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iPhone Tethering App Released, Killed In 2 Hours

ggalvao Re:What you talkin' about willis? (434 comments)

Off-topic on reply to NormalVisual: Brazilians are used to playing with over 300ms and still we've been the first to down Illidan @ Warsong Horde (Blood Faction).

more than 6 years ago



JasperServer or OpenReports? Or what else?

ggalvao ggalvao writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ggalvao writes "Recently I and a co-worker have been looking for a good reports solution. We currently deploy Jasper reports (created with iReport) using our own mechanism which consists of a simple Servlet which calls Jasper's render. But now as things are getting bigger we have to face a decision: which Java-based reports solution would Slashdot advise us to invest our time and effort into? Up to now we have superficially looked into (read-over manuals and installed/tested samples) JasperServer and OpenReports, with JasperServer being apparently much more stable. What you, Slashdotter, would choose if facing the same decision?"


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