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Does the Linux Desktop Innovate Too Much?

giorgosts There are other things that need addressing first (542 comments)

Like the inferiority of Openoffice vs MsOffice. (even vs MsOffice2003 for god's sake). Or aMSN vs Messenger (esp. webcam support).

It's all about the apps. Any Linux app. that is not computer-related, is inferior to its commercial counterpart. (Excepting firefox and ffmpeg. May be a development model like mozilla's is needed to reverse the general stagnation)

more than 5 years ago

Ubuntu Download Speeds Beat Windows XP's

giorgosts May be the speedtests aren't so consistent (515 comments)

Speedtests produce different numbers because of the different TCP settings.

I bet you if you download an .iso from your ISP's ftp server and you measure the time it gets to finish, the results would be exactly the same irrespective of the OS.

more than 5 years ago


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