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Bill Gates's Last Speech

glens Re:Innovation ProTip (389 comments)

Sorry for not quoting. Jack Daniels is influencing me to be lazy...

Many years ago, just a few days after archiving an article about Douglas Engelbert (try the Internet Archive for articles from San Jose Mercury News' website), where he'd developed what was certainly the precursor to Web interaction, including even a 3 button mouse back in the late '60s, I came across some Microsoft (somewhere in Europe) website which claimed that they'd innovated the freakin' mouse!

Sorry, but, like I said, JD has got the better of me right now, or I'd dig up the pertinent info from some hard drive partition info I've got stashed somewhere, but am otherwise too lazy to do...

The utter gall those idiots in Redmond have is enough to piss off just about any otherwise-reasonable person to instigate another world war.

more than 6 years ago


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