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Creative Labs

gkanai gkanai writes  |  more than 6 years ago

gkanai writes "Programmer "Daniel_K" has been providing unofficial drivers for products that Creative Labs is not willing to support on Vista as Creative would prefer that users purchase new hardware than provide ways for older hardware to work on Vista. Creative is now deleting the posts of Daniel_K. Forum poster Phyltre has the best response: "Because your development team (although I can't imagine you're paying even a single person full-time for what we're seeing) would not work with us, the community was forced to work together to clean up your mess. You made this mess, Creative. If you think we're going to sit by and do nothing while you ramble on about IP and business decisions, you're out of touch with the internet. Feel free to make your business decisions, right up until you pay the last janitor to clean the building out. If you want to sell a product in a world where you control what you sell, you've been born into the wrong era. Take your hands away from your eyes, and face the truth that hobbyists are doing better things with your hardware than you are willing to. Isn't that shameful? Smart consumers — the kind that do research, the only kind likely to purchase aftermarket soundcards — are catching wind of this. I guess that's why you're selling assets to make a profit, and focusing on licensing versus actual product. We don't want crippleware. If modifying your software is "wrong", why is making poor software right in the first place? You thought we would just allow it to happen? That some EULA would magically bar the doors and keep people from making your hardware actually useful? Fortunately, the purchasing power and the initiative both belong to the consumer, not the producer.""


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