his Facebook page on Monday.

This is news for nerds, for people who are supposed to love science. Science is, when you can prove things, reproduce them. An announcement from someone on the losing side who has an interest in dragging NATO into this is not a statement that can be relied on. It is not even mentioned what the unofficial channel, is, nor was any kind of prove provided, like with all the rest of the anti-Russian propaganda, btw.

I expect tomorrow news on ./ to be: The pope said that God is real.

about 3 months ago

Wolfenstein: The New Order Launches

gerddie Re:Pay up! (167 comments)

Saying 'period' in no way strengthen's your point.

Indeed, he should have written Full stop :)

about 6 months ago

Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

gerddie Proprietary image format (129 comments)

I was considering getting the first version of their camera, but they use a proprietary image format for the original data and requests to open it are unanswered so far. Not even a SDK is provided to access the original data even though it was promised. Kind of disappointing and enough reason for me not to buy.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

gerddie Re:Medical doctor (737 comments)

You don't need electricity for soldering, all you you need is something to create heat, e.g. a fire, a needle, and solder: Last time I was on Cuba for a few weeks as a visiting scientists, the power supply of my laptop broke down. I was living in one of those casas particulares, and one of the landlady's relatives proposed to open the power supply (With a saw, because it was glued) . Then he found the bad contact and since they didn't have a soldering iron, he did the soldering with a needle heated in the gas flame. Two weeks later I had to repeat the soldering procedure applying some more tin-solder, but the power supply works without a flaw ever since.

about 7 months ago

IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

gerddie Re:Sounds like Microsoft is making a pretty penny. (322 comments)

Indeed, and it's a real shame since with this money they could have paid some developers full-time to bring ReactOS to speed and make it a viable replacement for XP.

about 7 months ago

IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

gerddie Re:Done on purpose (322 comments)

It's cheaper for the IRS to pay the dime to continue to make patches so that they will be available to countless others who are caught with their pants down, [...]

What makes you think these patches will be made available for these countless others? Microsoft will bill very single entity out there for the very same patches, that's quite certain.

about 7 months ago

Cuba: US Using New Weapon Against Us -- Spam

gerddie Re:The sheer volume! (139 comments)

They don't care about the country, they care more about their own selfishness than anything else. Ending the embargo wouldn't make that go away, Cuba would still be a shit hole because its leaders are utterly selfish pricks who use the country for their own benefit and NOTHING else.

Selfish pricks who set a state policy that makes it possible to provide free education and free health care for everyone that is. Cubans have a life expectancy of 79.4 years (USA 79.8) according to WHO estimates and the infant mortality in Cuba is 4.76, (US 5.2) according to CIA estimates. I have been to Cuba a few times, last time was 2006, and I can say they are certainly not rich, most are rather poor when considering "western" standards, but Cuba is certainly not a shit hole.

about 7 months ago

Should Microsoft Give Kids Programmable Versions of Office?

gerddie Re:Python, etc? (226 comments)

Control flow based on indentation is a novel idea, but doesn't really make sense to most users.

It makes a lot of sense for people who start to learn programming, because this way they will learn to format their code in a readable manner.

about 7 months ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

gerddie Re:no. (650 comments)

... and commercial Linux distro support, bug and security fixes for their 2.4.0 kernel based releases.

The difference is, that the source code for the 2.4.0 Linux kernel is freely available, so anybody can hire a developer to fix security problems and hardware incompatibilities. With MS Windows and Mac OS there is only one vendor for each who has access to the source code and the permission to change it and fix things. If they don't want to do it, you're lost.

about 8 months ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

gerddie Re:Where do you draw the line? (650 comments)

I don't know what exactly medisoft does, but I read somewhere that VistA may be what you're looking for. There is also work going on to get it into Debian.

about 8 months ago

Supreme Court Skeptical of Computer-Based Patents

gerddie Re:The best the SCOTUS could do is wipe software p (192 comments)

Yes, they will. And if you have a patent, then you have a legal right to make them pay you for your idea.

... and you will fail because you don't have the funds to win the patent case, and after the battle is over you will be broke.

Besides, if your innovation was in software, you will probably have to pay off a number of patent trolls the moment you become big enough to be milked and will also go broke, or work most of the time to pay someone else.

Software patents are a lose-lose for the small guy. Without them, the small guy can continue innovating and stay ahead of the big shots.

about 8 months ago

Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

gerddie Re:In other words . . . (409 comments)

And don't forget its ability to auto correct

When processing microarray data sets, we recently noticed that some gene names were being changed inadvertently to non-gene names A little detective work traced the problem to default date format conversions and floating-point format conversions in the very useful Excel program package. The date conversions affect at least 30 gene names; the floating-point conversions affect at least 2,000 if Riken identifiers are included. These conversions are irreversible; the original gene names cannot be recovered

about 8 months ago

Google Won't Enable Chrome Video Acceleration Because of Linux GPU Bugs

gerddie Re:Permenant Beta (295 comments)

What other GPU enabled software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux?

For starters: Every game that makes use of 3D and is available for the three platforms, scientific software like Paraview, Slicer 3D, 3D rendering software like Blender, the famous video player VLC, ...

about 9 months ago



Astronomers Find Largest Reservoir of Water

gerddie gerddie writes  |  more than 3 years ago

gerddie (173963) writes "Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. The water, equivalent to 140 trillion times all the water in the world's ocean, surrounds a huge, feeding black hole, called a quasar, more than 12 billion light-years away.

One team, lead by Matt Bradford, made their observations starting in 2008, using an instrument called "Z-Spec" at the California Institute of Technology’s Submillimeter Observatory, a 33-foot (10-meter) telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Follow-up observations were made with the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-Wave Astronomy (CARMA), an array of radio dishes in the Inyo Mountains of Southern California.

The second group led, by Dariusz Lisused, used the Plateau de Bure Interferometer in the French Alps to find water. In 2010, this team serendipitously detected water in APM 8279+5255, observing one spectral signature. Bradford's team was able to get more information about the water, including its enormous mass, because they detected several spectral signatures of the water."

Link to Original Source

ASCAP Wants To Be Paid When Your Phone Rings

gerddie gerddie writes  |  more than 5 years ago

gerddie (173963) writes "ASCAP (the same folks who went after Girl Scouts for singing around a campfire) appears to believe that every time your musical ringtone rings in public, you're violating copyright law by "publicly performing" it without a license. At least that's the import of a brief [2.5mb PDF] it filed in ASCAP's court battle with mobile phone giant AT&T.

Read more about it here."

The Electronic Police State

gerddie gerddie writes  |  more than 5 years ago

gerddie (173963) writes "Cryptohippie published what may be called a first attempt to describe the "electronic police state". Based on information available from different organizations, like Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders or Freedom House, countries were rated on 17 criteria how close they are already to an electronic police state. Not very surprisingly one finds China, North Korea, White Russia and Russia at the top of the list, but then the UK, the United States, Singapore, Israel, France and Germany follow."
Link to Original Source

Amazon vs. Music Industrie

gerddie gerddie writes  |  more than 6 years ago

gerddie (173963) writes "Heise reports (in German), that Amazon (German) flexed it's muscles over a dispute with the music industry. Labels like SonyBMG, Warner Music, Universal Music and EMI admonished Amazon for selling import-CD that are cheaper then European releases. Amazon showed its market power by not only removing the disputed CDs from the shop, but also a lot of EU-releases of these companies. For a few days, nearly all top-100 titles of SonyBMG and Warner, and many CDs of Universal and EMI were not available at Amazon, the strongest online-seller in Germany.
After talks, the European releases of the CDs are available again and the disputed imports are not. However, the issue is not yet settled, commented one of the music industry managers to Spiegel Online. Amazon gave "no comment"."

Link to Original Source


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