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Alternatives To Adobe's Creative Suite?

giberti Photoshop Elements (695 comments)

I thought I would toss this in as well....

Photoshop Elements ($85 from Adobe) is a pretty capable package if you want to work with general image editing. There's also a bundle that gives you basic video editing as well by including Premiere Elements ($128 from Adobe) available. I've worked on teams where the $650/seat licensing for Photoshop was a bit much to swallow and so Elements got us through.

The Elements line is geared towards the casual user base instead of the full blown Photoshop. You won't be designing award winning layouts, but it's great for croping and resizing photos etc for web and powerpoint docs. Take a look at their capabilities list to see if it's right for you: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopelwin/overv iew2.html

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SNMP Monitoring Software as a Service

giberti giberti writes  |  more than 4 years ago

giberti writes "I'm looking for basic reporting and notification at specific set points without needing to run an additional system to monitor these levels. I've used different tools in the past (MRTG, What's Up Gold etc) on locally run machines, but I want to outsource this if possible. I'm wondering if Slashdot readers know of a trusted SNMP monitoring providers who come in under the $75 price point for a dedicated server?"

Where to start the next .com?

giberti giberti writes  |  more than 6 years ago

giberti writes "Michael Arrington replied with sharp criticism to a post by Glenn Kelman regarding Seattle as a tech city.

The truth about Silicon Valley is that ideas matter more than anything. A Stanford (or even the occasional Berkeley) student with an idea can turn it into a Yahoo. Or a Google. Or countless other success stories. They are surrounded by people who want them to succeed, who are willing to give them money to support their ideas, and then help them grow it. There is no where else in the world quite like this place.
What do Slashdot readers think about the Valley vs. World when it comes to location for starting/running/growing a dot com business? Is a move to Silicon Valley a prerequisite?"

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