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Swedish Anti-Piracy Lawyer Gets New Name 'Pirate'

gilbert64 Re:it will only hurt the cause... (178 comments)

Yes they were fraudulent wire transfer, intent matters. And this kind of childish behavior is just par for the course for the Swedish pro-piracy lobby. Furthermore, slashdot discussions are often about making guesstimates and assumption based on history and Occam's razor is indeed relevant, it would be hypocritical to start dismissing it now just because slashdot group psyche wants Swedish pirates to be more mature than they really are. (Again an assumption based on your +5 moderation).

more than 5 years ago

Iceland Woos Data Centers As Power Costs Soar

gilbert64 Re:unlikely - the country's in a bad economic stat (142 comments)

Really weak currency and economy would make investment cheaper and easier since you don't have to compete with financial institutions for attention.

more than 6 years ago


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