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Comcast Converting 50,000 Houston Home Routers Into Public WiFi Hotspots

giesen Re:Nutz (474 comments)

No it doesn't. This will use a separate SSID and external IP address from your home connection (as well a separate channel). While I don't agree with this practice, misstating how it works helps no one.

about 8 months ago

SIP Attacks From Amazon EC2 Going Unaddressed

giesen Re:Simple and obvious solution: (104 comments)

I think you're overly optimistic about the performance of most routers...

more than 4 years ago

Proposed Canadian Law Would Allow Warrantless Searches

giesen Despicable. (195 comments)

'Nuff said.

more than 5 years ago

Bell Canada Throttles Wholesalers Without Notice

giesen Re:Oversold to ISPs? Ugh! (239 comments)

Bell is not an upstream carrier in this case. This is a tariffed (government mandated) last mile service. The contracts and pricing are identical for all wholesale customers (with some minor variance for volume). Wholesalers purchase last mile service from Bell, which is then aggregated and backhauled to an interconnect with Bell (called an AHSSPI - Aggregated High Speed Service Provider Interface) and dumped on the respective wholesaler's network. The wholesaler is not necessarily purchasing Internet transit (which is a completely separate service) from Bell (your "upstream carrier"). This is being done at the CO-level, long before it hits the wholesaler's network and is not being done on their transit services.

more than 6 years ago


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