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HandBrake Abandons DivX As an Output Format

gkhan1 Re:foot.shoot(); (619 comments)

You should really try acutally using VLC for a while, then you'd know that it does, in fact, do exactly that. Try shift, alt or ctrl plus an arrow key for a small, medium or large jump, respectively. The fact is that VLC can do so much more useful stuff than any other video player that you're crazy not to use it. One obvious feature that you can't live without is that you can modify the syncing between the audio and video on the fly with the j/k keys. So if your video is out of sync, you can easily fix that. Another thing is that it can crop the video on the fly, so if you have a 16:9 video on a 16:10 screen, you can just crop it to the right aspect ratio so you don't get any black bars. And it can do so, so much more. Really, it's insanity to use anything else.

about 5 years ago

Einstein's Theory Passes Strict New Test

gkhan1 Science works! (243 comments)

News at 10!

more than 6 years ago



Collaboration suspended on Wikipedia article

gkhan1 gkhan1 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gkhan1 (886823) writes "A note on the talk page of the Wikipedia article Views of Lyndon LaRouche states that regular Wikipedia policies of collaboration and consensus has been suspended and the page is now protected. While page protection is common on Wikipedia, usually while articles are recieving heavy loads of vandalism, this case is unique in that the admin responsible of the protection has stated that it is supposed to last indefinitely and that all future editing on the article should go through an administrator first.

Is this acknowledgement that the collaborative and open Wikipedia-method does not work, and that a closed editorial-system is needed for some subjects? What implications does this have for the future of Wikipedia?"

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Why Google is buying DoubleClick

gkhan1 gkhan1 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gkhan1 (886823) writes "Google's acquisition of DoubleClick has been hotly debated, and now Google has put up a blog post explaining their decision

If you're an expert, please bear with me, as some of what follows will seem elementary to those already familiar with the online advertising world. If you're not, I hope this gives you a better understanding of how advertisers, publishers, ad serving companies, agencies and other companies such as Google all fit into this exciting new mix.

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gkhan1 gkhan1 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

gkhan1 (886823) writes "Slate Magazine has put up an illustrated guide to GOP scandals (there's also a text version) that provides a handy guide to all of the scandals that has rocked the republican party in the last few years. All in all, there is 28 of them listed, including such memorable moments as Walter Reed, Abu Ghraib, Mark Foley, Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, Alberto Gonzales, Halliburton, Scooter Libby, NSA wiretapping and several different permutations of the Jack Abramoff story. It's an interesting and disturbing walk down memory lane."


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