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George R. R. Martin's "The Winds of Winter" Wiill Not Be Published In 2015

germansausage He better not Pull a Jordan (172 comments)

If he dies before finishing the series, I swear, by all that is holy and all that is not, that I will find his soul wherever it lands and drag him back to this vale of tears. And then, when his undead shade has finished the series I will kill him myself for being such a dick.


Engineers Develop 'Ultrarope' For World's Highest Elevator

germansausage Re:just put a motor on the elevator itself (247 comments)

He has it exactly right. The tension on the cable pulls on the elevator brake to release them. If there is no tension on the cable, ie pulley or cable fails, the cable looses tension and the brakes apply.

4 days ago

In Addition To Project Spartan, Windows 10 Will Include Internet Explorer

germansausage Re:Internet Explorer (99 comments)

Thats right, dredged. First in buttermilk, then in flour, then one more time in the buttermilk, then in panko crumbs. Dredged.

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Get a Good 3-Button Mouse Today?

germansausage Re:Left Hander Doesn't Care About Your Problem (429 comments)

I use a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. Completely symetrical, so it works left exactly the same a right. I mouse left, but I got used to the "left click" on the left. It works fine with the buttons remapped (ie left click on right button) I just don't use it that way. It's nothing special otherwise, and I'm sure gamerz will laugh at it, but it works ok for me.

about a week ago

What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

germansausage Re:Cognitive Dissonance (324 comments)

You diidn't answer the question. Are you just going to punch anyone near you who holds up a phone, when you don't know if they are filming you or not?

about two weeks ago

Elon Musk's Proposed Internet-by-Satellite System Could Link With Mars Colonies

germansausage Re:Beyond borders (105 comments)

Space is infinite, it is dark
Space is neutral, it is cold
Stars occupy minute areas of space
They are clustered a few billion here
And a few billion there
As if seeking consolation in numbers
Space does not care, space does not threaten
Space does not comfort
It does not speak, it does not wake
It does not dream
It does not know, it does not fear
It does not love, it does not hate
It does not encourage any of these qualities
Space cannot be measured, it cannot be
Angered, it cannot be placated
It cannot be summed up, space is there
Space is not large and it is not small
It does not live and it does not die
It does not offer truth and neither does it lie
Space is a remorseless, senseless, impersonal fact
Space is the absence of time and of matter

about two weeks ago

Hibernation Protein May Halt Alzheimer's

germansausage Re:Memory (79 comments)

Very emotional post. Sorry to bring logic into it. Care homes cost a lot of money. $3 - 5 k a month isn't unusual for basic nursing care. If I wanted my relatives money, the very last thing I would do is put them in a home, where they might live another 5 years and burn through every dime they have.

about two weeks ago

How Amazon's Ebook Subscriptions Are Changing the Writing Industry

germansausage Re:Encouraging quality (250 comments)

Fair enough. However, lets say I just bulk downloaded 25 books by Mr. Hack Writer, and I read enough of the first book to determine it is, for me, crap. I'm still going to delete all 25 books, and one read is all he will score from me. On the other hand, if I like an author I tend to plow through a bunch of their books. Good military sci-fi (don't judge) seems to come in series and I will often read a dozen books by one author. The bad writer will not get zero, but the good writer will still get a much greater reward.

about a month ago

How Amazon's Ebook Subscriptions Are Changing the Writing Industry

germansausage Re:Encouraging quality (250 comments)

I know we don't RTFA arounf here, but authors don't get paid when the book is downloaded, they get paid when someone reads at least 10% of the book.

about a month ago

Facebook Apologizes For 'Year In Review' Photos

germansausage Loved it. (218 comments)

I quite liked my year in review. The pictures were from some of my favorite events of the year. Whatever algorithm they used came up with a very nice collection of pictures.

about a month ago

Scientists Discover That Exercise Changes Your DNA

germansausage Re:What does this mean...? (56 comments)

1. Your balls are not hollow containers, and they are not emptied no matter how many times in a row you masturbate. Sperm are produced in the testes, but are stored in the prostate. 2. Men produce new sperm constantly, but the genetic mutations increase with age, as do the rates of things like schizophrenia or autism in children of older men,

about a month and a half ago

Touring a Carnival Cruise Simulator: 210 Degrees of GeForce-Powered Projection

germansausage Re:Damn, I thought it was a game! (42 comments)

Bring the nose candy, she's into it.

about a month and a half ago

Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

germansausage Re:clarity - wrong assumption (433 comments)

Are you serious? How are "the software police" going to track down a rip I posted on usenet in 2008 from a CD I bought for cash in 1997? Do enlighten me.

about a month and a half ago

Canada Waives Own Rules, Helps Microsoft Avoid US Visa Problems

germansausage Re:does that mean American workers? (122 comments)

Exactly. The two talking heads on the TV news both said it was about getting more foreign workers into the US.

about a month and a half ago

R. A. Montgomery, Creator of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books, Dead At 78

germansausage Re:Got you, Mrs. Sampson (80 comments)

My 5th grade science teacher told us all about airplanes and Bernoullis principle and how that produced lift. I asked her how airplanes could fly upside down. She couldn't answer the question, and was most annoyed at me.

about 3 months ago

Early Childhood Neglect Associated With Altered Brain Structure, ADHD

germansausage Re:No need to go to Romania (87 comments)

It's the baddest part of town........

about 4 months ago

What Will It Take To Run a 2-Hour Marathon?

germansausage Re:Have you ever been to Canada? (254 comments)

What's with the made up numbers? BC is about 65% Caucasian, 25% Asian and South Asian, 5% Aboriginal. Black Africans are less than 1% here.

about 4 months ago



Math Gender Gap is Cultural Not Biological

germansausage germansausage writes  |  more than 3 years ago

germansausage (682057) writes "A new study was published today in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, looking at data from 86 countries, to test the "greater male variability hypothesis" as the primary reason for the scarcity of outstanding women mathematicians. It concludes that cultural and not biological factors are the chief causes of the gap in math skills between men and women"
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