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Google's Encryption Plan To Stifle NSA's Dragnet Will Raise the Stakes

gklyber BREACH SSL attack bandwidth vs security (216 comments)

I find it interesting that there was a general consensus that the BREACH SSL attack had no simple fix because the Internet could not handle the load if everyone turned off gzip HTML compression. While acknoewleding that bandwidth and computation resources are different, I am surprised that a simple fix for BREACH was dismissed, yet hoards of resources are being thrown at transport encryption.

about a year ago

Lab Produces 3.6 Billion Degree Gas

gklyber Re:How did they measure it ? (594 comments)

So they could have discovered a process that produces a lot of whatever the instruments measure...something other than temperature that causes strong emissions. Still something pretty cool if that's the case.

more than 8 years ago


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