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iTunes is Malware?

giaguara Disactivate it, and it does not send data (779 comments)

Just disactivate it, from the button on right lower corner or from the menus, and nothing is sent of what you listen to.
And if you doubt, use little snitch to verify it.

about 9 years ago


giaguara hasn't submitted any stories.



Apple Soap Box

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Ever since I saw the Apple Mouse ash tray I wanted a soap box. Today I finally have one.

This is the "before" picture.

It took nearly 15 minutes to take the parts apart. The mouse has glue that keeps it together, and taking the holding parts away, even with a good knife, took some time. This is after the mess.

Then, just invert the black (or white) part and put the mouse click sidepart under it (inverting it), and glue the transparent part in the top of it. The super glue does it fine, but careful, the Apple Logo is soluble to that stuff.

And there in use. The soap in it is a bit big, but I normally don't use that soap (Yankee Cand;e's Macintosh scented in picture) but normal Green Apple soaps. :)

The next Mice will be reborn as Ice Cream Cups, and I need a Wasabi Holder too...



Fight for peace...

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Fighting for peace makes as much sense as f*©king for viriginity.


Rant # 2

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Cities .. why with some of them you feel in balance and with some of them not? When you are obligued to stay in the cities that you don't feel are for you or where you feel good ... it feels bad luck, and if the imbalance between you and city is too high ... you slowly start to inexist. In this city I exist less and less... I can't blame only the city, but it affects my humor. And maybe the humor affects everything else that changes... like health.

I wish some things had changed in January of February. Everything feels temporary, waiting me to go. I am probably the only person on earth that can forget in which floor I live (I had to call a friend once to ask him where I lived!) or who can manage to loose 5 sim cards once - so one phone, that before had 5 phone numbers, is now with zero. I didn't get new ones, I was ready to go. And hopefully in some days finally will.

Geeky to have the 'diary' here. I don't feel like updateing my life when there aren't really big changes. Health.. just keep it out of my coumputer related stuff. Could be better. I was fading out today when I was walking, I felt like when you have a high fever - except with temperature (that was normal). Painkillers aren't for me .. I assume it was for one painkiller I took yesterday. Crappy body.

I feel like my life is split to separate pieces I find difficulties to manage. The public me, the less healthy, the unnamed one .. All are nothing.
I could throw away all I have and .. start again. After not seeing objects - clothes, whatever - for a long time, they become something that ... you feel is not your anymore. And once all your life starts to feel like that you only think about walking out of your life and leaving it all behind you.


Oh - at least I've learned back the use of the big letters. The micacles of the moderation...


Man woman

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 12 years ago

man woman.

No manual entry for woman.

geekzh. no manual for woman. :O


and i don't understand them as well. i should? i am one. i don't understand the other women at all. how can they talk about the feelings, hairdos, mode, chitchat and other people's business for such long times? i don't understand them. only two of them... who both work in IT. so if i can make such long arguments and discussions only about _computers_ with people unregarded of their sex, how _weird_ *ironic* is it that all my friends are male then?

i didnt ask for this body or this sex. i feel like i'm in a prison, sometimes and often i forget it but sometimes like now i am too far conscious about it. i am female *thus* i cannot understand anything about computers. *thus* all because of being of the wrong sex, i can't find no good job here, and the highest level where i could end would be offfice decoration. of those 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 careers, sending all those *funny* .ppt-presentations of stupid jokes to my personal friend-spam-lists from office... and making those .ppts and .docs...
or as alternative, being semi-nude in teh tv selling everything from flattening pants to phone rechargers.
no thank you.

once again, i am thinking to leave this country. this country has no future. people aer old. bureaucracy kills everything.. i don't letterally exist anymore here. i want my life. i want to feel like i LIVE, not like i survive only. i want a job that enthusiasms me. where i can show what i can do, and where i deal more with computers (macs!!!) than with people. i have gone away several times before in the pst, but have come back so many times here. this time i feel this is not my place really. i want to go to US, at least i find more people who think like i do.

for outsiders, this is just tuscany, benetton, wine, luxury dinners out, sunglasses, sports cars and stylish people. for me this is a huge difference between wouth and north. where in south you have no money. and where in north you ae looked down because you are not from there=north. i feel like a jaguar in prison in the city. i just want to go away. i just want to get to US and to work for ANYTHING apple or apple related (or in Apple ANYWHERE on earth or outer space)

i don't know what is the first start. maybe 1 - 2 weeks in USA in a region i like, and trying to convince some employees to take me, then come back here to get my baggage and visas. i just know what i want and that i'm redy to do _nearly_ anything that allows me to do that. including MARRYING someone only to get to US. why not? "a mac geek girl wanting to emigrate to california will marry an OS X / *X geek with a US passport". why not? :-/

geezh. i will open the project "marry" or even marry online.. as most women in italy either get married because they need a partner and feeder to satisfy their reproductional instincts (that i lack completelly!) OR .. marry a football player because they want to become rich and famous and then divorce.. at least i have the clear purpose stated already in the beginning. the pass ;-)


A fraud of Apples getting hot

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 12 years ago http://forums.macnn.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=134279

An interesting story of frauds

A story... that has a smell of becoming something really interesting! A guy was frauded his powerbook and he's got to something big while trying to get it back!


Revenge spam maillists

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I want to create a newsletter type of revenge spam system. Get bored of spam? Or someone needs a spam revenge? so why not to create a newsletter that pays back .. = a subscription that would make automatic subscriptions to the worst spam newsletters etc that exist on earth? So, starting a list of some really bad *rant rant* spam services.. i mean, maillists.
Add yours. These are only few.



Transparent Apps

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Why don't they have built transparency in all the apple apps? Terminal looks much nicer transparent. So I want as well other apple apps transparent. Transparent mail. Transparent finder. Transparent backgrounds instead of those boring white ones in iChat. Everything that does not have to look metallic.. i want the transparency.
I'm not happy fully with the pathfinder or windowshade x as solutions to that so it looks like i'm looking for trouble trying to get that DIY .. *ahem* I don't mind if i have to fix the transparencies every time from terminal, as long i can have them ...


I want an OS X emulator for Linux 86

giaguara giaguara writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Okay. So most mac users i know use something like VPC ... to run a virtual windows on their mac.
I want to run a virtual Mac on my pc. And as i have no windows on my peecee, i want to run a virtual Mac on my Linux x86. And as i don't like the classic systems, i keep wondering why i don't find an OS X emulator for Linux x86 systems? This bothers me. :(
With all the sourceforge projects no OS X emulators... okay. i am a mac addict but i have a peecee and i want to run OS X in it.
*rant rant* maybe i just better sell the pc and stop ruining and then happily play with my mac.

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